JULY 1963

Official publication of the 
“Canadian Wayfarer Owners’ Association”.

The Wayfarer Class, 16’ Sailing Dinghy,
registered as a class with the
“Canadian Yachting Assoc.”

C.W.O.A. Executive:
Chairman:  Mr. W. Cavill                   Hon. Treas.:  Mr. G. Blanchard
Measurer: Mr. R. Thompson               Imm. Past Chairman:  Mr. A. Lowenthal
Hon.Sec: Mr.J. Clelland, 42 Glen Elm Ave., Apt. 202, Toronto 7.

 The Canadian Championships at the Royal Canadian YC were a great success socially, but provided three scorching, windless days of aimless drifting.  The winners deserve our congratulations for their stamina as well as for their ability.  The Toronto newspapers gave us a great deal of publicity and helped to tell the English-speaking world that the winner of the Small Craft Trophy, the Wayfarer Rosebowl, a pewter tankard from the Lake Sailing Skiff Association, and a tray from the CWOA, was Michael Schoenborn, 276 of Queen City.

The complete results, based on three races, are: (click here for Canadian Nationals results and Toronto Open Regatta results.)

We urge everyone to complete the forms and return them to Dr Don Paine, R.R. 3, North Bay.  He must know how many will be attending in order to make proper arrangements for the big week-end of sailing.

Owners not in favour of a larger sail triumphed over the strong-armed sailors.

It is felt that the Association needs a distinctive tie and we would appreciate receiving designs, complete with a suggested colour scheme.  A prize will be awarded for the best one – this is not to be confused with the perennial search for a Canadian flag.

Croce and Lofthouse Sailcraft Ltd have presented a trophy to the St. Lawrence Valley Yacht Racing Association for annual competition.

Croce & Lofthouse Sailcraft Ltd handle replacement sails for all classes and can supply from various sail-makers including Lucas, Bowker and Berdd (Rockall) and Jekyll.  Croce and Lofthouse will be pleased to supply replacement sails for the Wayfarer Class at highly competitive prices.

The above is a paid advertisement.

Please add the following to your list –

 Mr. John W. Green #745
 546 Devonshire Rd,
 Windsor, Ontario