April 1968



The Wayfarer Class, 16’ Sailing Dinghy,
Registered as a Class with the Canadian
Yachting Association



Canadian Wayfarer Owners' Association Executive 1967-68
Hon. Commodore Don Rumble
Chairman Alan Chovil
Secretary Sid Atkinson
Treasurer Bernie Yale
Publicity Mike Schoenborn, 13 Ojibway Ave., Toronto 2
Chief Measurer Pete Hanson, 682 Cochrane Rd. S., Hamilton
Editor Al Schoenborn, 604 Huron St., Toronto 5


The Wayfarer is now being produced in Canada in Fiberglass at Whitby Boatworks. The manufacturers had sold 31 of their Canadian-built Wayfarers at latest report.  These boats are complete with Proctor mast and all other equipment except the spinnaker and they sell at $1450.  At present, delivery can be expected within a few weeks. More precise information may be obtained from the manufacturers themselves, in Ajax, Ontario.

Help! I need your help, Wayfarers in North Bay, Ottawa, Welland, Kitchener, Windsor, Hamilton (?), Bronte Harbour and Toronto (and anywhere else in Canada).  I need a list of boats in your area, results from the past year, fleet officers, planned events in ‘68 and most of all photos of Wayfarers and their people. Would you please see to it, Fleet Captains or whomever, that someone submits this information to me - 

Al Schoenborn, 604 Huron St., Toronto 5 
as soon as possible (by April 15 please!!!!!)

The registration deadline for the Metro Yacht Racing Council (for participation in the Toronto area events) has been set at May 1, 1968. All Wayfarers concerned should register with or address queries to:
Mr. W.G. Garrett, 361 Kennedy Ave., Toronto. (Phone 767-0235).

EXCERPTS FROM THE MINUTES (of the executive meeting of Feb. 12/68)
Sid Atkinson was unanimously elected as Secretary to fill the position left vacant by I. Zalitis retiring due to other commitments. Motion proposed by P. Hanson and seconded by D. Hicks.

A brief discussion ensued on the racing schedule for the 1968 season and Championship Dates were established as follows: 

i) THE CANADIAN WAYFARER CHAMPIONSHIPS - on July 6 & 7 at the Bronte Harbour Yacht Club. D. Hicks, Vice-Commodore of the Club, conveyed their offer to host the event and this was accepted unanimously.
ii) THE TROUT LAKE S.C. CRUISE RACE & REGATTA - NORTH BAY on August 3, 4 & 5 as 
offered by Don Rumble, Commodore of their Fleet.
iii) THE NORTH AMERICAN WAYFARER CHAMPIONSHIPS at South Port, S.C., WINDSOR on August 31 to Sept. 2.  Consideration to be taken with regard to their request for help re: Club House facilities.
iv) ROUND THE ISLANDS RACE - TORONTO - on Sunday, Sept. 8.  T.S. & C.C. to be approached by Sid Atkinson re: hosting of this event.
 members be urged to attend this event which usually takes place around June 1st.
Following a suggestion by Al Schoenborn, all were in agreement that for the Championships, smaller courses and more races should be instituted and also that the finishing line should be set on a buck leg. Recommendations to this effect would have to be made to the hosting clubs.

A discussion ensued on the CL 16 (Wanderer) and its apparent similarity to a Wayfarer.  Reference was made to a letter from Don Rumble, Commodore of the Trout Lake Sailing Fleet, North Bay, to Dr. A Chovil, advising the C.W. O.A. that their fleet, subject to the issuance by the Fleet's Official Measurer, of a Measurement Certificate based upon the Wayfarer’s rules of wetted surface and sail area, each CL16 owner would be invited to race against Wayfarers during the seasonal races of their Fleet. As to whether other Wayfarer Fleets or Clubs would do likewise in Canada, it was felt that each club would act within the scope of their club constitution and club rules, which in the Metro Toronto area is mainly governed by the M.Y.R.C. with regard to standardisation of starts for accepted Classes.

