November, 1965

National Committee

                                Commodore: Don Healy                 Treasurer: Nancy Glaspie
                                Vice-Commodore: Bill Glaspie      Racing Captain: Dick Johnson
                                Secretary: Marianne Ayres             Measurer: Jim Peacock

Notes from the National Committee
Since this is the first Skimmer published since the National Championships in August, we will review the results of that race.

The Championships were held at Stony Creek Metropolitan Park near Rochester, Michigan. Although there are usually good winds, Sunday’s races were sailed (?) in a dead calm. Consequently there were many unavoidable collisions and protests. Saturday the winds were moderate for the three races held that day. There were 18 boats registered. The Healy boys, Alan and Don, cornered the market on protests lodged against them taking eight out of the ten formal protests. (Lord knows how many informal protests there were.) The official results were as follows: (click here)

At the banquet held Saturday night at the Club Rochester, there was a general meeting. Reports of fleet activities were given by Bob Spitz of Chicago, Nelson Richards of Cleveland, Fred Lewis of Lake Orion, and Jack Pierce of the host Fleet No. 2. The members unanimously elected this new slate of officers:

Commodore: Don Healy 
Treasurer: Nancy Glaspie
Vice-Commodore: Bill Glaspie 
Racing Captain: Dick Johnson
Secretary: Marianne Ayres 
Measurer: Jim Peacock

We were pleased to have Henry Croce with us for the weekend. At the meeting he reported on the progress that Croce and Lofthouse are making in their attempts to begin production of Wayfarers in Canada. They have been given the franchise to manufacture and sell the fiberglass Wayfarers built on molds produced by Smallcraft. At the time of the report they were still negotiating the amount of royalties to be paid to Smallcraft. Currently plans are set for manufacture of the fiberglass Wayfarer in Canada in the Spring of 1966. We are looking forward to seeing the new boats at the 1966 shows.

The North American Championships
Seven United States boats journeyed to Toronto for the Championships which were held on the Labor Day weekend. Bob Spitz and his crew, Corrie Livingstone, made the longest trip, coming all the way from Chicago Fleet 1). Cleveland (Fleet 4) was the best represented with four boats entered: Gene Perme, Bob Biddlestone, Jack Reulbach, and Sig Weis. Fred Lewis was there from Fleet 6, and Don Healy from Fleet 2.

There were two races on Saturday. It was a beautiful day for sailing – good moderate winds. Sunday was another matter. It rained all day with very little wind. Two races were sailed in spite of this but the third was called because of fog. Monday the rain had cleared but there was still very little wind. Winners of the North American Championships were:

1st Place George Blanchard and crew, Leo Maarse
2nd Place Mike Schoenborn and crew, Rick Lye
3rd Place Tom Johannsen and crew, Larry Webb

The sailors from the United States didn’t finish in the top ten but Gene Perme did finish in eleventh spot and Don Healy in thirteenth. They didn’t come home entirely empty handed (although perhaps it is better not to mention the prizes they won). Seig Weis won a pennant for finishing last in one race and Gen Healy (crewing for her husband) won the Lansdown-O'Brien Spittoon given annually for "outstanding seamanship". She performed two feats to win this award: she keel-hauled the jib during one race and she slipped off the deck into the icy waters of Lake Ontario. Is there any wonder that her husband is constantly training his children to act as crew?

1966 Dues are now payable
It is time again to send in dues for the coming year. We hope that you will take care of this matter as soon as possible. Please note special flyer enclosed with this Skimmer.

Used Boat For Sale
Wayfarer No. 935. Like new condition. This boat has been used less than ten hours. $1500, includes camper cover (never used), mooring cover, and extra jib. For $250. more, a new 3.3 h.p. Johnson motor and a Holsclaw Trailer are available. Call Doug Rogers, 6541 Newgard Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, telephone 312 RO 1-0029.

Around The Fleets

Fleet #1 - Chicago. Dick Meyer won first place for Wayfarers at the Governor’s Cup Regatta. Chuck Bielko made news in a special boating feature in the Chicago Sun Times. Fleet officers for 1966 have recently been elected:

Fleet Captain, Hy Krieberg 
Treasurer, Anita Callies
Racing Captain, Ed Hoveke 
Measurer, Jim Chambers
Secretary, Chuck Bielko

Fleet 1 Awards Dinner will be held November 20.

Fleet #2 - Detroit. After a series of six races sailed this summer, overall winners have been named: 

1st Place Don Healy
2nd Place Jack Pierce
3rd Place Paul Ayres

Jim Peacock was presented the trophy for Outstanding Yachtsman of 1965 in Fleet 2. Jim’s steady, friendly support of the fleet is unequaled.

