the 55th Annual
North Bay Wayfarer Weekend

North Bay YC, North Bay, ON
Sat 8 July through Mon 10 July 2017

three separate events: make it a short or a long weekend!
the good Lord willing, the 2017 schedule will be:

Sat 8 July - Don Rumble Memorial Series = 1st day of the Canadian Nationals
Sun 9 July -
completion of the Canadian Nationals
Mon 10 July - Trout Lake Poker Race

2016 agenda
Canada Day Race directions & other info
Accommodations List

North Bay nostalgia

Location: Near North Bay, Ontario. See map below. The North Bay YC is located on Greenwood Road on the south side of Callander.  Hard to miss once you have found the road!  The fastest way to the club is to follow Hwy 11 north to Callander and the highway 654 interchange, then take Callander Bay Drive (old Hwy 11 north) to the south entrance and Main Street of Callander.  Immediate left on to Green Drive/Road, 1/2 km along to a right on Greenwood Road.  Watch for the club on the left.

Facilities: There is space to allow camping with plug-ins, clubhouse with good space and showers, along with decent launch ramp.  Oh yes, there is a bar for thirsty sailors. (Dave Hansman has sent some lovely, informative photos which you can get to from here.)
.. ..
Programme: Detailed info in the upcoming Notice of Race, but basically, the line-up for the North Bay weekend is as follows:
  • the National Cruise Race (to be held on Sat 28 June this year)
  • the Don Rumble Memorial series Sunday, June 29)
  • the Trout Lake Poker Race (to be held Mon 30 June this year)
  • NBYC's annual "Canada Day Race" is always on July 1st (which this year will fall on the Tuesday)
  • more detailed information is available below
Accommodations: Camping is allowed on NBYC club grounds. Other accommodations list.

Sustenance: details to be provided in the Notice of Race, but traditionally, breakfast - cooked by NBYC volunteers (photo below) - has been made available at the NBYC on some of the mornings.

On other mornings, there is a lovely little restaurant just down the road from the club at Wasi Variety, which is at the corner of Hwy 654 and Calander Bay Drive and which open early each morning:

Lunches are BYO, except for the Pot of Gold at the end of the Poker Race: the lunch BBQ chez McNutt (below):

Except for the Awards BBQ that is part of the Canada Day Race entry fee, we usually go out for supper as a group:

Entry fee: to be revealed soon in the NOR
Contact: Dave Hansman  705-495-4094
Wayfarer National Cruise Race

a more recent view of our Cruise Race trophy as it is presented to race winners Dwight and Pat Aplevich
by Dave Hansman
(r) one of the main movers behind this very popular revival of the North Bay Wayfarer Weekend

In keeping with an old tradition, Fred and Anne McNutt are our RC.
These days, the Cruise Race starts and finishes at the North Bay YC

In between, we tootle around some of the NBYC's course marks, and whenever conditions permit
we exit Callander Bay and sail a few miles out to buoy J5 on Lake Nipissing, and return.

Usually, it's a lovely, peaceful race but occasionally, there have been ...

... surprises!
the Don Rumble Memorial Series/Canadian Nationals

Because the Don Rumble Memorial Series will also serve as the Canadian Nationals this year, it will run to two days instead of the usual one. With luck, we will get more than the usual five races run on our course. If PRO, Fred McNutt, runs true to past form, we will get alternating triangular modified Olympic courses and windward-leewards.

Racing will be done not far off the North Bay YC (see photo of typical Bay scene above), so that interested spectators can get a fairly good look at the action.
the Trout Lake Poker Race

This will be our 4th annual Trout Lake nostalgia fun day, as we revisit Trout Lake and the McNutts who for decades hosted our North Bay Wayfarer Weekend on lovely Trout Lake which was the site of our Cruise Race and what became the Don Rumble Memorial series between 1961 and 1988. 

The brain child of Dave and Carol Hansman, the Poker Race sends us off in a race to five waypoints (above) at each of which we pick up a plastic baggie containing two playing cards from volunteers (below, 2007 waypoint #2). In the fun spirit of things,  boats get sent off in more or less reverse order of finish positions gained earlier in the weekend.

After we score a finish position at the McNutt-cottage finish line (above), we sort the 10 cards we have picked up at the waypoints into two poker hands, A and B. Each boat's A and B hands are then ranked against the others, such that each boat counts three scores: the race result plus the ranking of its two poker hands. 2008 note: Due to family commitments the McNutts cannot host the BBQ in 2008, but Dave Richardson's dad, John (formerly W108) has volunteered his cottage on Pilot Point as our Poker Race destination and BBQ site. Since Pilot Point is about half-way between 2007's waypoints 1 and 2, Dave Hansman will have to change the route for this year. But of course, the good news is that we will end up with a relatively short hop NW diagonally across the lake to get back to our haul-out spot.

Just to make sure there are not likely to be repeat winners, Chief Scorer Dave (2nd from left) has instituted a 5-point penalty against any team that has won this Race any time in the past three years.

All too soon, we have to leave the McNutts' place, since it is about 5 miles back to the launch site. As you can see above, even the eventuality of light or no winds has been planned for, and those who wish to, can get a tow "home".

the North Bay YC Canada Day Race

For the fortunate few who will have enough time off to stay for this race, it starts at 1 PM at North Bay's government dock and runs about 12 miles to buoy J5 in Lake Nipissing where we turn left and sail into Callander Bay to a finish at the NBYC.

Most of the Wayfarers tow their boats up to the starting area and launch there.

They make it a long start line to accomodate dozens of big boats plus the Wayfarers.

In 2007, the top Wayfarers placed 3-4 overall, and only about 5 minutes behind the winning keelboats.
After all these miles of sailing, the top two W's finished in a virtual dead heat. A lot of exciting fun!