Official publication of the 
“Canadian Wayfarer Owners’ Association”.

The Wayfarer Class, 16’ Sailing Dinghy,
registered as a class with the
“Canadian Yachting Assoc.”

Chairman:   Jim Clelland 
Hon. Treas.:  George Blanchard
Measurer:  Bob Thompson 
Imm. Past Chairman:  A. Lowenthal
Publicity:  George Wilson
Secretary:  Tom Johannsen, 2531 Lakeshore Blvd West,  Apt. 302, Toronto 14, Ontario

We didn’t have a newsletter for a while.  I guess we don’t have to emphasize this.  There have been things like sailing, regattas, more sailing, out of town events, more sailing, and arrangements for the North American Championships, so the subject of the newsletter was being gently postponed from one week to another.  Strangely, we didn’t receive any contributions, which would have made publishing more urgent, but this of course is excusable.  There is a time for talking, and that is when it is cold.  (Meek excuse of the Secretary!)  So now we have a few urgent things to bring up, and we will call this a newsletter.

August 22, 1964, the first Canadian National Exhibition Regatta will take place.  We have announced earlier in our program that this event will be for the Brigantine Trophy, and that the entry fee of Three Dollars per boat will be donated to the Brigantine Fund.  Enclosed in this newsletter is an entry form.  Please mail this to the Secretary, or hand it in after or before the race.  You don’t have to pay in order to race, but it would certainly be a nice gesture.  (We’ll take the money for the Brigantine Fund even if you don’t sail).

This summer has been full of beautiful sailing events, and we all have stories to tell about them.  Ottawa and North Bay have been memorable experiences, and even some of the Toronto events were quite nice.  We will have a more detailed report in September, after the North American Championships are over, and we hope that we will receive some contributions for this edition.  We’ll set a deadline, September 15.  Please write, we’ll print it.

We have just heard that the Norwegian Windjammer, the CHRISTIAN RADICH, the beautiful boat that was featured in the movie, Windjammer, will be in Toronto at the time of our championships.  (She is not going to race on our course however!)

This should be a wonderful event.  We are very hopeful that there will be a record attendance of Wayfarers.  Possibly about 50 boats. (If you come) 

The Royal Canadian Yacht Club has helped us in every respect to plan this event, and there will be the Junior Sailing Area available to us for our boats.  With some accommodation on the Island, a club with the best facilities, and efficient Race Committee under Al Mallon from the RCYC, a nice social program with a dance and Sunday Dinner – (dress up), trophies not only for the first three, but also for the last boat in each race, as well as the last boat overall, we should not only have good sailing, but a lot of fun.

For sailors who come with excess crews, i.e. wives or children, there is plenty to do on Toronto Island.

Please notify the Secretary immediately if you plan to attend, so we can send you the program.  The preliminary program has been sent out last week.  If you didn’t receive one, please advise us, we’ll get one out.

We’ll see you on September 5,6,7.

The Annual General Meeting will be held at the Royal Canadian Yacht Club, on Saturday, September 5, some time after the race. New officers for the 1964-1965 season will be elected.  Nominations are welcome.  Please attend.

      Tom Johannsen, 2531 Lakeshore Blvd, Toronto 14, Ont.