At a meeting held November 6, new officers were elected:

Fleet Captain, Bill Worrall
Racing Captain, Alan Healy
Secretary-Treasurer, Deane Holway
Measurer, Bob Keefer

There were thirteen boats at the Lake Margrethe Regatta. Although the weather was not the greatest, it was a good weekend nevertheless. When the smoke cleared after the final gun, the winners were:

1st Place John Green 
2nd Place Don Healy 
3rd Place Jack Pierce
4th Place (tie) George Blanchard and Bill Glaspie

Fleet #3 – East Coast. No news.

Fleet #4 – Cleveland. Grace Fay sends us word that they had a wonderful racing season this year with Wednesday evenings and Saturday-Sunday races. They averaged five to nine Wayfarers out for each race. Results are still undetermined.

Fleet #5 - San Francisco. Stan Heggen reports on their season.

First, our group have never engaged in serious racing. All of the active members are far more interested in cruising and camping and, consequently, any racing is strictly informal. Of course, we all try our best to leave the other fellow behind.

Cruising and camping are another story. This is a constant activity by both individuals and also the group as a whole. Here are the major expeditions of the past season.

  • Redwood City. This is located on the lower west side of San Francisco Bay. Early this summer, the group spent a very fine day cruising past a number of freighters, the Morton Salt flats (solar evaporation of sea water from ponds from which Morton’s salt is produced), a wrecked ship, and finally back to the Yacht Club for refreshments.
  • Santa Cruz. This city is located on Monterey Bay, which really is a bay in name only as it is almost open ocean. Here the group sailed on a very warm day with light winds which died to nothing and becalmed us two or three miles at sea for a couple of hours. It was very interesting -- large number of sea-going sailboats were also in the same situation including two large schooners. Incidently, the Wayfarer very handily will leave behind most of these large boats in moderate winds. On one occasion during a very large regatta in the bay, two or three full sized square riggers were out and Eldon Parsons sailed rings around them.
  • Sausalito. Sausalito is across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco and is a favorite sailing mecca for thousands (literally) of sailboats from El Toros to 100-footers. Any weekend finds the water covered with rag merchants. The winds are generally excellent.
  • Berkeley. This is directly east of the Golden Gate on the East Bay. Winds here are often fairly strong since it is directly in line for the prevailing westerlies as they sweep in through the Gate. Sailing here can be very exciting and very wet.
  • Tomales Bay. The West shore has been designated a National Sea Shore and there are no commercial establishments stall except for a town and a State park at the lower end. It is rugged with rocky cliffs and points which separate many small sandy beached coves. Virtually the only access is by boat and this makes a delightful place to camp and cruise when the weather is good. On one recent expedition in October, several boats sailed out. We rolled the boats up above high tide, had martinis, dinner, and then bridge by gas lantern. It must have been over 80º in the afternoon.
  • The Delta. Here again there have been numerous trips into this great maze of waterways. There are literally hundreds of miles of rivers and sloughs to explore.
As for other matters of interest, I might add that to my knowledge, no one here has actually capsized a Wayfarer completely, although we frequently will take water over the side. It is not unusual to drop the jib and reef since the winds in the Bay can frequently get pretty strong.

One of the fellows has rigged a topping lift which seems to be very convenient. Several have rigged cam cleats for the outhaul which are a lot better than the hole in the boom. I had small brass plates silvery soldered to the forward hatch so they are now like wing nuts and very easy to open.

Fleet #6 – Lake Orion. This new fleet at Lake Orion sponsored two very sccessful events in September. On September 12, they had the first Michigan Inter-Fleet Sail. Bill Worrall, skippering George Smith’s W-865, won.

September 21-22 was the weekend of the third annual Michigan Invitational Regatta. Eighteen boats turned out for this popular event. The winds were as usual – wild and wicked, with fog and rain thrown in for good measure. Final results were as follows: (click here)

An exciting match race between Don Healy and crew Jack Pierce, and Larry Jones and crew Tom Johannsen followed. It rained, the wind blew hard, and the Canadian experience in tactics proved too much for Don and Jack as they were continually covered. At one point the Americans got free about 3/4 mile from the finish, pulled ahead several boat lengths, but then got fluky winds and dropped back again. Local fleets should try match racing more often.

