August 1968



The Wayfarer Class, 16’ Sailing Dinghy,
Registered as a Class with the Canadian
Yachting Association



Canadian Wayfarer Owners' Association Executive 1967-68
Hon. Commodore Don Rumble
Chairman Alan Chovil
Secretary Sid Atkinson
Treasurer Bernie Yale
Publicity Mike Schoenborn, 13 Ojibway Ave., Toronto 2
Chief Measurer Pete Hanson, 682 Cochrane Rd. S., Hamilton
Editor Al Schoenborn, 604 Huron St., Toronto 5



Peter and Maggie Bassin, sailing their North American Champion W421 PIPPA demonstrated their championship calibre in all types of weather to take the 1968 Canadian Wayfarer Championships held July 6 and 7 off Bronte Harbour Y.C.

The Kitchener sailors once more played the role of the “Red Baron” for SNOOPY (W116) sailed by Al Schoenborn and Lynne Owens who had led by one half-point going into the final race of the six-race series, before the heavier weather overpowered the "yellow yacht".

Runners-up in the event were Heider Funck (W734) arid crew, Dunc McKerracher whose 2nd and 1st place finishes in Sunday's heavier weather also moved them past SNOOP' who finished a close third.  For Heider, this series was a tune-up as he now leaves for Germany where he will participate in the 5-0-5 World Championships.

The new system of much shorter races was flawlessly handled by the B.H.Y.C. Race Committee which was headed by Doug Schneider again this year.  The four Saturday races each consisted of once around a 1½-mile triangle plus an added windward leg while Sunday's pair of races were once around plus a windward-leeward.  Approval of this set-up appeared near unanimous among the 26 entries. Each entry counted its best five finishes in the six races.

FIRST RACE: A southwest breeze of about 10mph. greeted the fleet on a sunny Saturday morning; a situation which more or less re-maimed throughout the day.  Al Schoenborn (W116) took an early lead over Joy Blanchard (W1183) alias 618) daughter of George and terror of the former Leader fleet.  Al held the lead until Joy got away from his cover near the finish to steal the win.  A demoralized SNOOPY then just barely managed to nip in ahead of Heider Funck and Peter Bassin.

SECOND RACE: This race was Mike Schoenborn (W276 Waratah) all the way, followed by Joy B. and Al S. respectively.  Fourth place went George Blanchard (W283) ahead of Peter B. and Ed Pollock (W977) and Darrell Hicks (W46) Redwing II both of Bronte Harbour.

The lunch break then, saw Joy Blanchard well in the lead with 2 3/4 pts., over Al and  Mike Schoenborn with 5 and 5 3/4 pts.

THIRD RACE: The afternoon brought a little more wind and the en-suing racing was all Peter Bassin.  He took the third race handily ahead of Darrell Hicks.  Joy B. faded badly after holding  third place going onto the final buck.  She made the mistake of tacking when she could lay the finish line and fell to a sixth place finish. Third place went to Al S., while Heider F. and Ron Vandermey (W763) from Kitchener followed ahead of Joy.

FOURTH RACE: Al Schoenborn took a commanding lead at the weather mark but failed to find the second mark until it was pointed out to him in a move of good sportsmanship by Ron Vandermey and his father Bill who were in second spot.  These boats lost much of their lead here but were still one-two coming onto the final leg. In a dying breeze, Peter Bassin again came up and snatched the win less than 10 feet from the finish line. Ron Vandermay finished third with Ian Chovil fourth ahead of Heider Funck and Gerry Gibson (W929).

After Saturday’s racing, the situation looked as follows:

3 races 4 races
Peter Bassin 5.50 pts 10.50 pts
Al Schoenborn 7 10
Joy Blanchard 8.75 16.75
Heider Funck 12 39
Mike Schoenborn 12.75 21.75
Two races were scheduled for Sunday which dawned with a spanking 15-20 mph. westerly breeze.

FIFTH RACE: - The first of the two races saw George Blanchard and Wally Cavill (W 283) finally get their wind to win going away from Heider Funk.  Third place went to a new Wayfarer from TS & CC, Larry Ball (W1359) ahead of clubmate, Ivar Zalitis (W867).  Ron Vandermey, with a fifth, continued a belated comeback effort.

Peter B., Al & Mike S. and Darrell H. were the more prominent members of a group of boats that overlaid the first mark by the proverbial 'miles' and never came back.

Going down to the wire, with one race dropped, it looked like this:

Al Schoenborn 10
Peter Bassin 10.50
Heider Funck 14
Joy Blanchard 16.75
SIXTH RACE: In still freshening breezes, Heider Funk led all the way to jump into the runner-up spot, while a second-place finish was enough to give Pete and Maggie Bassin their second national title.  Unable to match these crews in the heavier going, the leaders after five races, Al Schoenborn and Lynne Owens fell to a sixth, while Joy Blanchard and her crew, suffered a similar fate after their brilliant start to the series and had to be content with fourth everall.
Third in the race went to Ron Vandermey who earned an overall fifth.  Still revelling in the heavy going,  George B. took fourth and Ivar Zalitis fifth.   Complete racing results follow:


