The Down-the-Chester-River Race & Summer One-Design Regatta
Rock Hall YC, Rock Hall, MD
June 14-15-16, 2024

2023 NoR & Registration
- invite from Connie Ranney below
Rock Hall nostalgia

Calling All Wayfarers
Rock Hall, Maryland * June 17th & 18th

The Rock Hall Yacht Club is a fantastic venue to host sailboat racing. The club is just off the Chester River on the eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay, they have a large grassy parking area, beach launch, a boat ramp, and all the amenities including camping, a full-service restaurant, bar, pool, and bathhouse for your use and enjoyment.

Friday June 14 down the Chester River Race
June 15-16 One-Design Regatta hosted by RHYC

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Hi Paul,

We welcome you all to camp and enjoy the club amenities for the whole weekend!

The kitchen is the only thing not open on Thursday. As regatta competitors and family, you'll have access to the pool, bathhouse, and grounds. It's about 3.5 miles to the town of Rock Hall and we'd suggest dinner in town on Thursday night. Then the club bar, dining, etc will be open the rest of the weekend.

Hope that helps,

Connie Ranney, Director

RHYC Sailing School


our late host and much missed Frank Pedersen outlined the typical Rock Hall schedule like this:
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Dear Al,

I am taking the pains to summarize the racing schedule and other events for the Wayfarer inter-galactic championships.  You may know all this, but I thought I would do my bit as a semi-host and pull it all together.  Everyone at RHYC is working hard to make the upcoming regatta a success. 

The Down-River Race on Friday will start at the Chester River Yacht and Country Club in Chestertown.  Registration is at 1000, Skipper's Meeting is at 1030, and the start, off the club pier, is at 1100.  There will be a cash bar and hearty hors d'oeuvres at the Rock Hall YC at the conclusion of the race.

For the one-design racing starting on Saturday, registration will be at RHYC between 0800 and 0930.  Skippers' Meeting will be at 0930, and the first warning signal will be at 1100 with races to follow.  Allow time to get to the starting area and remember lunch, between races, is your responsibility.  There will be refreshments and snacks after racing. 

On Saturday evening, there is usually a barbecue dinner for which tickets can be ordered as you register. 

On Sunday, the first warning signal will be at 1000 with races to follow.  No race will start after 1400.  There also will be a post-race lunch available.

Because of the number of Wayfarers expected, the traditional gathering we have had at our house on Thursday evening will this year be at RHYC.  The bar will be open and the club will offer grilled hamburgers and hot dogs for $5.  Sue and I will bring potato salad, slaw, desert, etc.  We will gather at 1700.

There is also a logistical challenge that we should be aware of.  Because of our numbers, we cannot all keep our boats overnight on the beach above the high tide mark.  I plan to use the hoist to haul out after each day's racing.  We also could work as a team and carry boats to the grassy area beyond the beach to allow space for other classes that will sail off the beach. .

Thanks for your continued help and support. Cheers,

... and provided a lovely backgrounder to the River Race:
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Hi gang, 

Glad to see interest is building.  There is some history about the Down-River race you might find interesting.  There was a long tradition on the Chesapeake Bay of having regattas on different weekends at different yacht clubs throughout the summer.  This might have gone back to the 1930's.  Chestertown, which has its own club (Chester River Yacht & Country Club),  would always participate in the regatta at RHYC.  Back when people had heavier boats and did not use trailers as we do today, the only way to get to another venue for a regatta was to sail your boat there.  Maybe the wealthy had a nanny boat to tow their sail boat or tow several boats, but, by and large, most people had to sail. 

So the crowd from Chestertown would sail down the Chester River to get to RHYC, then race for the weekend.  The following Friday, the Chestertown boats, along with the Rock Hall boats,  would sail back to Chestertown for the next weekend of racing.  Of course, as soon as there are a couple of boats headed in the same direction there would be a race. So, with a little bit of organizing, the Friday preceding the RHYC regatta became the Down-River race; a week later, there is an Up-River race preceding the CRYCC regatta. 

CRYCC has not been so active over the last few years.  They have a strong golf program and the wind tends to be rather light compared to areas closer to the Bay.  Also the fees at CRYCC, especially the entry fee, have become rather high, so the sailors have become more supportive of RHYC. 

The last few years there have been close to 50 boats for the start of the Down-River Race - all crowding one another at a single start that is virtually always off the wind.  Because of the variety of boats, it is not quite as intense (for some) as is the traditional racing on the weekend.  I haven't checked my tide table yet, but I am sure Al has and he will gladly post when high tide is in Chestertown.  Although the start is at 11:00 AM, you will want to get in the water well before that.  A new pier has been put in at the club, so the is more space to tie up after launching.  Also, I have found the time between the end of the Skippers' Meeting and the start to be on the short side; it is a good idea to get organized with some time to spare. 

Cheers, Frank

what other Regatta gives you all this
and at an extremely reasonable cost:

Due to large numbers, the traditional Thursday night Wayfarer welcome
chez Frank and Sue Pedersen in Chestertown has been moved to the Rock Hall YC.

Friday's Chester River Race from Chestertown past the mouth of the river to the Rock Hall YC

Dark and Stormies after the racing in an atmosphere-laden bar

Or perhaps a dip in the brand new pool?

live(ly) entertainment

tons of nice, flat camping space

oodles of boat parking space and nicely protected sailing waters with just a smidgeon of tide

an interesting variety of boats ...

... and their sailors to share the fun
crabby people like Nick and Mary

more racing on the Sunday

fun for all ages