October 1960


 Your committee has been active in various ways, notably in the preparation of the Constitution for the Association, which we hope to have approved at the Annual General Meeting to follow the 1961 Championships.

 We feel that it would be to our common advantage to make representations to the various Regatta Organizers regarding the order of start in races.  To this effect, a letter is being prepared in which reference will be made to the Portsmouth Yardstick and recommending that the order of our start be ‘after the Lightning and before the Albacore Classes’.  In this way, we will be less liable to interference from other boats, and if a Wayfarer should overtake another Class, the more credit to the Wayfarer.

 A Trophy in the form of a Silver Tray has been presented to the Queen City YC by Wayfarer owners of that club, for annual Wayfarer competition at their Regatta.  Thanks to those members that contributed to this new Class Trophy.

 Next season should see the CWOA as members of the Canadian Yachting Association.  Up to the present, the Class has been represented by Mike Lansdown on the Canadian Centreboard Classes Committee, formed last year to represent Centreboard interests within the CYA.  When the CWOA becomes a member of the CYA, owners will have a vote in the CYA General Meetings and will be able to participate more fully in the yachting world.

 There are various local Associations, such as the St. Lawrence Valley Racing Association and the Lake Sailing Skiff Association, which promote racing in their local areas and which it should be our aim to join.  However, this is not possible at the moment since the CWOA revenue depends on your subscriptions, and these are few in number and of a nominal amount.  We will have to rely on increased membership, so why not pass the Wayfarer message on!?  Incidentally, a Trophy was presented by Croce & Lofthouse to the LSSA for annual competition for the Class.

 Henry Croce informs me that he will have a variety of spares and accessories for the Wayfarer available in the spring, and advises those requiring Spinnakers to order now for early 1961 delivery.

 To those owners who we do not meet regularly in racing, and who are not members of the CWOA, we would like to extend an invitation to write and let us know of their cruising experiences or of any matters of general interest to other owners of the Class.

 As boats are now in the process of being laid up for the Winter, I take this opportunity of wishing everyone ‘Happy and Carefree’ hours preparing your boats for the next sailing season.

     Alex Lowenthal.
 Messrs Small Craft have found from experience that the rudder pivot bolts had a weakness in design.  Having increased them to 5/16” diameter and having found them still weak, they have increased the size of the bolts to 3/8” diameter.  Those intending to modify their boats to conform, should let Henry Croce know.  Stocks will be available as from next spring.

 The Class was represented by Wayfarers #116, 135, 151 and 299.  The wind was rather light and the previous Classes missed the centreboard course and ended up going round the keelboat course.  However, Henry Croce spotted our course buoy to starboard, changed course, and the rest quickly followed.  The race was eventually won by Alec Lowenthal, with Henry Croce and Gloria Shulman placing second and third respectively.  A corn roast and dance were held at the Club that evening and were much enjoyed by all.

First Regatta - 27th August: Five Wayfarers were entered: #135, 151, 282, 283(George Blanchard) and 299.  The Class was started simultaneously with the Albacores and before the Lightnings.  This arrangement was not found to be at all satisfactory, and the Committee is taking steps to avoid a recurrence next season.  The race was won by Henry Croce, with Alec Lowenthal placing second and Warren Bonisteel in #282 third.

Second Regatta - 3rd September: The same five Wayfarers entered for this regatta.  There was a good 15-mile per hour wind, and after some changing in positions which made it an exciting race, Henry Croce again finished first, with Alec Lowenthal second and Gloria Shulman third.

Third Regatta - 10th September: Eight boats turned out for this regatta.  Additional entries were: #95 skippered by Thomas Bick, #144 skippered by Bill Hudson who built his boat from a kit, and #145 skippered by Peter Thomson and crewed by the owner builder, Bob Aitken.
Winds were strong at the start but gradually died down to a complete calm which lasted for approx. 20 minutes, catching most boats on the last leg of the six-mile course.  Results were: Alec Lowenthal first, with Terry Gregg who skippered his boat #282 in this regatta second, and Peter Thomson third.

 Three Wayfarers attended this regatta.  Michael Lansdown #108 and Fred Gilbert #279 from Brockville, and Frank Booth #113 from Baie d’Urfe.  The Wayfarers raced in the Handicap B Class which was for boats under 18 ft.  The race was two laps of a 5-mile course.

 On the very first buck, the three Wayfarers left all other boats behind.  At the end of the first lap, positions were Lansdown, Booth and Gilbert.  Booth picked up on the second lap and the finish was Booth, Lansdown, Gilbert.  Gilbert however, protested Booth for having his whisker pole set on the same side as his boom, and as the protest was sustained, Lansdown was awarded the race.

 It was noteworthy that Wayfarers outstripped all other boats in their Handicap Class and also picked up time on many other classes, including catamarans.

 As in previous years, this was the best-attended regatta on the Lakes.  A total of 9 Wayfarers registered for the Class race, including Michael Lansdown from Brockville and Bob Aitken from Georgian Bay, the remainder being from local clubs.

 The wind was 25 m.p.h., gusting to 35 m.p.h., which called for some skillful handling of boats.  Several boats in other classes capsized but Wayfarers once again showed their ability to cope with heavy weather.  The new Trophy was won by Peter Thomson in #282, Michael Lansdown placing second and Henry Croce third.  A Supper and Dance completed a most enjoyable day.  It is hoped to make the QCYC Regatta an annual end of season ‘get-together’ for the Class. 

 The following day (Sunday), a Class race was organized at the Royal Canadian YC which was followed by a Barbeque and a ‘gimmick’ race back to the QCYC.  This ‘get-together’ was very informal and completed a very successful week-end for the Class.  The only unfortunate occurrence of the day was the unorthodox use of Mike Lansdown’s hat.  Pat Laker expressed this use very well in the following little poem which is dedicated to Mike.


At noon they came, Wayfarers gay
To brighten up a cloudy day.
And after quite a tricky race, 
Towards the Royal set their pace.

Round Bar-B-Que they drank and ate, 
While Alex did the ice collect.
Alas, the tragedy I recall
With cubes too big, and bottles small.

And what is drink without the ice?
It’s surely not so very nice.
“How can we break the ice?” they cried,
When suddenly the HAT they spied.

They crushed the ice with all their might, 
Returned the HAT, a sorry sight!!

Remember on that memorable day
You vanished in that cloud of spray? 
With gusts of wind and seas you strived,
We hope you safely home arrived.

So, here’s your hat.  T’is clean once more.
And welcome back to our sunny shore.

CHANGES IN OWNERSHIP: The following are given to enable owners to keep their list up to date (12th Oct. 1960)
W159: Mr K.M. Valin, c/o Imperial Bank Chambers, North Bay, Ont. (Phone: GR 4 - 1220)
W141: Mr Donald Rumble, P.O. Box 480, North Bay, Ont. (Phone: GR 2 - 3860)

W322: Mr John Hain, Boundary Street, Prescott, Ont.