January 1966



The Wayfarer Class, 16’ Sailing Dinghy,
Registered as a Class with the Canadian
Yachting Association


Hon. Commodore: Don Rumble
Chairman: George Blanchard
Secretary: John Woolsey
Treasurer: Laurie Oxenham
Chief Measurer: Harry Jones
Publicity: Tom Johannsen
Editor: Al Schoenborn - 605 Huron St., Toronto 5
Assistant Editor: Ric Lye

Hello Again in '66
On behalf of the executive of the C.W.O.A., I wish you all the best in '66, and may your boat be faster this year than ever. I'm finally back with my first Newsletter as a veteran editor - but now I'm out of university and a rookie teacher - (ed. Note: the latter is meant as a feeble excuse for the tardiness of this Newsletter). Due to the increasing work load of the Newsletter and the proposed '65 Wayfarer Yearbook, I have been happy to accept the assistance of Richard Lye with both the Newsletter and the Yearbook.

A '65 Wayfarer Yearbook!!!
Already our class is old enough to have departed pillars such as Wally Cavill, Terry Gregg and Alec Lowenthal, as well as others, who are in danger of being forgotten for lack of records. Although we have more or less regular Newsletters, the need for a publication to tie all our North American Wayfarers together is present and a regular Yearbook published each spring is our hopeful solution.

Help!!! We Need Pictures!!!
More than anything else, pictures of what your Wayfarers have been doing in ’65 (or historically) will add interest to, and brighten the yearbook. We eagerly look forward to receiving any contributions you can make. Since publication should be by March, send pictures as soon as possible to:

Al. Schoenborn, 605 Huron St., Toronto 5, Ont.

(N.B. Include identifying information as to the contents of the picture!)

Fleet Reports
In Canada, we expect to see reports on the year l965 from all areas of Wayfarer activity including
1. Montreal
2. Kingston                          6. Hamilton
3. Ottawa                            7. Welland
4. North Bay                       8. Kitchener
5. Toronto                           9. Windsor

The general scheme of a typical fleet report should include:
1. Write-up of the year's events and results in the fleet.
2. Success of fleet members in outside events.
3. Picture(s) representing some aspect of the Fleet's activity.
4. Mention of main events for 1966.
5. A list of fleet members, boat numbers and names of boats.

Fleet Histories
In order to help us compile a comprehensive history of our class, fleet secretaries are asked to send in as much as they can gather about the history of Wayfarer Sailing in their area.

History Of The Wayfarer In North America
From Fleet histories, old newsletters, Croce and Lofthouse, etc., Ric Lye will be reconstructing the history of the Wayfarer in Canada, which we want to combine with that from the U.S.

List of Past Winners
As of this year, we will keep a list of past winners of the three major championships - the North American, U.S. and Canadian Championships.

Results of the ’65 Championships
Complete results of the ’65 North Americans, Canadians, and U.S. Nationals will appear in the Year Book.

Up-to-date class rules and measurement forms will also be included.

Chairman's Report
Our sailing season has come to a close. In spite of very poor sailing weather, we have enjoyed participating in the weekly regattas held since May. The support of fine racing competitors has made this year a success. The North American Championship was well attended, and the catering arrangements for TS&CC and at Boulevard Club were enjoyable.

The Executive Meeting (Al's note: Annual General Meeting?!) was poorly attended on Sat. Sept. 4 at 3 p.m. due to the Air Show, but the business was carried out and the Election of Officers handled by Jim Clelland as follows:

Chairman - George Blanchard, 38 Sunnybrae Cres.,  Tor. 15
Secretary - John Woolsey, 640 Roselawn Ave., Toronto
Treasurer - Laurie Oxenham, 360 Jane Ave., Oshawa, Ont.
Editor - Albrecht Schoenborn, 13 Ojibway, Toronto Island
Chief Measurer - Harry Jones, 1 Porterfield Rd., Rexdale, Ont.
Publicity - Tom Johannsen, c/o TS & CC, 1391 Lakeshore Blvd. W., Toronto 3
Hon. Commodore - Don Rumble, 373 Fisher St., North Bay, Ont.

Al Schoenborn, our Editor was greatly missed at the NAC. Al has been quite ill and we all wish him a speedy recovery. Al certainly has published excellent newsletters this season. The latest edition was a splendid write-up and Al is to be commended on his fine work. "Thanks, Al!"

