Wayfarer News

We are preparing this news sheet with mixed feelings.  This will be the last to be sent out by us... the Class is growing, and it seems right and proper to us that the affairs of the Class should be handled by owners and we are pleased to tell you that arrangements are in hand for this to be done.

We have at last had the ‘go ahead’ signal for a Canadian Wayfarer Owners Association to be formed.  This, we understand is unusual, and know of only one other Class that has its own Canadian Association.  The formation of the Association is being handled by the owners of Wayfarers of the Brockville Yacht Club and we ask all owners to give them support to this end.

Mr Michael Lansdown has very kindly accepted the responsibility of forming the Association and attending to the many problems associated with this responsibility and will be assisted by Mr Herb Sheridan and Mr Keith Middleton.  ‘Wayfarer’ news sheets will also be prepared by them.  Items of interest concerning Wayfarers should be sent to Mr Michael Lansdown whose address is: - 221 Hartley Street, Brockville, Ontario.

Our hope is that ALL Wayfarer owners will join the Association.

We have at heart, an annual Canadian Wayfarer National Championship event, and all our efforts at establishing the Class in Canada would be rewarded if the first event were to be held next year, when there should be many more of the Class afloat.  This event might well be run in conjunction with an Inter-Club event, as by the end of this sailing season there will be Wayfarers in five Yacht Clubs.

Mr Bill Hudson, of the Toronto Sailing & Canoe Club is the latest to join the Class.  He will be building his boat this winter.  Mr Hudson won the Wayfarer race at the Island YC Regatta on the 18th July.

Mr Herb Sheridan is to be congratulated on winning the Wayfarer Cruise/Race Trophy for 1959.  His crew was Mr Keith Middleton.  Mr Sheridan was using our demonstrator Wayfarer #105 and beat all comers, including a Champion ‘Y’ Flyer craft, and in addition, won the ‘Wandermere’ Cup.  ‘Wayfarer’ #105 would appear to have a winning streak, as Mr Hudson also sailed this boat at the I.Y.C.

All owners will be interested to learn that the ‘Wayfarer’ is to be “built” as a show boat on the television program ‘Boating and Holidaying in Northern Ontario’ to be put out by CKSO-TV from Sudbury.  Mr W.J. Woodill, the President and General Manager of the station has joined the Class and has purchased a Sub-Assembled Hull Kit for his personal use, but will be showing its construction and the final finished product on his program.  His Wayfarer is numbered #141, and this will demonstrate the rate at which the Class is growing.

Dr Donald Paine of North Bay, Wayfarer #112, tells us his boat had a resounding victory over a Swordfish and an International 14 sailing over a course of four miles.

Those who ordered Spinnakers have now received them and we feel they will agree they are of excellent quality.  Sub-Assembled Hull Kits may now be obtained for $1060.00.

Wishing everyone good sailing.  Yours very truly,

     (Henry) CROCE & (Ken) LOFTHOUSE