Fleet #7 - Longview, Washington. This fleet held its first Fleet Championships October 9 and 10, on the Columbia River. The races were attended by: Dick Elliott - W 1006, Larry Wilhelmsen - W 1007, Scott Smith - W 1008, and Mike Wells - W 1010. With a total of six races, the final standings were:

Elliott          18 points
Wilhelmsen 16.5 points
Wills           12.5 points
Smith             4 points

Elliott made a strong showing by making an excellent comeback after being disqualified in the third race for being carried into the course mark by a momentary loss of wind and a tidal current.

Cruising news: Dick and Shirley Elliott ventured into the San Juan Islands aboard their Wayfarer Sunfun, for a week’s cruise off Anecortes, Washington. The weather gave forth plenty of sun and numerous opportunities for use of the outboard. San Juan cruising advice - respect the tidal current and have plenty of auxiliary fuel.

From the Commodore’s Log
Prices on Wayfarers will be higher in 1966. If you have friends who intend to buy, urge them to order this fall. Boats can be ordered in kit form, wood complete, or fiberglass complete. Two new agents for Croce and Lofthouse are:

Hal Lee 
533 W. Oakdale 
Chicago, Illinois 

Don Healy
1168 Avon Manor
Rochester, Michigan - 48063

They will place orders, help with deliveries, and stock some replacement parts. Or, you can contact the dealer directly:

Croce and Lofthouse Sailcraft, Ltd.
4226 Kingston Road
West Hill, (Toronto), Ontario

On the West Coast, Wayfarers can be purchased through:

E & W Sailcraft 
206 Louise Street 
Kelso, Washington 

Sam Guild
Northshore Boat Building Association
Star Route
Marshall, California

Used Wayfarers are still selling very easily and the price is usually between $1400. and $1500.

The National Executive Committee met with the Canadian Executive on Sunday, November 14, at Windsor, Ontario to consider the South Port Sailing Club as a site for the 1966 North American Championships. John Green and John Wood of Windsor hosted the group and showed them around the club. The United States and Canadian committees unanimously accepted South Port on Lake St. Clair for the North American Championships to be held on the Labor Day weekend, 1966.

The Skimmer Staff welcomes comments from members on anything we print. We do need more information on Fleet activities, sailing tips, and ideas on rigging, trailing, and maintaining the Wayfarer.



Don Healy 
1168 Avon Manor 
Rochester, Michigan 


Marianne Ayres (Mrs. Paul)
755 Parkdale
Rochester, Michigan



The rules which currently govern the U. S. Wayfarer class association provide for the payment of' the following fees:

A. Boat Registration Fee of $5.00. This is paid just once for each boat.

B. Boat Transfer Fee of $2.00. This is paid by the new owner when a registered boat is sold. If you should purchase a used boat that is not registered with the U.S.W.A., the normal registration fee of $5.00 would be paid and no transfer fee is necessary.

C. Annual Membership Dues of $2.50. Currently, and in 1966, the first year’s dues are being paid by the distributor, Croce and Lofthouse, if the boat is purchased through them. The dues for the second and ensuing years are to be paid by the owner.

D. Associate Membership Dues of $1.00. This is reserved for active crew who would like to support the Association and subscribe to the Skimmer; and for those who wish to participate actively in the local Wayfarer Fleets.

The Class Rules state further that membership in a local fleet is dependent upon payment of the registration fee and the annual dues to the U.S.W.A.

Fleet membership shall be based upon membership in this Association. Where there is a chartered fleet in the area in which a member of this association sails a yacht he shall automatically become a member of that fleet upon payment of his fleet dues.

The National Committee urges all Wayfarer owners to contact our Secretary, Marianne Ayres, or Treasurer, Nancy Glaspie, regarding your standing. Payment of these fees entitles you to vote in your fleet, receive the Skimmer, race in official fleet races, receive trophies, receive invitations to the National Championships, share in the growth of the Wayfarer Class in the United States, and more important to us, share in the fellowship of sailing through correspondence and the invitational regattas.

To facilitate the collection of the dues and other fees for 1966, please fill out the form below and return it with your check to:

Nancy Glaspie, Treasurer
4519 Elmwood
Royal Oak, Michigan

Make checks payable to: The United States Wayfarer Association


NAME__________________________________                      Registration Fee $5.00 ______

ADDRESS______________________________                     Boat Transfer Fee $2.50 ______ 

______________________________                                    Annual Dues (1966) $2.50 ______

BOAT NUMBER___________                                                 Associate Member $l.00 ______

Note: Dues paid after October 1, 1965, shall apply to 1966. Due date shall be January 1, 1966. Any member who has not paid his fees by April 1, 1966 may have his or her name removed from the membership roll in accordance with the U.S.W.A. rules.