November 1961


 Henry Croce and Ken Lofthouse have now moved into their new business headquarters:

  4226 Kingston Road, West Hill.  Phone 282-6921
Henry and Ken have decided it is now time to have a house warming, so an invitation is extended to all Wayfarer sailors to attend this shindig to be held at the above address on Sat. Nov. 25th at 8 p.m. or so.
 Films taken during the Class Championships will be shown during the evening.  Drinks will be served regardless of provincial regulations.  (Henry may run short, so bring your own as well.)

 A resume of this past season’s sailing and summary of next year’s activities planned for Wayfarers has been forwarded to the leading Yachting publications in the U.S. and the U.K.

 Wayfarer owners in the U.S.A. have formed their own Association - the Wayfarer Owners Association of the U.S.A.  We wish them every success and look forward to keen competition from over the border next year.  Already an invitation has been extended to Canadian owners to take part in races at Detroit next year.

 Our Chief Measurer, Arthur Earl, has prepared a report for the Committee on Wayfarers measured to date.  The figures show that a majority of the boats are equipped with oversize sails.  In order to protect the Wayfarer as a one design, and be fair with present owners, the Committee has made the following rulings:

(A) Present sails in use will be accepted.  However, replacement sails for Wayfarers presently registered will have to measure up.
(B) New boats shipped after March 31st, 1962 must be equipped with sails which meet Class Measurement Rules.
 Many Wayfarers have yet to be measured and Arthur Earl is anxious to check as many as possible during this winter.  If you have not had your boat measured and wish to have this done before next season, then contact:
Arthur Earl, Chief Measurer CWOA, 1516 Mount Pleasant Road, Toronto 12. HU 5-4354

 The last newsletter mentioned a special award would be presented to Alec Lowenthal in consideration of his special efforts with a snarled spinnaker during the Championships.  This has now been presented and is known as the Lansdown and O’Brien Trophy (actually it is a highly polished bronze spittoon) and will be awarded each year for the Most Prominent and Unrehearsed Effort During the Championships.

#144 Bill Hudson Toronto
#145 Robbie Aitken Toronto
#279 Fred Gilbert Brockville

 Owing to poor weather conditions generally, the racing did not start until July 2nd.  Only 15 races to count, including the five during Wayfarer Week-End, held July 29, 30 and 31, were recorded, as against 18 or 19 held during previous seasons.

 However, Vice Commodore, Don Rumble, and Dr. Don Paine did represent the NBYC at the CNE Regatta on Sept. 2nd.  Don Rumble in his FUN getting a second place out of some 14 starters.  These owners also raced in the Class Championships held under the flag of the IYC in Toronto.  Dr. Paine in his CYSTO (112) was 3rd overall.  Don Rumble (141) placed 5th out of a field of 19 starters.

 Don Rumble again travelled the 225 miles with boat and trailer to the QCYC Regatta Sept. 16th and finished 4th in a hard blow experienced by some 12 other Wayfarers.  The following day, Don Rumble won the “Round Robin Race”, sailing Art Earl’s #277.  This race was officiated by the RCYC.

 The four North Bay boats were measured on July 8th.  Our northern waters were too cold prior to this to carry out the required measurement procedure.

 Our first Wayfarer Week-End, July 29-31, was a great success on all counts including weather (with the exception of one quick thunderstorm).  Our visitors were Alec Lowenthal (151) Mr and Mrs Arthur Earl (277), all of Toronto, and Mr and Mrs Don Dodson (442) and family (who had come all the way from Chicago, Illinois).  Not only did these good people enjoy themselves on our Trout Lake, but they complimented us by staying over some extra days to cruise and fish.  The fishing not bringing them any luck was compensated for by their racing successes.

 Out of a series of five races, two over a long course of eight miles and the remainder over a 3 1/2 mile course, Art Earl totalled top points with 2 firsts, 2 seconds and 1 third, followed by Dr and Mrs Don Paine with 2 firsts, 1 second and 1 fourth.  Alec Lowenthal followed with one of each four places, and Don Rumble got 2 thirds and 1 fourth.  7 Wayfarers competed for the series.

 A delightful chicken supper was enjoyed by all at Dr Herb Bowers’ (111) lakeside summer residence at the conclusion of the races. 

 The NBYC again offers July 28-30 for the 1962 Wayfarer Weekend although this date will be subject to change pending advice from the CWOA as it may conflict with other regattas.  We would like to make ours a big weekend, and an invitation is extended to all owners.
 It is pretty obvious that Dr Don Paine will win the Tom Chapman Memorial Trophy for the top scorer in Class Boat Racing at North Bay.  Results:
  Don Paine          8 firsts, 4 seconds, 1 disqualified
  Don Rumble       3 firsts, 5 seconds, 3 thirds, 1 disqualified
  Ken Valin           1 first, 1 second, 6 thirds

    Don Rumble
       Vice Commodore, NBYC
Brockville YC Annual International Frostbite Regatta: May 20-21
 (1) Michael Lansdown (108) BYC & KYC
 (2) Keith Middleton (110)  BYC
 (3) Casey Bakker (284)  BYC

Royal Canadian YC Open Regatta: June 24
 (1) Terry Gregg (282)  RCYC
 (2) Alec Lowenthal (151)  QCYC
 (3) Doug Thomas (300)  RCYC

Lake Sailing Skiff Association Regatta (Boulevard Club): July 1-2
 (1) Terry Gregg (282)  RCYC
 (2) Bill Hudson (144)  TS&CC
 (3) Michael Lansdown (108) BYC & KYC

Island Yacht Club Open Regatta: July 8
 (1) Terry Gregg (282)  RCYC
 (2) Alec Lowenthal (151)  QCYC
 (3) Arthur Earl (277)  QCYC

Boulevard Club Open Regatta: July 22
 (1) Bob Thompson (440)  QCYC
 (2) Wally Cavill (276)  QCYC
 (3) Terry Gregg (282)  RCYC

Port Credit YC Open Regatta: July 29
 (1) Terry Gregg (282)  RCYC
 (2) Wally Cavill (276)  QCYC
 (3) George Blanchard (283) TS&CC

North Bay YC Wayfarer Weekend: July 29-31
 (1) Arthur Earl (277)  QCYC
 (2) Don Paine (112)  NBYC
 (3) Alec Lowenthal (151)  QCYC

Brockville YC Annual Wayfarer Cruise Race & Wandermeer Cup: Aug. 5-7
 (1) Alec Lowenthal (151)  QCYC  30 1/2 points
 (2) Michael Lansdown (108) BYC & KYC 23 1/2 points
 (3) Keith Middleton (110)  BYC  23      points

Toronto Sailing & Canoe Club Open Regatta: Aug. 12
 (1) Alec Lowenthal (151)  QCYC
 (2) Henry Croce (442)  QCYC

Canadian National Exhibition Open Regatta: Aug. 19
 (1) Terry Gregg (282)  RCYC
 (2) Arthur Earl (277)  QCYC
 (3) Wally Cavill (276)  QCYC

Canadian National Exhibition Open Regatta: Aug. 26
 (1) Terry Gregg (282)  RCYC
 (2) Wally Cavill (276)  QCYC
 (3) Alec Lowenthal (151)  QCYC

Canadian National Exhibition Open Regatta: Sept. 2
 (1) Terry Gregg (282)  RCYC
 (2) Don Rumble (141)  NBYC
 (3) Wally Cavill (276)  QCYC

Ashbridge’s Bay YC Open Regatta: Sept. 9
 (1) Wally Cavill (276)  QCYC
 (2) Hugh Magill (116)  TS&CC
 (3) George Blanchard (283) TS&CC

Queen City YC Open Regatta: Sept 16
 (1) Wally Cavill (276)  QCYC
 (2) Michael Lansdown (108) BYC & KYC
 (3) Arthur Earl (277)  QCYC

Club Racing: Season’s Results
North Bay YC Queen City YC Toronto Sailing & C.C.
(1) Don Paine (1) Alec Lowenthal  (1) George Blanchard
(2) Don Rumble (2) Arthur Earl (2) R. Monster (Star)
(3) Ken Valin (3) Wally Cavill (3) Bill Hudson