the Wayfarer Long Distance Race
Wellesley Is. State Park, Eagle Area Dock, Wellesley Island, NY
Friday 28 July 2023
a work in progress

From: Alan Asselstine []
Sent: Friday, July 22, 2022 10:16 PM
Subject: Long Distance Race


The Long Distance Race (LDR) will involve a loop of 13 to 18 km ( 8 to 11 mi ), the start and finish will be near our main docking HQ off Eagle Area (below). The course will be announced at the Competitors' Briefing, and will involve circumnavigating at least two islands to be determined by the RC, given the day's conditions.

The competitors' briefing will be site #?? at 0930 hrs with the LDR starting at 1130 hrs.  Like all sailing activities, wind direction and speed will determine the exact start location, race direction and race distance.  Details will be provided at the
competitors' briefing. There will not be a cost for participating in the LDR or the???? meal after the race.

There will not be a rescue boat for the LDR.  However, there will be at least one boat in the fleet equipped with a motor.  Therefore, each boat must be equipped as per regulations or as they would for a regular day sail.  Each captain is responsible for the seaworthiness and safety of her/his boat and crew.  See the boat checklist below.

Boats need to avoid the local Cruise ships plus other motor and sailboats on the course.  As there will be no committee boat or marker boys, other boaters will not know that there is a race.

Boat Checklist

         Proper number of approved PFDs

         Throw line (man overboard)

         Reefing capability (jiffy reefing preferred)

         Bailing/pumping devices

         Sound device

         Paddles or oars (even if there is a motor)

         Good anchor (w/chain and approx. 100' of rode)

         Chart (?????????)

         Good marine compass

         Tow line and mooring lines


possible 2023 LDR course