A Thumbnail History
of the
in North America and the World
the 1960's
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  • first Canadians/North Americans attracts 11-boat fleet to ABYC July 16-17 
  • first Cruise Race Thousand Islands in the St. Lawrence near Brockville
  • $75 for nylon spi, pole, mast fittings, halliard, blocks and Terylene sheets
  • C&L prices: Kit $950; Sub-assembled Kit $1,156; Completed Boat $1,478
  • measurement becomes mandatory for racing 
  • first Trout Lake Wayfarer Weekend with one boat from Chicago
  • Alec Lowenthal wins first Lansdown-O’Brien Spittoon for "Most Prominent and Unrehearsed Effort During the Championships"
  • USWA formed in September
  • longer 6' 6" spi pole introduced;  separate North American & Canadian championships
  • Wayfarer pioneers: Peter Bassin and Alan Chovil at Conestoga; Dr. D.A. Nichol at Fanshawe
  • first U.S. Nationals (Chicago)
  • Frank Dye sails W48 to Iceland
  • Mike Schoenborn (new owner of W276) and Alec Lowenthal (W151) sail across Lake Ontario (Toronto-Youngstown-Toronto), outraging Queen City YC keelboat sailors, some of whom broke masts on the same trip! Mike follows this with Canadian Nats victory
  • Ottawa Fleet started by Wayfarers at Britannia YC & Gatineau SC
  • National Cruise Race moves to Trout Lake
  • U.S. boats (6) enter NAC for first time
  • Team Races at TS&CC
  • first Wayfarer Around-the-Island Race as part of QCYC annual Cheaters’ Race
  • first Michigan Invitational Regatta (Lake Orion) attracts 23 entries, 6 from Toronto & Kitchener
  • Frank Dye (with sea-sick Bill Brockbank) films W48 trip to Norway as Summer Cruise
  • first end-of-May Chicago Regatta attracts 17 crews, 3 from Canada; stormy havoc makes TV news
  • first Warm Water Regatta (then called International Invitational), 23 entries, several from US
  • Don Rumble becomes first Honorary Commodore of CWOA
  • Uncle Al elected CWOA newsletter editor 
  • other débuts: Ron Gillespie W854, Ken Holloway W851, Fred & Anne McNutt W601/855, Uncle Al W116
  • first major rules changes vote: 
approved: jib tracks instead of fixed fairlead amidships 
rejected: centre mainsheet; slot closure strips; electric BOILERS (misprint for bailers: Don Paine comment: the weight!)
  • CWOA eliminates mandatory buoyancy tests: really needed by cruisers who aren’t bound by Class Rules anyway
  • Al Quantock (W635): "A Wayfarer will never become a 5-0-5 even by adding supersonic thruffle nuts!"
  • first glass Wayfarer, number 1077, built in UK
  • Don Healey first US winner of Wayfarer North Americans
  • North Americans move out of Toronto for the first time
  • débuts: Pete & Thelma Hanson W720, Eric Stubbs W1134
  • first U.S.W.A. Yearbook produced
  • 47 entries to NAC at Windsor
  • George Blanchard given Honorary Life Membership in CWOA
  • Whitby Boatworks to build glass Wayfarers in Canada
  • débuts: Don Davis W460, Darrell Hicks W46, Sid Atkinson W618, Mel Preston W1064, Graham Dodd W1183, Ivar Zalitis W867, Grace Chapman (A)
  • formation of Scandinavian Wayfarer Association (SWS)

  • Croce & Lofthouse reject Ian Proctor offer, start CL 16/Wanderer production; CWOA rejects CL’s above club race level
  • Canadian Nationals opened to entries from other countries
  • sailmaker, Heider Funck races W734 
  • newsletter mailing costs: CWOA = 5¢, USWA = 6¢; Darrell Hicks new editor as Uncle Al leaves to teach in Germany ‘til July 69
  • composite W’s built at Oakville’s Metro Marine west of Toronto
  • débuts: Nick Seraphinoff W1376, Jeff Jones W1580, Alan Phillips W866, Hubert Dauch W1572
  • Cleveland’s Northeast YC attracts 41 W’s to US Nats
  • Alan Phillips elected USWA Racing Captain
  • début: Joe DeBrincat W1587
  • débuts: Hugh Thomas W921, Tom Gamey W1185
the 1970's