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It's Fleet report time again. We would like to have all Fleet reports in the May Newsletter. The response last year was good. Let's duplicate it. Your '66 report should include:
1. Up-to-date list of boats. (number & name), Skippers and (if possible) crew (s), fleet executives.
2. Results from '66:  at home and abroad.
3. '67 plans
Let's have a report right away from the above mentioned fleets!!! Thanks and good Sailing!

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Dear Members: On behalf of the Executive Board, I extend our sincere thanks to the membership who returned their ballots so promptly.  Out of the total ballots returned, 95% voted yes, approving the Class and Association Rules. The 5% (no) voters were justified as their constructive comments covered errors made in typing, incorrect wording or duplicate errors and further classifications.  By correcting these errors the voting is a 99% Yes.

After 2 years' negotiation with UK and USA Associations, we feel that the Revised Rules will now improve and maintain an Active Wayfarer Class Association in Canada and USA.

The following corrections must be made by all members to their copy of the CWOA Class and Association Rules which now become the officially approved document. The Executive Board are planning to have these Rules printed in a pamphlet form for redistribution to all members at a later date. 

Amendments to CWOA and USWA Class and Association Rules effective April 1/67

Rule 5, item (ii): Correct typing error - 100 members to read 10 members (USWA rule correct)

Rule 5, item (iii): 7 days' notice should read 15 days' notice

Rule 9 Title: Measurement Certificate should read Registration Certificate. Canada & USA correct this Rule.
NOTE: Registration Card is issued by the Treasurer upon receipt of $5.00 Registration fee.  Refer Rule 4 (item c), Rule 7 (item i)

Rule 10: item (i) and (ix) duplicated.
Wording of item (ix) is correct and replaces item (i). Item (i) should therefore read as follows per UK:
Notwithstanding anything which appears to the contrary in the Association or the Class Rules, any action or decision of the Officers, Committees or Members of the Association which may be in anyway connected with the Official Assembly drawings and/or the Specification of the Wayfarer Dinghy, shall be made subject to the approval of the Copyright Holder.

Rule 32: Wording revised to read as follows:
Main Boom may be of Metal or Wood and must be able to pass through a 4" internal diameter ring.
NOTE: The minimum 3" internal diameter is deleted in order to agree with the approved UK and North American Measurement forms already available.

Rule 38 - Prohibitions: As approved 2 years ago between USA & Canada. We erred when re-copying the prohibitions. Therefore the following sentence must be deleted re: eyebolt location in stem: Delete Not less than 2'0 from the stemhead nor projecting more then 1" beyond the stem at point of attachment. This allows owners to install fittings to suit various types of trailers or mooring facilities.
Add following sentence omitted in error. Adjustable halyard winches are not allowed.

George T. Blanchard Chairman, C.W.O.A.

* * * * * *

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For the second consecutive year, a consistent performance has won the North American Wayfarer Championship.  Don Healy with his wife, Gen, became the first American boat to take the big title since its beginning in 1961.  It was a clean sweep for Don and Gen, who also sailed W752 to the 1966 U.S. National Championship.

Runner-up was Mike Schoenborn of Toronto, with Chris Perdue in WARATAH (W276) who edged Ivar Zalitis and Harry Jones (W867) by beating them in 3 of 5 races. Fourth in the close battle for second place were Al Schoenborn and Roy Coleman in SNOOPY (W116) also of Toronto.

As seems to be the case in all the big Wayfarer series, brilliance appeared to be jinxed and there was considerable heartbreak to George Blanchard, the defending champion and to the constantly improving Bill Worrall of U.S. Fleet #2 in W1115.

From the racing point of view, these three - Healy, Worrall, and Blanchard - make the big story.

The Series was scheduled to run 6 races at Windsor's South Port Sailing Club from September 3-5. The best five races were to count for the championship.

The first race, on Saturday, went to Mike Schoenborn, the Canadian Champion, who overtook Hal Lee of Chicago (W660) near the end of the race in light winds. North Bay's Don Rumble (W634) followed, with George Blanchard fourth and Don Healy fifth.  Young Chris Ireland of TSCC (W1185) and Paul Ayres of US #2 (W971) both got in ahead of Al Schoenborn (W116) and Ivar Zalitis (W867). Seymour Mogford of Hamilton (W682) placed tenth in the fleet of 37 starters.