For the first time, flags were handed out to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners in the Canadian and North American Championships in addition to the usual prizes. Tightening up of the Class Measurement Rules in agreement with the U.S. Association will enable all contestants to enjoy fair competitive racing on the same basis.

The new Executive Board look forward to continued support from the membership and a successful 1966 season.

George Blanchard, Chairman C.W.O.A.

 Minutes Of The Annual General Meeting, C.W.O.A. September 4, 1965.
Toronto Sailing and Canoe Club. All committee members with the exception of A. Schoenborn who was ill were present. The Secretary advised that a quorum was established.

The minutes of the previous annual meeting were adopted as read, moved by Jim Clelland, seconded by Don Rumble. Carried.

The construction of a fibreglass Wayfarer in Canada was discussed and progress was reported.

It was noted that the new rules had been adopted by postal ballot and that they would be incorporated into the present measurement book, also a new measurement form will be printed.

It was moved by M. Schoenborn and seconded by P. Bassin that team races between various clubs and fleets are to be considered in the coming sailing season. Carried.

It was moved by Doug Johnson and seconded by John Woolsey that the establishment of an A & B class should be considered with a view to carry this out in the 1966 season. This would apply to all official Canadian Wayfarer Regattas. Carried.

Jim Clelland announced that the R.C.Y.C. cannot hold a championship in the years 1966 and 1967, due to the fact that all dates were already booked, also the N.C.Y.C. (Al's note:?????) would like to have a schedule of 1966 events by the end of September.

The Ottawa fleet advised that they would not hold a Canadian Wayfarer Championship in 1966.

A vote of thanks to the outgoing Executive was expressed. The new committee was voted in:

Chairman - George Blanchard
Treasurer - Lawrence Oxenham
Secretary - John Woolsey
News Letter - Al Schoenborn
Chief Measurer - Harry Jones
Publicity - Tom Johannsen

The meeting was adjourned on a motion by H. Jones, seconded by T. Johannsen. Carried.

The Fiberglass Wayfarer
After lengthy negotiations with Small Craft, Croce and Lofthouse have now obtained permission to manufacture the fiberglass Wayfarer in Canada. While Henry and Ken were unable to obtain the desired lowering in the cost of the Wayfarer, the outlook appears to be cheery as far as a good supply of new boats is concerned. There is a brand new "glass" Wayfarer on Henry's lot now, intended for show to the public at boat shows this winter. A mould has been prepared for the manufacture of Canadian Wayfarers, and will be shipped to Toronto in the spring provided the glass Wayfarer shows reasonable popularity at the Boat Show. To bridge the gap between now and Canadian production, a sizeable order of English built glass Wayfarers is expected to arrive in time for the summer's racing at $l865 per boat (compare with wood at $1796). According to Ken Lofthouse two or three reputable Ontario boat builders have expressed keen interest in producing our boat as soon as possible, hopefully by this summer. Thus it appears that a good supply of an excellent boat, but unfortunately at a rather high price, is the outlook for the Wayfarer Class in 1966.

Canadian Wayfarer Owners’ Association
Financial Report, September 1, 1964 to August 31, 1965 

Bank Balance Sept., 1, 1964 $257.56
Bank Interest       3.99
Registration Fees and Dues 1964-1965   329.55
Annual Fees per Croce and Lofthouse     30.00
Croce & Lofthouse Donation for Racing Program     54.61
U.S.W.A. Share of Programs     29.19
Brigantine Trophy Race     26.35
Don Rumble Donation for Trophies       3.00
N.A. Championships 1964   828.54
Canadian Championships1965   523.08
O/S Cheque not cashed       3.00

N.A. Championships 1964
Engraving $   4.20
Beer   140.88
Trophies     52.55
R.C.Y.C.   591.76
Tom Johannsen Prizes     35.85
$825.24   825.24
C.Y.A. Annual Dues     25.00
Brigantine Incorp. Donation     27.00
Printing, Stationery, Newsletters, Programs   417.18
Postage     28.51
Brief Case       6.13
$503.52   503.82
Trophies: Canadian & N.A. Championships 1965     65.38
Knives: Canadian and N.A. Championships1965     21.09
Flags: Canadian, N.A. & Fleet Championships     27.96
Canadian Championships 1965
Food, Ice and Bartender   226.00
Liquor, Beer and Mixes   218.95
Liquor Permit     15.00
Table and China Rental     35.86
$610.24    610.24
$1, 939.30

Total Receipts: $2,088.57
Total Expenditure: $1,939.30
Bank Balance Aug. 31, 1965: $ 149.27 
Carried Forward Sept. 1, 1965: $149.27

Donald J. McGarry Audited and Found Correct
L.W. Oxenham Treasurer, C.W.O.A.

