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the 31st International Rally
Friesland, Netherlands  *  Aug. 31 - Sept. 6, 2024

From: Joke Peers <>
Date: Wed, Sep 20, 2023 at 9:14 AM
Subject: 31st International Wayfarer Rally to be held in The Netherlands

Dear Wayfarer friends,


Enclosed you find the invitation from NedWa for the International Wayfarer Rally 2024 in Friesland. 

Our request is to distribute the information to the right persons and to put it on your website

You can also find the invitation on our website. Please use this link:



Priority. The first 10 days after the registration is opened, priority will be given to registrants of the cancelled Rally in 2020. This is a gesture since in 2020 we could not fully refund the registrants because, when cancelling due to Covid-19, cancellation fees were applicable to the mother vessels already contracted.

Start registration. At Sunday 24 September 2023, 16 hrs, Amsterdam time, the registration will be open on our website


Well, you can read further information in the invitation. We  look forward to meeting you all in 2024!


Best wishes from the NedWa organization,


Kees van Roosmalen (chairman)

Anthony Patterson      (treasurer)

Timo Meinders            (webmaster)

Joke Peers                 (secretary)