MAY 1963

Official publication of the 
“Canadian Wayfarer Owners’ Association”.

The Wayfarer Class, 16’ Sailing Dinghy,
registered as a class with the
“Canadian Yachting Assoc.”

C.W.O.A. Executive:
Chairman:  Mr. W. Cavill                          Hon. Treas.:  Mr. G. Blanchard
Measurer: Mr. R. Thompson                      Imm. Past Chairman:  Mr. A. Lowenthal
Hon. Sec: Mr. J. Clelland, 42 Glen Elm Ave., Apt. 202, Toronto 7.

 It may be surprising but there seems to be a dearth of news at this time of year - everyone must be hard at fitting out.  Please take time to write us, we’ll print anything!

 The Canadian Championships are taking shape.  A total of five races will be sailed on a course off Gibraltar Point under the auspices of the LSSA and the RCYC.

 Out of town boats may be launched at the National YC which has three cranes, and tows will be available on Friday night (running lights mandatory) to the RCYC clubhouse.  Boats arriving Saturday will be towed to the start-line from the National, or if you’d like to sail, you may launch at the Toronto Sailing & Canoe Club.  Some arrangement will be made to provide box lunches although we haven’t decided whether to issue them in the morning or from a crash-boat.  We’ll fix it anyway because it will be too far to sail to the club.  We can promise you excellent racing (if your boat is a registered Wayfarer) and social events including a cocktail party on Saturday and a dinner on Sunday.  If you need accommodation please drop us a line.

 Of interest to sailors in the Toronto area is the Annual Dance of the Lake Sailing Skiff Association at the Royal Canadian YC on June 7th at $3.00 per couple.

 Please come to the Queen City YC on Friday, May 17th for a grand evening of film watching and chewing the fat.  Ferries from the foot of York Street at 6.45 p.m., 7.15 p.m., 8.15 p.m. and 9.15 p.m. Better still, catch the ferry at 5.15 p.m. or 5.45 p.m. and have dinner on the Island.  Bar facilities will be much in existence and your genial Chairman, Wally Cavill, will make sure the evening is enjoyable.

 We are faced with a problem each year when the time comes around for the North American Championships.  Every year we hope that the holiday week-ends will coincide but once again we’re in a quandary up here.  We have the dates fixed, arrangements under way; everything looks fine except that there will be no entries from the United States.  The general feeling here is that we cannot really run a series of this nature in less than five races, four to count, but the situation demands some thought.  Could we have three races on Sunday, rather than the present one on Saturday, two Sunday and two on Monday?  And, if we did this and had only three races to count, how many boats would come to Toronto from the States?  We want you to have a crack at this Trophy and we would like to hear your views, comments and criticism.  Will you write to -

   42 GLEN ELM AVE., APT. 202,

All your letters will be welcomed and answered.


One last word - give yourself a treat and look in at the Sailing and Boats Exhibition at the Central Library in Toronto.  This is an exhibition of books on all aspects of sailing and is sponsored by the British Canadian Trade Association and the Toronto Public Libraries.  Open daily until May 11th.