Wanted: company for possible
2021 Georgian Bay/North Channel cruises

Benjamin Islands 2001 at the eastern end of the North Channel - more here.
Is anyone interested in a Wayfarer cruise in Georgian Bay, arriving in Lion's Head July 15th, and pulling out on the July 19th? Route was roughly Lion's Head, Cabot's Head, Flowerpot Is., Cabot's Head, and then pull out at end of day. Could potentially extend one more day.
Bill Wallace
  commented on his own post: "If you send me an email at wayfarer3130@gmail.com I will add you to the invite list. If you could include details about your wayfarer, and whether you have any cruising experience? I've cruised a fair bit in my Alberg 30, but this is my first dinghy cruise."
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W397 Chich running down Collins Inlet in 2020 as Sue Pilling
and Steph Romaniuk did their cruise from Killarney to Killbear

Allan Yates
Dates not finalised, but FYI, my daughter and I are planning a couple of cruises in Georgian Bay this summer with W727. A four-night cruise in the North Channel, and a 5-7 nighter from Killarney to Killbear.
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