Racing Tactics & Strategy with Uncle Al
for some reason, the title of a 1960's Tom Lehrer album springs to mind An Evening Wasted with Tom Lehrer
Lake Townsend YC, Greensboro, NC
Friday evening 31 May 2019

 From: Trish McDermott []
Sent: Monday, April 22, 2019 1:03 PM
To: Al Schonborn
Subject: Your seminar at Mayor's Cup


Hi Al,


We're trying to get everything squared away and have a couple of questions for you.... I don't think our house will hold a lot of people so we're thinking about having it at a place near the lake (indoors).


There are going to be more questions but we'll get to those later this week.




Seminar Preparation Instructions:
Be Prepared (as Tom Lehrer and the Scouts say it so well), so that you can, if desired, arrive primed with any sailing- related questions, and we'll deal with those first, after which we can proceed to my slides-assisted programme.
The Show: U
sing the links below (Mayor's Cup seminar stuff) you can follow the Uncle Al slide show on your iPad or other tablet if your eyesight is defective like mine, or even print hard copy of one or more of the PDFs that will be referred to for the purposes of note-taking during the proceedings.


Mayor's Cup seminar stuff:
racing strategy
KISS pp.83-92      RRS in one page p.93      RRS definitions pp.93-103

Just click above on the topic of your interest to bring it up on line - the same way it appears in KISS Your Dinghy except that the RRS in one page is updated for 2017-2020. Moreover, I will be bringing updated copies of KISS Your Dinghy to sell @ 30. USD, if you want to follow proceedings in the book.