The Committee's unanimous stand was summed up by the following motion by Mike Schoenborn and seconded by Al Schoenborn, considering the fact that the WAYFARER was now available and being built in Canada by Whitby Boat Works, Ajax, in addition to the U.K. supply from Blue Hulls Ltd.  THE MOTION:-"That the CL16 (WANDERER) should be invited at Club level to race on equal rating to that of a WAYFARER but that no decision be taken to race them with WAYFARERS in WAYFARER CHAMPIONSHIPS or OPEN REGATTAS.  If satisfactory comparative figures could be established and a close study of measurements taken into account during the ensuing season, this matter could be reviewed next year."

THE CL 16 - by Alan Chovil (Chairman, C.W.O.A.)
Most members will be aware by now that Croce and Lofthouse are no longer connected with Wayfarers, but are promoting a new boat called the CL 16, which is believed to be identical in shape of wetted hull and sail plan to the Wayfarer, but has a radically altered cockpit.

So far, the Association has not been approached by Croce and Lofthouse or anyone else to take any action about this boat.  Naturally, there has been considerable discussion continuing, ever since we first heard of the boat last fall, as to what our attitude should be to a boat that in its sailing capacity can be expected to be equivalent to a Wayfarer.  As our present by-laws stand, the CL 16 could not "measure in". Amendment of the by-laws is relatively easy, but there would be problems, as we would have no control over the manufacturers of this "unlicensed boat", who have already gone on record that they reserve the right to make whatever changes they wish at any time.

Decision was postponed in the executive until it was definite that this boat was being made and until we had clarified questions of supply of legitimate Wayfarers. This is now clear, and the following factors were taken into consideration at a recent executive meeting.

a) Regular wood or fibreglass boats can now be ordered direct from Small Craft Blue Hulls in England at $1390, duty paid (? federal sales tax included.)
b) Whitby Boat Works have started production of fiberglass boats under license for sale at $1450.
c) We have been advised that the U.S. fleets are strongly opposed to recognizing unlicensed boats.
d) We have been advised that our North Bay fleet has gone on record that they intend to invite CL16 owners to race with them in Club races if their external hull measurements conform.
The executive considered these facts and makes the following recommendations:

1. The Association should take no action to alter the class rules for the moment.  It was felt that the best interests of the class will be served by encouraging the purchase of boats from the licensed manufacturers.

2. The Association should not recommend that CL16's be allowed to race with Wayfarers in major regattas, MYRC events or championships this season.  Some Clubs will, however, wish to invite them to race in club races and this is most desirable, as it will provide most valuable information as to the sailing qualities of the new boat.

3. The whole question can be reviewed at the end of the season when we will be in a better position to judge whether the new boat could be considered the equivalent of the Wayfarer, as well as whether there is a significant demand that we take action, and the degree of acceptance of the boat in the various clubs.

This could be a thorny and most controversial matter for our Association. While wishing to encourage all possible competition on the water, we must also be careful not to weaken the class.  Your Chairman finds it difficult to judge members' feelings in areas beyond Toronto and would much appreciate hearing the views of both the various fleets and individuals. So, get busy and write me your opinions.

Peter Friedenberg, one of our most respected sailors has decided to retire from active participation in the Canadian Wayfarer Class.  For years Peter has dazzled us with his beautiful W 637 out of Bronte Harbour Yacht Club, but now he feels that a Shark will make a more relaxing home.  The best of luck to you, Peter and to your wife, in your new Shark, which will doubtless be the sharpest looking one on the lake. We'll miss you and we hope that you can come at least to visit us at some of our Wayfarer events in the coming years.

As above mentioned Peter Friedenberg is selling his exquisitely crafted W637 at Bronte Harbour.  It is in better than new condition as anyone who has seen the boat will witness.  Peter is asking $1350 for W637, ready to sail.  Contact:

Peter Friedenberg, 2389 Barclay Rd., Burlington, Ont.  Phone 634-8851.

E. & O.E.

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