21st September 1959



Henry Croce and Ken Lofthouse recently decided that the Wayfarer clan had now reached the size where an Association should be formed to further the interests of the Class in Canada.  This is the way in which the other cruising and racing classes in Canada are kept alive.

Accordingly he approached myself with an invitation to form the Association which I was most honoured to accept.  In turn I have designated Keith Middleton as Treasurer, Herb Sheridan as Secretary, and Henry Croce as Technical Advisor.  A necessarily autocratic beginning perhaps, but once we can all get together at our first Annual General Meeting we can pursue a more democratic course.

First of all, the raisons d’être for having an Association.  The main reasons which come to mind are listed below:

1. To further the Class and establish it as such in Canada.  Croce and Lofthouse have worked hard to introduce a good new design and it is now up to us to keep it growing.

2. To keep the boat to the design restrictions.  Other wise a Class tends to develop a type of design cancer which gives rise to some weird and wonderful apparitions.

3. To keep owners abreast of the latest technical alterations and additions in design which may be made in the Class.  No class is ever entirely static.

4. To keep owners advised of Wayfarer Races and Cruises, which the Association will help to establish.  I think any boat owner welcomes the opportunity to sail with others of the same class.

I think these reasons alone are sufficient to justify the formation of an Association, though I am sure there are many more we could add to the list.

We have looked around at other similar organizations and have decided that a fee of $5.00 should be charged for registering a boat in the Association, and an annual subscription of $2.50 from each owner for membership.  These fees should be sufficient to cover the Association’s operating expenses.

We sincerely hope that you will all join, and have attached an entry form at the end of this letter for you to fill in.

And now for some news...

Class Rules

I am currently working on these and should be able to circulate them in the near future.  I have also requested a copy of the “Measurement and Construction Rules” from the Wayfarer Class Owners’ Association in the United Kingdom, which I will circulate when received.

New Boat Owners

 We now have 20 owners in Canada.  I have attached an up-to-date list of names and numbers and would appreciate it if you would keep the list and add the new boats as they are announced in these future pages.


 These have been approved as standard rig for racing in Canada.  As all of you who have sailed with spinnakers will know, they add that extra interest which makes the difference between “just” sailing and racing.  After a little practice, those who are not familiar with the sail will find them no trouble at all.

 The spinnakers are available from Croce & Lofthouse at a cost of $65.00 plus postage.  This includes 140 sq. ft. of nylon sail, spinnaker pole, mast fittings, halliard, blocks and sheets of Terylene.  Available colours are white, green, blue, red and yellow.

A Packer Sacked

 Croce and Lofthouse advise that the Wayfarer Manufacturers have recently fired their Packer who apparently was responsible for items missing in export shipments.  C & L feel sure that all future orders will give complete satisfaction.

Ashbridge’s Bay YC

 Miss Niki Davis won the Wayfarer Race at Ashbridge’s Bay Annual Regatta.

Toronto Sailing & Canoe Club

 I understand that there are now 4 Wayfarers established in this Club.

Island Yacht Club

 All Toronto Wayfarer owners are invited to take part in the Island Yacht Club’s Monday evening club races.  (However, it may be rather late for these by now).

C.N.E. Races

 In the first race, 6 Wayfarers started, and finished, in the following order: Mrs. Gloria Shulman (W-135), Henry Croce (W-103), Mr. Hugh Magill (W-116) and Miss Niki Davis (W-46).

 In the last three Saturdays, Miss Gloria Shulman has had two firsts in W-135, Miss Davis has had one first and a second in W-46 and Messrs. Croce and Lofthouse have had two seconds and a third in W-105.  Hugh Magill has had one third in W-116.

Queen City YC

 It is hoped that at least four Wayfarers will turn out for QCYC’s annual regatta on 19th September.  I understand this is always a big “do” and is the last regatta in Toronto for the season.

Brockville YC 

 Due to the pressure of a heavy season in other Classes, our 3 boats are not quite finished.  However, there is little doubt that as soon as navigation opens on the river next spring, our boats will be in the water.  And all three of us are keen to trail.

National Wayfarer Championships

 This will be a certainty next year.  Since the Wayfarers are predominantly in and around Toronto, we feel that one of the Toronto clubs is the logical choice for the event.  We are tentatively looking at the third weekend in July: by this date, all boats should be in top racing trim.

Inter Club Trophy

 Mr. J.G. Pollard, Secretary-Treasurer of the Wayfarer Class Owners’ Association (U.K.) has kindly offered a trophy for inter club competition.  More details will be available later.

Club Representation

 Wayfarers are now established in the following clubs: Ashbridge’s Bay YC, Brockville YC, Island YC, North Bay Boat Club and Toronto Sailing & Canoe Club (who will have 5 boats by the spring.)

This newsletter

 It is anticipated that this will be our main medium for communications within the Class.  Croce and Lofthouse are very kind in passing on information.  But will all of you please drop me a line from time to time with any news, comments, or ideas you may have about the Class - nothing formal, just any old scribble.  My address is:

Michael J. Lansdown, 221 Hartley Street, Brockville, Ontario.

owner list follows: