March 1962 issue

Official publication of the 
“Canadian Wayfarer Owners’ Association”.

The Wayfarer Class, 16’ Sailing Dinghy,
registered as a class with the
“Canadian Yachting Assoc.”


C.W.O.A. Board
Mr. Alec Lowenthal, 
36 Castlefrank Rd., 
Toronto #5, Ont.
Mr. Wally Cavill,
49 Laurel Ave.,
Islington, Ont.
Mr. Doug Thomas, 
97 Larkfield Drive, 
Don Mills, Ont. 
Mr. Arthur Earl,
1516 Mt. Pleasant Rd.,
Toronto #12, Ont.

Growth of Class
 The Wayfarer Class continues to grow, and since our February issue (missing from George’s files???) went into print, there have been several new owners.  A hearty “Welcome Aboard” is extended to the following Skippers: -

  Dr D.A. Nichol   London, Ont.
  Mr F.A. Huckabone  Pembroke, Ont.
  Mr G.H. McCallum  Hamilton, Ont.
  Mr Ian C. McMillar  North Bay, Ont.

  Mr John F. Gladwell  Pullman, Wash.
  Mr Richard Johnson  Royal Oak, Mich.
  Mr John Lasota   Dearborn, Mich.
  Mr L.R. Alden   Haslett, Mich.

Canadian Yachting Association:
 A new publication, entitled “Canadian Yachting Year Book” will be issued this May with the compliments of DuPont of Canada Limited.  This yearbook will be compiled in conjunction with the CYA and the Canadian Power Squadron; and it is hoped it will subsequently become an annual publication.  Wayfarer owners will be advised, in due course, when and where the “Year Book” may be obtained.

 Our readers will be interested to know that as of Jan. 20th, 1962, the membership of the CYA consisted of 41 Clubs and Squadrons, 3 Regional Associations, 11 Class Associations and 45 Individual Members of three classes: Sustaining, Contributing and Regular.

 Members of the CWOA are encouraged to join the CYA as Individual Members (the annual fee for a Regular Individual Member is $5.00).  Interested owners should contact the CWOA Secretary for application forms.  Centreboard Class Associations registered with the CYA are currently as follows:

  Canadian Wayfarer Owners’ Association
  Canadian Dinghy Assoc.
  Canadian Lightning Assoc.
  Canadian Y-Flyer Assoc.
  International Flying Dutchman Assoc.
  Flying Dutchman Junior Assoc.
  Canadian Firefly Assoc.
  G.P. 14 Class Assoc.

Put-in-Bay Regatta (Aug. 13-15):
 The Put-in-Bay Regatta, Lake Erie, is a major Great Lakes event, and Wayfarer sailors are urged to make every effort to attend.  The Commodore of the Inter-Lake Yachting Association, Mr Harry M. MacFarlane, has very kindly invited the Wayfarer Class to participate in this regatta which is the annual regatta of the ILYA.

 The invitation to attend will take the form of personal invitations to those owners who plan to attend.  All those interested are asked to notify the CWOA Secretary who will in turn forward these names to the Commodore.  We request that all names be in our hands by 1st July 1962.  The Wayfarer Class will probably sail the 4 1/2 miles course, twice around.  This will be the same course as sailed by the Lightning Class.
Regatta Schedule 1962
May 19-21 Frostbite Regatta, Brockville YC
June 16 Open Regatta, National YC
June 23 Open Regatta, Royal Canadian YC
June 30-July 2 Lake Skiff Sailing Association Regatta, Royal Hamilton YC
July 7 Open Regatta, Island YC
July 14 Open Regatta, Port Credit YC
July 21 Open Regatta, Boulevard Club
*July 28-29 Wayfarer Weekend, North Bay YC
July 28 Open Regatta, TS&CC, Toronto
*Aug. 4-6 Wandermeer Cup/Wayfarer Cruise Race, Brockville YC
Aug. 4-6 Lake Yacht Racing Association Regatta, Royal Canadian YC
*Aug. 11-12 Wayfarer Canadian Championships, Brockville YC
Aug. 13-15 Put-in-Bay Regatta, (Lake Erie) I.L.Y.A., U.S.A.
Aug. 18 Canadian National Exhibition Open Regatta, Toronto
Aug. 25 Canadian National Exhibition Open Regatta, Toronto
*Aug. 25-26 Wayfarer U.S. Championships, Chicago
Sept. 1 Canadian National Exhibition Open Regatta, Toronto
*Sept. 1-3 Wayfarer North American Championships, TS&CC, Toronto
Sept. 8 Open Regatta, Ashbridges Bay YC
Sept. 15 Open Regatta, Queen City YC
*Sept. 29 Wayfarer Class Races, Chicago
* Indicates special events for the Wayfarer Class.
Note: The Canadian “Wayfarer” Championships are presently scheduled for Aug. 11th and 12th in Brockville.  This date is subject to confirmation.

