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August 1967



The Wayfarer Class, 16’ Sailing Dinghy,
Registered as a Class with the Canadian
Yachting Association


Help Celebrate Canada's Centennial:
Bring W1867 to W1967 to Canada this year!!

Canadian Wayfarer Owners' Association Executive
Hon. Commodore Don Rumble
Chairman George Blanchard
Secretary Ivar Zalitis
Treasurer Bernie Yale
Publicity Mike Schoenborn
Chief Measurer George Gordon
Editor Al Schoenborn


Peter Bassin and his wife once more won everything in sight at the Annual North Bay Wayfarers Weekend held August 5, 6 and 7 on Trout Lake.  Finishing with a total of 6½ points, Peter and Maggie were well ahead of Ken Holloway (W-851) and his son Scott, whose 14 points were good enough to edge Ivar Zalitis and his wife, Katherine, by 3/4 point for the runner-up position.

Sailing PIPPA (W-421), the Bassins displayed amazing consistency to finish constantly near the top of a 30-boat fleet. The beautiful carved wood trophy from Croce & Lofthouse also went to Peter as he took the 20-mile Cruise Race to start the weekend.  Second in the event was Ken Holloway.

Sunday saw three races in medium breezes, the first going to Peter Bassin ahead of Dr. Paul Grose from the home club in W-857 who edged out Chris Ireland (W-1185) from Toronto.

Sunday's second race went to Paul Grose, who beat out Ken Holloway and Peter Bassin in that order, while the ‘green’ boat, W-141, sailed by Mrs. Ilse Kleimaker took the third race, with Peter Bassin and Ivar Zalitis following in that order.

Monday's finale was fraught by many windly vagaries, as it were.  First out of the mix-up was Ivar Zalitis followed by good old (sorry, George!) George Blanchard in W-283. Paul Trussler (w-648) of Trout Lake Sailing Fleet rounded out the top three.

The thirty boats that participated in the weekend have finally done justice to the excellent show put on every year by Canada's top Wayfarer fleet - the Trout Lake Sailing Fleet.  Out-of-town participation was excellent including Windsor's John Green and Doug Johnson (W-745 & W-882), Kitchener's Peter Bassin, Hamilton's Ron Gillespie (W-854) and Dr. Mel Preston (W-1064), Bronte's Peter Friedenberg (W-637) as well as the Toronto group: Ivar Zalitis, Chris Ireland, George Blanchard, Eric Stubbs (W-1134) and me (W-111).  (I was hiding under borrowed sails).

Without doing the other excellent Wayfarer events, to which we go during the year, an injustice, this one has to be the best of all.  Every boat that goes up there is treated with friendly attention by the local sailors who seem to have managed to get just about everyone in the Trout Lake Sailing Club into doing something for somebody at the North Bay Wayfarer Weekend.

Particular recognition goes from the Newsletter to 

- Mrs. Crawford at Crawford's Marina for looking after us so well again this year
- The Holloways, Ken, Jean and Lesley for running just about everything from the bar to the sending of these distasteful results to me with the reminder (as they underlined my 11th place finish after last year's win) that (ha! ha!) everybody didn't just sit back and let me win as I mentioned in the July Newsletter.
- also from the July Newsletter, we did indeed have first 'dibs' on Jamie Wallace's but we were unhappy to hear that he was up in Sudbury at the University taking summer courses and studying for upcoming exams. We really missed Jamie and his cohorts during our three-day stay at "Bummers' Roost” and Roy (my crew) and I want again to thank Mr. and Mrs. Wallace, Lovie, Gerry, their guests the Fergusons (I think), Timmy Wallace, his sister and all the guests at their Friday-night party for being so good to us.  Particular thanks to Timmy Wallace, who was sailing his cousin Jamie's boat (W-861) and lent us the mainsail from his boat (W-111) (see photo below) which ultimately absorbed the horrible ignomy of our dismal finish.  Timmy was also our daily alarm clock and lent us his spinnaker pole (My, we are in good shape, aren't we?)
- Dr. Paul Grose and his wife, for that wonderful cocktail party on dry old Sunday. Boy, that cheese was delicious!!! Liquor???? What liquor???? Besides, I wasn't driving. 
- Don Rumble for his concise instructions to racers as well as his usual contribution to the nautical atmosphere
- Vio Kleimaker who was always there, greedily collecting tickets, money, etc. 
- George Blanchard for giving me a free liquor ticket
- the numerous others who helped but were forgotten by this fallible edition of the Newsletter
Thanks again, everyone in North Bay! It was great.  See you up there next year, and at the North Americans this year.


Tune-up Series - August 26th, 27th at South Port Sailing Club.

The South Port Sailing Club in Windsor will hold a Centennial Invitational Regatta, August 26th and 27th for Wayfarers, Flying Dutchmen and Y-Flyers and miscellaneous centreboards.

The program consists of a three-race series (2 on Saturday and one Sunday) a Saturday night corn roast, and will be an excellent opportunity for the participants in the upcoming North Americans at South Port Sailing Club, to practice at the actual site.


Our Treasurer, Bernie Yale has received the new, loose-leaf type rule books of the Wayfarer Class and is sending them to all C.W.O.A. paid-up members.


The traditional Toronto Around-the-Island Race will be held this year and is to be held on Sunday, August 27th.  Further information will be forthcoming.


This is a sad story from me, your editor. Last year, at the North Americans, my boat, SNOOPY decided his sails were not only too old and too small but also in too poor a shape to fittingly be part of such a great yachet, and I, his loving skipper, and Roy his loving supplier of beer, resolved that by this year's North Americans SNOOP' must have new sails.  Unfortunately my monetary state is rather low and as a result SNOOP' is still in his old clothes.  I may be able to scrape up enough money to register at the North Americans but sails are out.

Which brings me to my plea.  SNOOP’ would like to borrow a reasonably recent suit of sails (no spinnaker) to get dressed up for the big event.  They would be treated royally.

I would appreciate hearing from any Wayfarer owner who cannot make the North Americans and can spare his sails during that time.  Location is relatively unimportant, provided it be within about 250 miles of Toronto.

If you could do us this big favour,  please phone collect, by Wednesday, August 24th.
Al Schoenborn  Toronto - 364-6844.



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