August 31, 1965


1965 North American Championship - Consistency Key To Blanchard Win
Commodore George Blanchard of T.S. & C.C., Chairman of the Canadian Wayfarer Association, and his crew, Leo Maarse, sailed a brilliantly consistent series to walk off with top honours in the North American Championship. Close on his transom were Mike Schoenborn (Q.C.Y.C.) and Tom Johannsen (TS & CC).

George, always up for the money races, never placed lower than sixth in a fleet of thirty-four boats. Also, he never had a first which shows that to place consistently in the top five is better than to have an up and down series with a first or two. Leo Maarse, an ex-great himself, seemed to be of invaluable aid as consultant and spinnaker man.

Mike started badly with two ninths, but with the usual help (hindrance?) from his crew, Ric Lye, came through in the end to squeak by Tom and his crew, Larry Webb, who sailed a very good series, and but for two bad races, would have won.

Notably missing persons from this year’s line-up were Peter Jefferson (Ottawa), last year's Champion, and our good old editor, Al Schoenborn, last year's runner-up. Peter has retired, and Al was ill, but his regular crew, Roy Coleman, came out and sailed Al's yellow banana (boat)?

FIRST RACE - In medium winds, Harry Jones (W720) came through to win, followed by George Blanchard (W283) and Ken Inglis (W1037). Laurie Oxenham (W282) placed fourth ahead of Peter Bassin (W421).

SECOND RACE - In this race, Tom Johannsen (W649) moved up from an 11th in the first race to a first. Peter Bassin placed second and Jim Clelland (W618) third. George stayed in there with a fourth while American Don Healy placed fifth.

After the first day's racing, George was ahead with 6 points, followed by Peter Bassin with 7, Harry Jones with 9, Tom Johannsen with 11-3/4 and Don Healy with 13.

THIRD RACE - Harry Jones came up with another first while Tom improved his overall position with a second and Mike Schoenborn finally placed with a third. Jim Clelland placed fourth ahead of George, who stayed in the top five.

FOURTH RACE - Bill Zener returned to his former style with a first, and Mike moved up with a second. Tom stayed up there with a third, followed by Laurie Oxenham and Seymour Mogford. This race ended the second day, as the fog rolled in, the wind dropped and Mike’s voice echoed across the muddy waters of Humber Bay.

As a result of these two races, Tom Johannsen took over first place with 16-3/4 points, followed by George with 17, Peter and Mike with 23 each and Harry Jones with 26-1/2. Considering the best 3 out of 4 races, Tom led with 5-3/4, followed by Harry with 9-1/2, George with 11, Peter with 13, Mike and Jim Clelland with 14 and Bill Zener with 14-3/4.

FIFTH RACE - With the tension on, considering how close the top seven were, Don Rumble slipped in to pick off top spot in this race. George, ever consistent, took second followed by Mike, Doug Johnson and Bill Zener. 

After this race, considering one race dropped, George took over first from Tom who had an eleventh, with 13 points, followed by Tom (15-3/4); Mike (17); Peter (19), Bill Zener (19-3/4), Don Rumble (22-3/4) and Harry Jones (23-1/2).

SIXTH RACE - Mike Schoenborn, making a valiant try, came first, Peter Bassin second and Tom Johannsen third. George placed fourth, just right to keep him on top, ahead of Don Rumble. After this final race and considering the best 5 out of 6 races, the top ten were as follows:-
1. George Blanchard 17 6. Harry Jones 33-1/2
2. Mike Schoenborn 17-3/4 7. Bill Zener 35-3/4
3. Tom Johannsen 18-3/4 8. Jim Clelland 39
4. Peter Bassin 21 9. Laurie Oxenham 41
5. Don Rumble 27-3/4 10. Ken Inglis 52
Just for interest (race committee please note), I compared the top ten counting positions counting all six races, and the results were quite interesting - Ready?
1. George Blanchard 23 6. Harry Jones 50-1/2
2. Mike Schoenborn 26-3/4 7. Bill Zener 56-3/4
3. Tom Johannsen 29-3/4 8. Jim Clelland 58
4. Peter Bassin 31 9. Laurie Oxenham 59
5. Don Rumble 47-3/4 10. Ken Inglis 76
Out of all 36 positions, only a couple changed. I wonder if this is an indication of the value of dropping one race?

