A Thumbnail History
of the
in North America and the world
the 1990's
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  • Mike Mac wins every race of Canadian Nats at Fanshawe in Roger Shepherd's W7700, INVASION before training us for yet another week
  • George Smith Trophy to Darlene Collins who finally starts sailing
  • Uncle Al & 10 different crews win Storer Trophy!!!
  • first Wind Bag at Hawkestone YC
  • CWA débuts: Fred Black W7379, Reg Bunt W7227, Peter Kozak W7932, Frank Goulay, Marc Bennett
  • Danish champions: Bjarne Lindquist/Carsten Hørlyck (W5436)
  • Norwegian champions: Eivind og Oddbjørn Norrud (W4647)
  • new deeper rudder blade approved by WIC but not CWA
  • design: Mk IB debut
  • Frank Dye reaches Nova Scotia
  • Irish W revival
  • George Smith to Mike Codd
  • Uncle Al: produces 4 W coaching videos
  • Lucy Camacho & Frank Goulay produce best CWA Yearbook yet!
  • Jesper Friis crews Uncle Al's Canadian Nats win at CSC
  • Al & Frank sail Danish Nationals as guests of the Farum Wayfarers
  • Danish champions: Niels Alslev/Anders Pjetursson (W1967)
  • Norwegian champions: Eivind Norrud/Michael Finne Riley (W4647)
  • class mourns Ian Proctor who collapses after fine afternoon sail during Worlds
  • WW8: Hayling revisited: McNamara upsets Porter
  • World champions: Mike McNamara/Simon Townsend (W8868)
  • new, stiffer MkIII built by Abbott in Canada
  • Series 2 Wayfarers production begins
  • Frank Dye reaches Ontario
  • Uncle Al Schönborn becomes first non-UK International Secretary of the WIC - International Secretary position to rotate every 3 years to the country that is to host the next Worlds... 
  • George Smith to Ted & Myrna Carter
  • Poul Ammentorp & Jesper Friis come all the way from Denmark to sail NAC only to have Hurricane Andrew leftovers cause entire event to be cancelled!
  • W442 & CL wrecked in TSCC Tues. night race storm
  • CWA débuts: Geoff Edwards W9483, Ray Paget
  • Danish champions: Anders Friis/Sune Sigsgaard (W2093)
  • Norwegian champions: Eivind Norrud/John Fredriksen (W4647)
  • Danish champions: Joel Bøgh/Michael Tvermoes (W2006)
  • Norwegian champions: Ken Jensen (W1348)
  • big bash at TS&CC to celebrate George Blanchard’s 80th birthday on October 5th
  • CWA débuts: Dwight Aplevich W4606, Al Nichols W7380
  • Frank Goulay becomes Wayfarer Man, attracts "groupie" as Al’s consecutive NAC wins reach record 8 at Harbor Beach!
  • Goldis begin filming dinghy segment of award-winning Outdoor Adventure Canada for Life Channel
  • CWA débuts: John Weakley is PRO of Worlds qualifiers
  • Danish champions: Søren Jensen/Kenneth Madsen (W7902)
  • Norwegian champions: Andre og Audun Skandsen (W4934)
  • WW9: first light-air Worlds since ‘80; George Blanchard’s 9th Worlds; Al Schönborn and Frank Goulay (6th) first N.A. crew to hit top 10 since 1980! PRO, John Weakley, invents "jerk" points
  • World champions: Stuart Rix/Matt Frary (W9644)
  • International Rally I at Killbear Park near Parry Sound
  • Peter Kozak donations computerize Whiffle and Uncle Al
  • kiddies crew as Wind Bag goes "family"
  • World champ, Stuart Rix, ends Al’s NAC streak at 8!!
  • CWA débuts: Alex Rahn (W5631) sails Worlds at age10
  • Danish champions: Anders Friis/Bjørn Christiansen (W5532)
  • Norwegian champions: Anders Andersen/??  (W6402)
  • International Rally II in Holland
  • bad back sidelines Frank Dye while cruising in Georgian Bay's North Channel
  • Danish champions: Ernst Henriksen/Susanne Holt (W5942)
  • Norwegian champions: Wilhelm Munthe-Kaas/??  (W8626)
  • Peter Rahn starts CWA website
  • last hurrah for North Bay Wayfarer regatta
  • Wayfarer World unveiled as Wayfarer for 21st century
  • International Rally III at Lough Derg, Ireland
  • Danish champions: Søren Jensen/Jesper Friis (W9355)
  • Norwegian champions: Anders og Espen Andersen (W6402)
  • George Smith to Frank and Lucy who bring us their 6th straight wonderful CWA Yearbook
  • WW10: Danes hosts marvellous Worlds at Egå while George Blanchard astounds all with fine performance at age 84!!! 
  • World champions: Ian Porter/Kevan Gibb (W7588)
  • International Rally IV attracts 75 boats to Rantzausminde, Denmark - two Wayfarer Worlds (Ralph Roberts with Cedric Clarke; Bob and Clare Harland) sail across the North Sea to get there!
  • Danish champions: Anders Friis/Steen Ammentorp (W9733)
  • Norwegian champions: Anders Andersen/??? (W6837)

  • International Rally moves to England's famous Norfolk Broads
  • Danish champions: Anders Friis/Bjørn Christiansen (W5263)
  • Norwegian champions: Gudtorm Heldal/??? (W7172)

the 2000's