The second race was also held in light winds on Saturday and taken by George Blanchard who was pursued by John Green (W745) of the home club, Mike Schoenborn, Don Rumble and Don Healy and Laurie Oxenham followed.

After Saturday, the big names were: 

Mike Schoenborn: 1st, 3rd - 3 3/4 points
George Blanchard: 4th, 1st - 4 3/4 points
Don Rumble: 3rd, 4th - 7 points
Don Healy: 5th, 5th - 10 points
A big three races went in 15-25 mph. winds on Sunday.

Sunday's first race was a close duel between Bill Worrall (W1115) and Al Schoenborn (W116).  Having taken a good lead onto the free legs, Al felt the lack of a spinnaker, as Bill closed in to take the lead just before the last mark. With the better mobility of no spinnaker, however, Al got buoy room at the mark and held the lead on a close reach home.  Ivar Zalitis and Pete Hanson of Hamilton (W720) placed 3rd and 4th, with Bill Glaspie of US Fleet 2 (W602) 5th, and Healy 6th.  George Blanchard retired after a tangle with Al Schoenborn at the start. Mike Schoenborn finished down the drain at 17th, while Don Rumble was DNF.

George Blanchard rested well and came back to win a runaway ahead of Bill Worrall and Don Healy.  Chris Ireland and Jack Pierce of  U.S. #2 rounded out the top five. Al Schoenborn was way down in 12th.

Race three on Sunday was real thriller in 20-25 mph winds. The big six finished 1 - 6 as follows:  Zalitis, after being out of it, planed his light boat right to second spot and then took Bill Worrall upwind before running away down to the finish. The old boats, Mike, George B. and Al (W276, W283, W116) rounded onto the final reach in pursuit of Bill Worrall.  In a dazzling finish Bill, Mike and Al, all overlapping each other, finished 2,3 and 4 practically in the same second, with George close behind in 5th. Don Healy in 6th had his fifth consecutive placing in the top group.

After five races then, with one to go on Monday, the situation was very interesting - one of 6 races was to be dropped and George, Bill, Mike and Al all had disasters to dump (George, a DNF (39th) Bill a 22nd, Mike a 17th and Al a 12th) while Don Healy stood to gain little by dropping any of his five good races. With one dropped, they lined up for Monday as follows:

George Blanchard 4-1-1-5 10½ points
Mike Schoenborn 1-3-7-3 13 3/4 points
Bill Worrall 8-2-2-2 14 points
Don Healy 5-5-6-3 19 points
Al Schoenborn 8-7-1-4 19 3/4 points
Ivar Zalitis 9-9-3-1 21 3/4 points

There dawned an even breezier Monday and it looked like George Blanchard and Worrall, the heavy weather boys, to win. Well, in so many words, they got too much of a good thing - "trop de vent" as it were, and the race, after a second attempt, was washed out and with it the hopes of George Blanchard and his crew, Leo Maarse, for an unprecedented 2nd NAC and the hopes of a fantastic Bill Worrall upset.

Thus the upset was scored by Don Healy who was always in there and of course was there when it counted at the finish. In a tremendous show of Wayfarer sportsmanship, George and Bill backed the stand of the committee without hesitation.

We came, of course, mainly to race, but I want to also mention the excellence of the regatta from the organizational point of view - the committee, food and hospitality - which, we hope, will be repeated again this year for the big race. Thanks again to John Wood, John Green and all your committees for everything. 

Al Schoenborn

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Doug Arrol to New York
Ottawa's Doug Arrol (W855) has been transferred to his company's New York Office. He will not be able to sail his Wayfarer this summer and has decided to sell his boat.

For Sale
W855, Built 1964, by Smallcraft, Lucas Dacron Main and Genoa. Proctor Aluminum mast, Elvstrom self-bailers, Springbok trailer with lighting set.  Boat stored near Ottawa. Best Offer around  $1,500.00
For further details, write: D.P. Arrol, Apt. 8C, 2 Pierrepont St., Brooklyn, N.Y., 11201, U.S.A. 

April 67 W News - part 3