Subject: overview of Rallies in general and Killbear in particular

From: Chip Cunningham [mailto:chip.cdcunningham@gmail.com]
Sent: Tuesday, March 29, 2016 12:20 PM
To: Al Schonborn
Subject: Info concerning 2016 Killbear


I checked your link on NP Boats about the 2016 Killbear Rally and got a summary of 2013. That's OK with me, but do you have, or do you know where I can get, an update of where things stand now for this year?


Chip Cunningham  W1321
USWA Cruising Secretary

From: Al [mailto:uncle-al3854@cogeco.ca]
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To: 'Chip Cunningham'
Cc: Jim & Linda Heffernan W2458/W1066


 ... Rallies are basically a series of day-sails out of a fixed location where people mostly camp and keep their boats. FYI, we are on a three-year rotation: Hermit Island, ME > Thousand Islands > Killbear see http://wayfarer-canada.org/Rally.reports/Rallies_index.html


Since 1995, we have also had annual International Rallies (http://www.wayfarer-international.org/WIC/International.Rallies/IR_index.html) and the European Ws are apparently keen on having a US-based IR at WISP in the Thousand Islands in 2017. To accommodate that desire, the plan may be (Jim and Linda copied)to reverse that 2017-2018 order as follows: 1000 Islands > Hermit, after which we go back to the basic NA rotation: 2019 Killbear > 2020 Hermit > 2021 WISP.


At Killbear, we usually camp in the Lighthouse Point campground where we keep the boats on the beach. Daysails tend to feature Hole-in-the-Wall, Parry Sound, Franklin Island among others. Research material: http://wayfarer-canada.org/Rally.reports/2010Killbear/10Rally_reportAA.html.      See also pics below



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Uncle Al  W3854

Camping at Lighthouse Point

Morning briefing from CWA Cruise Secretary, Alan Asselstine, on our beach

WIC International Secretary and USWA Commodore, Jim Heffernan, with his wife, Linda, the SKIMMER editor

Our beach offers shelter from stormy weather of most kinds.

Picnic on the ...

... Pancake Islands

The Hole in the Wall can be exciting when one meets the big tour boat coming the other way.

Homeward bound after a great day