Wayfarer Midwinters Week
Lake Eustis SC
Eustis, Florida

Feb. 1-3, 2019: Wayfarer Midwinters #20
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2019 NoR
updated: 1 December 2018

Feb. 4-8, 2019: Camping & Cruising Rally, Cedar Key
(two hours' drive NW of Eustis - more info on page 10 of the latest SKIMMER)
Feb. 9-10, 2019: to Solo or Not to Solo? that is the question

a personal welcome from our Regatta Co-Chair:
From: Patricia Kuntz [mailto:patkuntz16@yahoo.com]
Sent: Thursday, November 29, 2018 10:20 AM
Subject: February in Florida

Well, it's that time of year again. The Wayfarer sailors at the Lake Eustis Sailing Club are gathering on Wednesday mornings, tinkering, fiddling, rigging, and asking that all important question, "What about you? Turned your air conditioning off yet?". "Nope". Meanwhile a few inquiries have floated down from the north. "Any word on the Midwinters?" "Is there a NoR?", "Are we going to Cedar Key?", leaving us wondering why anyone would be thinking about February racing in the middle of Summer. Then one of us will remember that we are in November, and one of us may have also seen the weather report from our Northern fleets, (tee-he).

So here we go; The Wayfarer Midwinters will take place at the Lake Eustis Sailing Club February 1-3, 2019. Links to the NOR will be on RegattaRegistration, with the announcement on our website. Soon. (OK, please don't hold your breath, it's in the mail). Check USWA and CWA calendars for other sailing based activities.

Other reasons to come down? The weather. The end. Okay, there's more. Besides the beautiful beaches on our coasts, New Smyrna on the Atlantic and Clearwater on the Gulf, there are the manatees at Crystal River. There are the Theme Parks, Disney and Universal, and the museums in St. Petersburg. All of this within 2 hours. Closer to home, kayaking at the springs, as in Juniper, Wekiva, Rainbow or Alexander. And the juried Fine Arts Show in Mount Dora, about 15 minutes from the club. There are nature walks at Trout Lake and Kelly Park. So, stay tuned to the Lake Eustis Sailing Club website, (LESCFL.com), and the USWA and CWA websites. We can't wait to see y'all!

About Cedar Key
A cruise at Cedar Key,   Florida is planned for the week after the Midwinters. Patty 

Midwinters nostalgia

Location: Eustis in north central Florida.
Directions to the Lake Eustis SC: South on I 75 . Exit SR 44 at Wildwood. 
Go East on 44 through Leesburg. In Leesburg 44 will join US 441. 
Stay on 441 through Tavares. About 3 Miles past Tavares, in Eustis, turn North on SR 19. 
(stay in the right lane of 441 to get onto SR 19) 
Proceed through Eustis on SR 19. On the North side of Eustis stay in the left lane and turn Left at CR 452. 
Lake Eustis SC is 1/2 mile down CR 452 on the left side. 
Facilities: Fine launch ramp on a big 3 x 5-mile lake. Lovely new clubhouse was on the verge of completion (below) at the 2003 Midwinters and is now in full operation. Ample grounds permit extended boat storage.
Camping on club grounds (space for 8 campers - first come, first served) or in the new clubhouse with showers, etc. is encouraged.  Lots of motels/hotels in the area or billetting with local sailors may be possible. 
Registration: Advance registration encouraged. If you let Patty Kuntz know your intention to take part by 1 Jan, entry will be only $80 USD, more ($90 USD) after that. 
Programme: 2-3 races on each of Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 
Entry Fee:  $80 (US) in 2004 and it still is today if you confirm your entry with Patty before 1 Jan 2019. Friday and Saturday lunches available @ $8.00, Saturday dinner @ $15.00
Miscellaneous: A marvellous break from the northern winter. A very enthusiastic and friendly group of Lake Eustis SC dinghy sailors cater to our every need with hospitality that has become legendary in just four years! And of course, there is no feeling quite like sitting by the water in shorts and T-shirt to watch the sun go down over Lake Eustis in early February!


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