the 2018 North American Rally
Hermit Island, Maine

From: Al []
Sent: Monday, April 25, 2016 10:47 PM
To: chip.cdcunningham W1321
Cc: Dick Harrington W887; alan asselstine; Al Schonborn W3854
Subject: NA Rally 2018, Hermit Island tides


Hi, Chip and Dick:


The NOAA tide predictions are what I have been inspired to check out to find likely dates for Hermit Island 2018, my favourite sailing place. According to the NOAA tide tables for Phippsburg, ME we get two possible weeks in August, given the premise that we’ll want to exit and re-enter Small Point Harbor with the tide to the extent possible:


The week of Sat 4 Aug 2018 starts us with L tide at 1151 hrs, and by Thursday 9 Aug L is up to 1604 hrs. The weekend of the 4th is a long weekend for us in Canada. Would the week of the 18th thus be better traffic-wise?


The week of Sat 18 Aug 2018 appears to repeat this cycle about 6 minutes later each day.


Opinions? Will link this to my W Calendar.


Best regards,


Uncle Al  W3854