the Moe Fraser Memorial Race
Saturday 23 September 2017
Mississauga SC, Mississauga, Ontario

last year's Moe Fraser Memorial Notice of Race
MFM info on the Mississauga SC web site
Location:  Mississauga SC on Lake Ontario south of Lakeshore Road, about 2 km. or so west of Dixie Road (or east of Cawthra Road). (see map, and note the four stacks in the photo below as a landmark)
Watch out for speed bumps after turning off Lakeshore Road!!!!


The Moe Fraser Memorial Long Distance Race will be run by the Mississauga Sailing Club. Skippers’ meeting in past years has been around noon with the race going off as soon as possible thereafter.

The course is a double equilateral triangle with six two-mile legs, an example of which is shown below from 2003 where a SE wind sent us off from the standard start line off the MSC towards mark #4 on a bearing of 130 degrees:

The race is basically an MSC club race but "foreign" Wayfarers are invited to join in. The Moe Fraser attracts a variety of boats from a racing Trimaran and fast keelboats to Wayfarers and CL's.

Elapsed time is corrected as per the Portsmouth Handicap system to determine the winner of the Moe Fraser Memorial Trophy.

Facilities: Lovely new clubhouse. Launch ramp, boat storage in fenced compound. Early arrival & boat storage would need to be arranged. Note Scott Hansen is MSC contact.
Contact:   Scott Hansen