the 2011 Rebel Nationals
Awosting YS, Greenwood Lake, NJ * July 9-14
Regatta Chair, Bill Selick, explains
how it all was made to happen

From: Bill Selick
Sent: Monday, November 21, 2011 9:14 PM

The Awosting Yacht Squadron hosted the regatta using the Awosting Community of Hewitt, NJ’s boat house as party central for the entire week’s festivities.  This was the same basic format that we had followed the previous time when we hosted the event in 2007.  Since we don’t actually own the facility, there were challenges not faced at other clubs like:
  • No running water, kitchen or restroom facilities  (we had to order additional porta-potties)
  • integrating well with the community (including synchronizing social calendars - there was “Movie Night” on the Saturday before the regatta began, which taxed our septic facilities ;>((
  • a mischievous teen population, so we had to tear down everything nightly and rebuild in the morning
  • Limited dock space
  • Awosting community rebuilt their docks last spring, and didn’t open for business until the Saturday of the regatta - yours truly was installing cleats on the dock by himself on Saturday AM  (Al's note: just in time to keep me from wrecking my Rebel on the rusty, steel pilings at the end of the dock [just behind our sails below] when I luffed up head to wind only to have a gust come in from astern. Bill's cleats caught both our main and jib sheets and brought us to the nicest stable stop you could ask for: 

  • Limited parking near the facility
  • No lift, and limited ramp access requiring us to follow a “launch once” policy  (ie: no dry sailing for visitors)
  • No indoor shelter (but why would you need one in July?  Oh yeah … possible SQUALLS!!!!)
As regatta chair, I appointed the following sub-committees to divide and conquer the planning process.  My vice-chair was Wendy Gallione, who did double-duty as the treasurer.
  • Rose Steele:  PRO, Welcome Committee Chair, and Awosting liaison  (Race Committee: Dan Murphy [chief cannon operator] and Meg Horton [committee boat skipper];  Dennis on the crash boat)
  • Jack Schuchardt:  Logistics Chair
  • Jeff Schuchardt:  docks, buoys, etc. 
  • Dan Murphy: head donkey a.k.a. head liaison [ie: the porta-potties]
  • Jack Roe:  Hey, Beer Man!  And general all-around helpful guy with the house next to the beach
  • Jean Zimmer:   Food Committee Chair:  lunches came from Jean’s shop, the Coffee Buzz, Buzz and don’t forget Vickie’s Kitchen which catered all the dinner food; Karyn Schuchardt organized the Sunday night pot luck dinner

part of the "food trust": (l to r) Jean Zimmer, Wendy Gallione, Karyn Schuchardt
  • Dillon Waltner: Saturday’s Portsmouth Race with AYS’s own commodore, Paul Bryan, coming in first
  • Gail Bado: Raffle
  • Dan Leon:  (Lack of) Juniors program
  • Bob Zimmer:  Weigh & Measure;  blow-up buoys on loan from town of Greenwood Lake
  • Dave Sutter: Protests
  • Entertainment:  Jack Roe’s son and friend performed;   Bobby Nusbaum Raffle and performance with his wife, Shera, on Wednesday night… don’t forget Barbara singing
Al: Thanks to all who helped. And most especially to Regatta Chairman, Bill Selick, who of course couldn't thank himself above!! You Awosting people did it all and made it look look like you were not frazzled, a factor not to be overlooked as you made things fun and easy for the rest of us!!!

And of course, thanks to those who took pictures and let us use them:
  • action shots: Sharon Nowak as always, Jeff Reynolds, Bobby Nusbaum, Uncle Al
  • on shore: Uncle Al, Barbara Selick