Canadian Wayfarer Association

Executive Committee Meeting


Saturday 23 February 2019, 10:00 am


2­ – 489 Beechwood Dr, Waterloo ON

In attendance: Anne Pugh (chairing), Al Schonborn, Kit Wallace, Mike Codd, Leo Van Kampen, Alastair Ryder-Turner, Scott Ramsay, Sue Pilling (via skype)


Regrets: Rob Wierdsma, Jan d’Ailly, Dave Hansman


1. There was discussion to set the agenda, which was approved by consensus;


2a. Minutes of the Meeting of 24 November

                     Acceptance moved by Scott (seconded by Mike): approved as presented


2b. Business Arising

                     Action items will be discussed under the regular agenda items;


3. Financial Report

                     Mike reported that there is $2433.16 in the bank;

                     Kit has an additional $450 between cheques and PayPal;

                     Most outstanding receipts have been paid;

                     There was some discussion about the price of webhosting;

                     the current arrangement seems to be competitively priced;

                     There was some discussion about using an online service to produce branded merchandise to raise some additional funds;

                     Scott has found a website that will produce items on demand;

                     There was general support for the idea with a plan to have the design ready to go ahead in March;

                     [Action: Scott will share the web link with Anne; Kit will prepare a design]

                     There was further discussion about promoting sales by linking to the website through event registration;

                     Advertising Sue reported on Steph’s behalf that he is holding about $200 in cheques that he will send to Mike;


4. Membership

                     Kit reported that there are currently 41 members including 14 honorary and 2 supporters;

                     [Action: Kit will send Al a renewal reminder to highlight on the website]

                     Jan d’Ailly presented the results of his survey at the AGM;

                     One of the comments was that came up was that people were looking for a regular outdate, comparable to the old Whiffle,             which led to some discussion about putting out a regular electronic newsletter;

                     Anne shared an example of the GP14 class association newsletter which is produced and distributed quarterly;

                     The UKWA produces a similar newsletter;

                     Al indicated he would be willing to work with whoever is interested in producing an newlsetter;

                     [Action: Al will share an example of UKWA newsletter, and will produce a Canadian example to distribute by 1             March] note: Al has begged off that latter commitment; volunteers needed

                     There was further discussion of how broadly to distribute a newsletter (membership, advertisers, others, eg USWA                         members)


5. Events Calendar

                     TS&CC is confirmed for the North Americans;

                     The Pumpkin is confirmed for early October;

                     The Ontarios are confirmed at RCYC in June in conjunction with LSSA Regatta;

                     The Bayview One Design is confirmed for 31 May – 2 June;

                     Mississauga SC will be hosting a one-day Wayfarer/CL regatta followed by the Moe Fraser long distance race on 28 – 29             September;

                     All other events were previously confirmed;

                     Dave Hansman had requested that there be a decision on whether to produce hats;

                     There was some discussion on the desire to continue to award Most Improved;

                     The second part of the discussion on considering an alternative to hats as a prize;

                     Anne has a source for items such as coasters, similar to ones that were awarded at Mississauga in previous years

                     Motion: to continue awarding most improved for the following events: CNats, Ontarios, National Long Distance Race,                 NAs, Mississauga Wayfarer/CL regatta, Pumpkin, Clark Lake, Midwinters; (moved by  Al; seconded by Mike): approved             unanimously;

                     Motion: to award coasters (sample at right) instead of hats  
            (moved by Alastair; seconded by Leo):approved unanimously;

                     [Action: Anne will source the coasters]


                     Leo and Sue have trophies that need to get to the

                     [Action: Sue will get her trophy to either Kit before April or to                 Scott in June; the Bacardi Trophy will be awarded at the AGM]


6. Other Business

                     Anne reported on attending the USWA AGM

                     The USWA are looking to get a batch of rudder blades and
            centreboards made at reasonable cost that would be milled to size, with             finishing left to the buyers; the would be available for Canadian purchase             as well;

                     The USWA have started preliminary discussions for possible 2022 World’s at Lake Eustis in February or March;


Next meeting: Saturday 23 March 2019, at 10:00 am in Toronto at Alastair’s;


Meeting adjourned at 11:50 am (Alastair moved by ; seconded by Al)