July 1960


 We like this expression, and so propose to continue using it as the ‘opening paragraph’ heading in future Newsletters.

 Of interest to all Owners will be the transfer of the Association from Brockville to Toronto.  The following were elected on Sunday 17th July 1960 to represent the Association: -

Chairman Terry Gregg  RCYC
Secretary Alec Lowenthal  QCYC
Treasurer Doug Thomas  RCYC
Measurer Bill Hudson  TS&CC

and, a hearty ‘vote of thanks’ was extended to the outgoing representatives of the Association (Mike Lansdown, Herb Sheridan & Keith Middleton) for the sterling work put in by them in organizing the C.W.O.A. from scratch and, for putting the ‘Class’ on the map with the various organizations representing centreboard classes.  Particular thanks go to Mike Lansdown who has done so much for the Class in this respect.

 The reason for the transfer of the Association to Toronto was due to the size of the Fleet in this area, and therefore the logical place for the Association.

 As the success of any Association is due, in the main, to the efforts of each individual owner, I look forward to receiving letters from members and owners with items of interest which can be included in future Newsletters.  It would also assist me to have a representative owner to write to in both Brockville and Baie d’Urfe.  Mike Lansdown of Brockville and Frank Booth of Baie d’Urfe come readily to my mind!!  Dr. Don Paine of North Bay I hope will continue to send items of interest from that area.  My address is: -
 36 Castlefrank Road, Toronto, Ontario.  Phone: WAlnut 5-7988

 Mike Lansdown pointed out in his last Newsletter, that there were several Owners who are not members of the Association.  May we please have your support and those who have not yet joined are asked to fill in the form and send it along to me.

 In the body of this Newsletter there is mention of some forthcoming events, which I hope you will attend.  These are all good events and I feel sure you will enjoy attending them.

 With your co-operation I intend sending out a Newsletter at least once a month during the sailing season.

   Alec Lowenthal.
 The first Canadian National & North American Championships for the Class were successfully held on the 16th & 17th July this year at the Ashbridge’s Bay YC, Toronto.  Winds were very light over the two days of the Championships but this called for expert sailing and it was gratifying to see all eleven entrants competing in every event.

 Both ‘Events’ were held simultaneously and were won by Barclay Livingstone, incidentally a member of the Canadian Olympic 5.5 crew who is shortly leaving for Italy.  Barclay skippered Gloria Shulman’s boat #135, with Gloria as crew.  Congratulations are due to them both for some very skillful handling of their boat in the light winds.

Second place was taken by Mike Lansdown with O. Kuskis as crew in ‘Wayfarer’ #108.  Mike’s boat was built from a complete Hull Kit.  Third spot was taken by Hugh Magill in ‘Wayfarer’ #116.

 Altogether, the events were thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended, and owners enjoyed meeting other owners for the first time.

 The “North American” Trophy was presented to Henry Croce as a Birthday present by Mike Lansdown on behalf of the C.W.O.A.  The Trophy, which is inscribed ‘The Henry Croce Trophy’, was in turn donated by him for the event.

 It is hoped with the numbers that will be afloat next year, the entries will be more than doubled.

 The Class was represented for the first time this year at the annual L.S.S.A. Regatta.  The L.S.S.A. is the Father & Mother of the Centreboard Classes in the Toronto area and hold an annual Regatta for centreboarders.

 Terry Gregg, in his black-hulled ‘Wayfarer’ #282, won the Series, held over three days, with Alec Lowenthal second and Bon Jasperson third.

Henry Croce and Ken Lofthouse have presented a Trophy for annual competition for the Class in this Regatta, and hope next year to see many more entering for the event.

 Once again the Class was represented for the first time at this year’s L.Y.R.A. Regatta.  Because of those on holidays (ed note: Civic Holiday weekend, I believe) and boats still being built, only four of the Class competed.

 Winds over the three days racing were from’0’ to a 40 m.p.h. storm.  Terry Gregg was again the winner of the Class races held over three days, Jeff Engel skippering Gloria Shulman’s boat with Gloria as crew was second, and third place was taken by Henry Croce in Hugh Magill’s boat with Ken Lofthouse as crew.

 The ‘Wayfarer’ Cruise/Race is held in conjunction with the ‘Wandermere’ event held annually at the Brockville YC.  The ‘Wandermere’ event has been held for the past 12 years and is open to all comers.

 Last year a ‘Wayfarer’ was entered for the event for the first time and won the ‘Wandermere’ Cup.  This year five ‘Wayfarers’ entered for the event and again it was won by a Wayfarer.  This year’s winner was Alec Lowenthal in Wayfarer #151 with Dave Lane as his crew.  Alec has therefore brought both the Wayfarer Cruise/Race Trophy and the Wandermere Cup back to Toronto and the Queen City YC.

 This annual event and gathering for the Class is always a lively and enjoyable affair, and those who could not manage it this year, are urged to attend next year for a glorious week-end of cruising, racing and camping.

 There is a Fleet of three boats at the Baie d’Urfe YC and their annual Regatta is on the 20th August this year.  It is understood that in order to give them some competition in the Class, some owners from Toronto and other areas will be attending the Regatta.

 The dates for the Canadian National Exhibition Regattas are as under: -

  Saturday 27th August 1960
  Saturday 3rd September 1960
  Monday 5th September 1960
  Saturday 10th September 1960
Make sure you are entered through your Club for these events and out-of-town owners should contact the Secretary C.W.O.A. immediately for details.

 These have been well attended by the Class.  The QCYC Regatta on the 17th September 1960 is the last of the season in the Toronto area.  Let’s have a big turnout of the Class at this Regatta which is perhaps the largest.