North American Rally #22
Killbear Park, Parry Sound, ON *
Sat 6 Aug - Sat 13 Aug 2022
for more information, contact:  Alan Asselstine  or  Kit Wallace

Overview of Rallies in general and Killbear in particular

list of confirmed participants and their sites

Rogues' Gallery from 2017

pics of previous Killbear rallies held in
1995, 2004, 2007, 2010 , 20132016, 2019

updated: 25 July 2022

Subject: the latest from CWA Cruising Secretary, Alan Asselstine  W7348

From: Alan Asselstine []
Sent: Monday, July 18, 2022 9:42 PM
Subject: Killbear 22 - July 18 update

Hi again Killbear 22 sailors;

This is my second July update.  There are some new attachments, more detail on social activities and general information.  As always comments and questions are welcome.

Attached please find the latest participant list, camp site location maps: 1100 and 1400 and song book.

Activity planning/communication meetings will be at 9:00 each morning at the west end of Lighthouse Point beach starting August 7.

Sailing activities:  On Monday August 8, we will have a Long Distance Race (LDR).  The LDR will be a loop of 13 to 18 km ( 8 to 11 mi ), start and finish near Lighthouse Point beach and involve circumnavigating two islands. We encourage all rally goers to participate. This is a fun event that involves navigation skills as much as sailing skills.  A long-distance race is a great event to have an enjoyable sail and improve your sailing skills.  You will only need chart 2202 Sheet 4 of 5 for this race. Like all things sailing, the course details and timing, etc. are wind and weather dependent. More details will be available at our August 8  9:00 meeting.

Social activities: We will alternate spontaneous/impromptu gatherings with whole group gatherings.  The social activities are an integral part of any Wayfarer rally.  My wife, Mary, would not camp for a week, if it were not for the great friends that she has met on the social evenings.

Saturday - spontaneous / impromptu gatherings.

Sunday -   6:00PM, we will have a Mixer/ Ice Breaker at campsites 1157   Bring some snacks, finger food, wine, chairs, table, even a stove etc.  Sailing stories or skits are also welcome. Some may want to stay there and have dinner.

Monday - spontaneous / impromptu gatherings.

Tuesday - Potluck super, crazy hat, sing-a-long.  Pot luck means bring your choice of food to share.  We will provide space for food related to allergies. Hat categories - nautical, biggest, historical, homemade, use your imagination.   Corn on a cob, if we can find a local supply.  For the sing-a-long bring guitars and other musical instruments plus your singing voice.  Song book pdf is attached and we will have some hard copies.  Do learn the Wayfarer Fanfare page 30.  Can we have a German translation?

Wednesday - spontaneous / impromptu gatherings.

Thursday - restaurant dinner at Blake's Memories of Muskoka -The Bay at Killbear Marina.

Friday - spontaneous / impromptu gatherings - Historically this is the evening that groups get-to-gether to consume the leftovers and avoid taking food home.  Also, goodbye, see you next year.

Fuel prices: Kit informs us that the First Nations are able to sell gas tax free at considerably lower prices. There's a gas station on Hwy 400 on the way up to Parry Sound in the Wahta Mohawk territory that is selling gas for 30 cents/litre below regular prices. .

That is all for now.

Alan - W7346 Rally coordinator

Rally sailors, we are embarking upon a week-long rally entailing open water sailing. At times the protection of a safe harbor will not be close by. Based upon past experience, at some point we can expect to encounter rough conditions. Thunderstorms are possible on the Bay at this time of year. They develop quickly and unexpectedly, and are often violent. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that your boat be in top condition and properly fitted out for this rally. As well, you (Captain and crew) need to be prepared to act in a variety of conditions. The ability to reef( ) your main and jib plus ability to heave to( ) are two important safety procedures you should be familiar with. Some experienced sailors will demonstrate these and other procedures at the rally, as requested.

Each morning of the rally , we will meet in a Captain's meeting to exchange information on the weather and other sailing conditions. With this information, we will plan that dayís sail. The captain and crew of each boat will decide if they are participating in that dayís sail and advise the group of their plans. There could be 20 boats in the fleet, a buddy arrangement will be discussed at the first captainís meeting. Often, crews will change boats for part or all of the dayís sail.

We respect your rights and responsibility for your boat
as the boat Captain. However, we will be sailing as a group and so need your agreement with the attached declaration. You can show your agreement by hitting 'reply' and type the following: I AGREE FOLLOWED BY YOUR FULL NAME

Thank you for your cooperation on this issue.

Alan Asselstine, MAJAM, W7346