Plan to attend our Wayfarer Class championships.  They will be bigger than ever this year.  Both the Canadian and North American championships will be a five race series, with the best four counting.

Wayfarer skippers competing in the Wandermeer Cup races have been invited to leave their boats at the Brockville YC, ready for the Canadian championships the following weekend.

(The Flexible Class)

(The following ditty was published in Yachts and Yachting May ‘61.
Our thanks to Bill Hudson for sending it along.)

The Sailing Sec. said, “Let us take
A look around the boats.
We’ll see if Curlew measures up,
And why old Ada floats.

Jill’s mainsail’s out beyond its marks,
Her mast’s an inch too tall.
The spinnaker on Dragonfly
Would tow the Albert Hall.

The buoyancy on Annabel
Would not support a sparrow.
Belinda’s bilge-wraps are too short
And Pam’s are much too narrow.

Ann’s centreboard is shaven down,
Her bailer’s not made fast.
And, blow me down, her racing flag
Is stuck into the mast.

Let’s have a look at Water Witch,
Ye gods, her stem is glued;
Words fail me” (but, alas, they don’t)
“The plans are clear-- it’s screwed.

The thwart in Seamew’s too far aft,
Her rigging makes me sick.
Is this thing like a raspberry cane
Meant for a tiller stick?”

We blush and make respectful sounds
And swear to put things right
(And no one mentions that we know
His own boat’s five pounds light).

      Mrs J. Wimbush, Exmouth.

From the Sternsheets:
Have you noticed there is a new Wayfarer owner (Mr John Gladwell) way out west in Washington State?  The Class sure is getting around.

Bill Hudson has sold his Wayfarer #144.  He plans to stay in the Class however, and will probably get a new boat later this year.

A new CYA ruling specifies that mainsail numbers must be located so that those on the starboard side are higher.

There is hope that the Wayfarer will be adopted as a class in the Kingston YC, Ontario. 

The lone pioneer of the Wayfarer Class on Lake Fanshawe, London, will be Dr D.A. Nichol who will be sailing his newWayfarer down there this year.  There has been a great amount of interest from that district, in the Wayfarer, and we’re sure we’ll see many more Wayfarers on Fanshawe, as a result of Dr Nichol’s efforts.

Kitchener YC has established the Wayfarer as a class in the club.  Peter Bassin, #421, and Dr Alan Chovil, #439, will be sailing there during ‘62.

Mr Clarence Perry, #453, who sails his Wayfarer in the Kawartha Lakes district, reports that last fall, he sailed with EIGHT aboard, and felt there was room for more.

Arthur Earl (Class Chief Measurer) is making good progress with his second boat, #285.  When completed however, it will be subject to a very careful inspection.

Toronto regattas will use separate starting lines this year, to prevent fouling of classes at the mark.

Entrants in the ‘62 North American Championships, and all Wayfarer owners, are cordially invited to a Cocktail Party at C & L on Saturday, Sept. 1st 6.30 pm to 9.30 p.m.  So don’t miss this, as Henry and Ken always give a first class party.

Watch Motor Boating, the Wayfarer will be getting quite a spread.

Those tight-wads who have not as yet paid their $2.50 annual CWOA subscription, are respectfully asked to do so as soon as possible.  Good Sailing, 

    Wally Cavill, 

CWOA Comparative statement of revenues and expenditures
for the years ended December 31st, 1961 and 1962:
Revenues:  1961 1960
Registration fees 
Annual fees 
187.50 157.85
Projector & film rental re: Spring get-together 
Measuring forms & tape
Bank service charges
Championships trophy
Cost of Championships meet:
Entry fees
Dinner tickets
50.07 124.47
Excess of revenues over expenditures 137.43 33.38

Comparative Balance Sheets, as at Dec. 31st, 1961 and 1960
Cash in Bank 170.81 113.40
Liabilities and Surplus
Account payable
Annual fee paid in advance
Surplus: Balance January
Excess of revenues over expenditures
170.81 113.40
     R.D. Thomas, Treasurer.