Ken Remembers: the stories and wisdom of Ken Jensen (W1348)
chapter 3: run-away flaps and other horrors


From: KEN-Krist. H. Jensen []
Sent: Wednesday, March 27, 2019 6:51 AM
To: Uncle Al Schönborn
Cc: Uffe Esq. Karlsen; Jørgen BIANCA 28 Wieder; Jim & Linda Heffernan W2458/W1066; Anthony Garrison; Poul W239 Ammentorp; Roll
Subject: Once I was ....


Hi Good W.Friend Al !


Here reminded that once I was a pilot,  and, regarding the 737 MAX jets with 'run-away stabilizer', I once escaped disaster in 1951 over the Arizona desert when a run-away elevator suddenly put my plane out of close- formation flying into a nose-dive straight down towards the cactus-filled desert - not too far below! This instantly demanded serious handling due the wild running trim system - down and up and down!

The F-80 "Shooting Star", the very first USAF jet fighter, was a killer plane, quite difficult to fly. It took  4-6 students' lives each month, due technical problems and training that was too stressed and tense due to the Korean War and the Soviet cold war.

As a jet fighter pilot 1951 - 1955, my luck let me survive.


Also reminded being a lucky W.sailor, preparing W1348"Maitken" for sailing under a new mainsail below.
(Al's note: Ken's 91st year of sailing??)

Please stay well and warm. K.t.o.

From: James Heffernan []
Sent: Wednesday, March 27, 2019 4:49 PM
To: 'KEN-Krist. H. Jensen'; 'Uncle Al Schönborn'

Hi Ken, 

I never had a runaway trim but I challenged a lot of L-1011 crews in the simulator with a runaway trim. They would encounter the problem just as they nosed over slightly to gain speed to start raising the flaps (which

changed the angle of attack} so they would have a delay time of recognition as they fought the problem and eventually grabbed the trim wheel to stop the downward or upward pitch until someone could turn off the electric trim system. It was always an eye opening experience.

Working on W1066 bottom this week and then varnish top next week. Linda is still crewing for me. 

Your Friend,  Jim


Cedar Key, Feb. 2019: And sometimes Linda steers as well!!