July 1960

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Ashbridge’s Bay YC, Toronto, was the venue for the Canadian National Championship and North American Championship races for the 16-foot Wayfarer sailing dinghies.  Eleven boats entered for the event which was held on the 16th and 17th of July 1960.

The first race started a few minutes after 10:00 a.m. and due to the indifferent winds, it developed into a drifting match.  At the end of an hour and a half, the Committee called the race but gave the following placings:

1st: B. Livingstone, #135, Island YC
2nd:  H. Magill, #116, Toronto Sailing & Canoe Club
3rd: T. Gregg, #282, Royal Canadian YC

It is interesting to note here that boats came from as far afield as North Bay and Brockville. 

For the second race conditions improved, at least as far as the wind was concerned - the visibility was still about 3/4 of a mile due to a light haze which obscured the racing marks.  At the start, T. Gregg was over the line in first position, closely followed by M. Lansdown (Brockville) and D. Paine (North Bay), However, T. Gregg was unable to hold his lead and K. Middleton, sailing #110, Brockville YC, took the honours, followed closely by his fellow club member, M. Lansdown, #108.  In third position was the future Olympic sailor, B. Livingstone.

Standings at the end of the first day were as follows:

1st: B. Livingstone with 18 1/4 points*
2nd: M. Lansdown with 15 points
3rd: H. Magill with 14 1/2 points
(ed note: old scoring system gave 1 point per boat beaten plus 1/4 for first place)

The first race on the Sunday was held at 10:30 a.m. and a slightly stiffer breeze prevailed.  A miscalculation at the start caused Alf Walsh, #159, National YC, to retire but the rest of the fleet carried on and the first three boats to finish were:

1st: M. Lansdown
2nd: T. Gregg
3rd: B. Livingstone

(illegible lines as introduction to race 4 results)  The order of finish saw H. Magill in the first position, followed by B. Livingstone, and in the third spot, T. Gregg.

The overall standings for the two trophies are as follows:

1st #135 B. Livingstone IYC 35 1/2 points
2nd #108 M. Lansdown  BYC 32 1/4 pts
3rd #116 H. Magill TSCC 30 3/4 pts
4th #282  T. Gregg RCYC 26 pts
5th #110 K. Middleton BYC 23 1/4 pts
6th #112 D. Paine NBYC 17 1/2 pts
7th #283  G. Blanchard TSCC 15 pts
8th #151 A. Lowenthal QCYC 15 pts
9th #275 H. Croce ABYC 11 pts
10th #159 A. Walsh NYC  9 pts
11th #280 D. Robinson FBYC  6 pts

For the record book, Barclay Livingstone, sailing fellow club member, Gloria Shulman’s boat collected one first, one second and two third places.  M. Lansdown had one first, two seconds and one fifth.  H. Magill had one second, one third, one fifth and one sixth.

Report submitted by Race Committee Chairman, W.C. Hudson, CWOA Technical Advisor. 
cc: CWOA Exec, C & L, Yachting World - Joan Davies, UK, WOA Sec. UK, ABYC - Commodore

(unidentified Wayfarer up-date [press release??] after first Championships)

After a period of only 20 months since its introduction to the North American Continent, the Championships, both Canadian & North American for the ‘Wayfarer’ Class sailing dinghy, were held in Toronto (Canada) in July 1960.

 This is remarkable and perhaps constitutes a record in sailing annals.  It is also a proof of the remarkable growth of the ‘Wayfarer’ Class on this Continent and the enthusiasm of owners.

As there were roughly five times as many English-built Wayfarer dinghies in Canada as there were in the United States, and since half of them were in the Toronto area, it was fitting for the Canadian owners to initiate the first North American as well as Canadian Championships, and to hold them in Toronto.

The 16-foot dinghy, built by Small Craft of Southampton Ltd, England, was first exhibited at the London (England) Boat Show in 1958, and exhibited for the first time on this Continent at the Canadian National Exhibition, Toronto, Canada by Messrs Croce & Lofthouse of Toronto.  Ian Proctor designed the boat for cruising, camping and racing, and, being easily trailed, a good attendance was anticipated at the Championships among the racing enthusiasts. 

The Mahogany-hulled dinghy features a retractable rudder blade to facilitate easier sailing from shallow beaches, two large buoyancy compartments and a mast pivoted below deck for handy raising or lowering when rigging or negotiating bridges.  The mainsail area is 95 sq. ft; the jib area 30 sq. ft; and the genoa area 46 sq. ft. Weight 370 pounds.

The Championships were held on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th July under the Burgee of Ashbridge’s Bay YC, Toronto, as hosts, with entrants from various Yacht Clubs in Ontario and Quebec.  Winds varied from light to almost dead calm over the two days and some very skillful handling of boats was necessary under these conditions.

  (results were already given earlier)

Separate Trophies were awarded for the Canadian and North American Championships.  The Canadian Trophy took the form of a Sterling Silver Tray presented for annual competition by Messrs Small Craft.  The North American Trophy was presentation to Henry Croce of a Rose Bowl by the Canadian Wayfarer Owners’ Association in recognition of his efforts in establishing the Class, and was in turn donated by him for the event.

The winning boat, #135, is owned by Mrs. Gloria Shulman of the Island YC who crewed for B. Livingstone in the events.  Gloria Shulman races her boat regularly in all Regattas and intends skippering her own boat next year in the Championships.  M. Lansdown of the Brockville YC built his boat from a Kit and trails his boat many hundreds of miles to attend Wayfarer races in various parts of Ontario and Quebec.

The Canadian Wayfarer Owners’ Association is now located in Toronto and the Hon. Secretary is Mr. Alec Lowenthal, 36 Castlefrank Road, Toronto who would be pleased to hear from all owners and prospective owners.