the Wayfarer Long Distance Weekend
North Bay YC, Callander, ON
Sat 30 June - Mon 2 July 2018

2018 Weekend Agenda
2018 Sailing Instructions
2018 Long Distance Race course diagram
2018 Canada Day Race info
Trout Lake chart for Saturday sail
Wayfarer National Cruise Race

a more recent view of our Cruise Race trophy as it is presented to race winners Dwight and Pat Aplevich
by Dave Hansman
(r) one of the main movers behind this very popular revival of the North Bay Wayfarer Weekend

In keeping with an old tradition, Fred and Anne McNutt are our RC.
These days, the Cruise Race starts and finishes at the North Bay YC

In between, we tootle around some of the NBYC's course marks, and whenever conditions permit
we exit Callander Bay and sail a few miles out to buoy J5 on Lake Nipissing, and return.

Usually, it's a lovely, peaceful race but occasionally, there have been ...

... surprises!