All in all it was a wonderful series, even though the weather wasn't the best, and I think (and hope) that all who come enjoyed themselves. Let's have an even better turn-out next year!

Don Rumble Writes
The following letter was received from Don Rumble, North Bay:

10th September,1965.
Dear George,

As a competitor in the North American Championships 4-6 September and as Hon. Commodore of C.W.O.A., I wish to congratulate you and your committees for the excellent arrangements, and the carrying out of same, during the Championships.

I can assure you that the five owners and crews of the North Bay Trout Lake Sailing Fleet, who took part, were very happy with the organization and the helpful assistance given by many of your members when launching and hauling out the Wayfarers.

Having been "through the mill" as Race Organizer, Race & Protest Committeeman and competitor over a number of years, in England and Canada, I am fully aware of the amount of detailed work encountered. It is because of these experiences that I can offer you the praise you deserve and I hope that you will host us again in our major races.

Congratulations again on your winning the N.A. Championships for l965. I found it "serious fun" sailing against you.

Yours sincerely,
Donald L. Rumble,
Hon. Commodore C.W.O.A.
Commodore T.L.S.F.

 I am sure Don speaks for all the Wayfarer owners (and crews) who competed in the North Americans in his praise of George and all those who dedicated their time, energy and patience to making this series a memorable occasion.

Words On Wayfarers
The following results of the 1965 Royal Hamilton Y.C. Regatta came in too late for the last Newsletter.

1. Peter Friedenberg (W637)
2. Ron Gillespie (W854)
3. Fred Hulke (W416)
4. M.A. Preston (W1064)
5. Seymour Mogford (W682)
6. David Cromarty (W938)

Peter Friedenberg (W637) of Hamilton is still the proud owner of probably the best looking Wayfarer in existence after a close brush with separation from his yacht. He was about to accept a cheque for $1700 for his Wayfarer from a prospective buyer, but even as he was being handed the money, he decided he couldn’t part with his pride and joy, and refused the cheque.

Some of our members have sold their boats but still receive the newsletter to keep in touch. In order that we may contact more Wayfarer owners, we would appreciate the name of anyone to whom you may have sold your boat.

Plans call for the 1966 North American Championships to be held Sept. 3, 4 and 5 at Windsor.

Tom Johannsen is off to Europe for a few months but hopes to return in time for some racing.

March 1966 Wayfarer Owners - Ottawa Area

Active Britannia YC Boats
1. W 145 Grant & Margaret Richardson, 569 Courtenay Ave. 729-4486 Wind Lass
2. W 731 Jim & Sally Midwinter, 111 Ruskin 728-8308 Williwaw
3. W 789 David & Ruth Crinion, 35 Alexander St. 749-3043
4. W 826 Don & Barbara Davidson, 1951 Wembley Ave. 729-4614 Watusi
          (also Alf Mitchell)
5. W 827 Cecil & Frances Baldwin, 1163 Grey Rocks Cresc. 722-4803 Whisky
6. W 828 Ken Odell, 206 Maple Lane 749-9922 Windigo
            crew - Larry Wilkins
7. W 852 John & Geraldine Brown, 59 Kenilworth Ave. 729-1873
8. W 855 Doug & Jan Arrol, 200 Rideau Terrace 745~6594 Wirrinda
9. W 862 George & Phyllis Lake, 448 Briar Ave. 733-5758
10. W 1075 Don  & Frances Miller, 614 Westview 722-1652 West Wind

Other Boats in the Ottawa Area
A. W 614 Dr. D.O. Craig, Perth, Ontario. Wihuri
B. W 878 George & Eve Hampson (in Santo Domingo - Boat in storage), 30 Lakeview Ave. 746-0352 Isola
C. W 921 John & Joan Wayling, 998 Alpine Ave. 828-2403 Cheeriya (The bird)

BYC Harbour Committee Grant Richardson
BYC Sailing Committee Ken Odell
BYC Full & By Don and Barb Davidson
BYC Class Communications John and Geraldine Brown
Class Association Representative -
Class Measurer -
Class Association News Letter Correspondent Don Davidson