Subject: Søren Svarre (W10649) provides a little taste of 2012 W action as the Worlds approach
From: Søren Svarre W10649
To: Al Schonborn ; Kit Wallace
Sent: Tuesday, February 12, 2013 6:43 PM
Subject: Some DK Wayfarer videos from 2012

Hi Al and Kit
Here is a little taste of the Danish Wayfarer action in 2012:
Wayfarers in the danger zone
Focus on Poul and crew in W239 from DK Nationals 2012
Some situations to learn from – used at a current seminar with one of our Olympic 470 girls as coach:
Soren and Anette winning DK Nationals in Farum 2012
Here is my crew and I at DK Nationals 2012 (W10649)
Our water is frozen for the time being, so only memories of sailing these days…
All this Worlds planning got me looking for sailing videos.
All the best
PS. W6671 on YouTube is me (don’t know how to change the name).