- O.K. North Bay, (i.e. Don Rumble, Don Paine, Ken Holloway, etc.) where the h... were you????
- Doug Schneider and his committee ran the most efficient show we have seen for quite some time.  Congratulations!!!
- Fred Hulke (W416) saved the weekend from complete monotony by dumping on Sunday.  What some guys will do to test the effficiency of the committee!!!
- Would John Wood (W606) who came in all the way from Sarnia, please tell me why he finished sixth ahead of me in race #6 yet got a DNF???
- Last year's champion and pre-race favourite,  Mike Schoenborn and Sarah Chu bombed out (it's about time after three wins!!!
- At the presentation dinner, George Blanchard added his usual colourful remarks and was rewarded by being made honorary life-time toastmaster of the Wayfarers - an honor which he was already awarded earlier this year at Kitchener's Conestoga Sailing Club.  Jovial BHYC Commodore, Gord Moir (inventor of the Herman [an in-joke Al will be happy to share with those whose curiosity overwhelms them]), was again on hand.
- Doug Cromarty (W938) found that a tight rigging helps in the heavy going as he improved considerably on his Saturday placings.
- Several entries sailed with three crews but found the weight a tremendous disadvantage in the light going (I think).
- This series marks a sad event in my life as I must now part with SNOOP' since I will be off to Europe August 8th, to teach in a German high school for a year (if I can borrow a boat I'll be up to North Bay August 3-5).  In this my final Newsletter, I would ask to try your patience with -


SNOOPY, you have been our friend, and served us truly to the end. 
But now it's time for me to part, from one who's deep within my heart.
It's off to Europe I must go, and I confess I'll miss you so. 
Four years ago I saw you first, in cold Ontario immersed,
and from your fate I rescued you, to give you back your life anew,
And from your state of old and mellow, revived you with that coat of yellow.
And with our number one sixteen, we sailed forth, all bright and keen.
Shaking off your poorer past, we sailed at once to second ..... last!
This gave us cause for little cheer, and we despaired for SNOOPY dear.
A jib from Charlie Smith improved, but still we were not in the groove.
Canadians in sixty-four, and we still had our lousy score.
But there we had a moment's joy, when brother Mike blew up at Roy,
who promptly joined the SNOOPY crew, to start a friendship long and true.
We thank old Alex Lowenthal, whose main helped put us on the ball.
SNOOP'  fin'lly quenched our winless thirst, and in August finished first.
Of course, it was now very clear, that SNOOPY did deserve a beer.
In due turn, Red Cap was poured, all over thirsty SNOOPY's floor.
And SNOOPY sure was grateful too, for from then on, he fairly flew;
and won for us time and again, until the North Americans came
While there we sadly did not win, ol' SNOOPY sure as hell was in -
caved in, that is, by the behind of him who speaks on "Speak your mind".
Thank God the hole was above water, or things had been a litttle hotter.
As it was some Johnson's tape, put our SNOOPY back in shape.
In sixty-six, I got a car, and we took SNOOPY off afar.
With his picture on the back, Volks in hand, we hit the track -
Chicago-bound one day in May, we hit a gaspump on the way -
reverse just is not second gear, as Roy saw quickly and quite clear
- as he drove up a snow fence.
Once off the fence we whipped around, and dropped poor SNOOPY to the ground;
then patched him up with gobs of paint, which left him looking rather quaint.
To Kitchener we went from here, where sadly we ran out of beer. 
So between race one and two, we hit Elmira for some brew. 
When we got back up to the race, there was SNOOPY in his place 
- but alas, the race had started - all the other boats departed. 
So we drank well, but finished poor...
Next we went up to North Bay, where, as I am glad to say, Rumble, Paine and Holloway
and the Jamie Wallace Roost, gave our sad morale a boost. 
Here we let the sailors gloat: we towed the race committee boat.
And for those who still were bored, my faithful crew fell overboard.
We lost our way, we sailed quite blind, the markers we could never find, 
but after all that Sunday booze, we just knew SNOOP' couldn't lose.
Then it was the N.A.C., the best event on land or sea, but not our SNOOPY's cup of tea.
What speed we did on water lack, on shore we more than made it back 
- so said the cop who summonsed me - for driving far too speedily.
At South Port we put SNOOP' away, to rest up for the coming fray.
On Saturday, we came at dawn - alas, we found our SNOOPY gone, until we looked on the front lawn,
and found on SNOOP' a sign quite plain, which said "The Baron strikes again!"
Lake Orion was next at hand, as we sailed in Fred Lewis land:
You see an island from the shore - a clubhouse like a liquor store -
Lake Orion Boat Club on the roof, L.O.B.C.!! did someone goof???
What a way to end the year, sipping Pabst Blue Ribbon beer -
and we return to Uzelac's, clutching our new George Smith plaque
that's made with constant loving care, and whose number is quite rare -
a trophy that's surpassed by none, and a real honor to be won.
Orange mixed with baby blue, gave our SNOOPY something new:
Painting buffs were up in heaven, with ol' SNOOP' in sixty-seven;
and to make him really neat, with racing stripe he was complete.
Chicago, Kitchener were fun, then to Bronte we did run
where in Canadians' final race, of the last mark they moved the place -
and we already near the finish - our chances of a first diminish.
At Ottawa there was no breeze, and so we did not move with ease.
But we sure did swim a lot, for weather there was really hot,
on Lac Deschênes...
Roost and Blue Spruce and Trout Lake: these our North Bay weekend make.
In the racing, we bombed out, as SNOOPY took it on the snout.
But this small point, we made up for, by drinking cocktails ever more.
The N.A.C., yes that's our meat - almost fifty boats to beat -
borrowed sails eight-fifty-two from Browns at Ottawa.
SNOOPY loved the medium weather, putting fourth and fifth together,
leading thus the largest fleet, after Saturday's complete.
But alas, on Sunday's slop, and on Monday, what a flop!!
Lucky that's not all there is, to these great big championships.
We liked the hospitality and conviviality of our great, fun family
of Wayfarers....
This brings us up to sixty-eight, and we're almost up to date.
Sadly now, Roy had to leave, and dear SNOOPY felt bereaved.
Here again was something new: SNOOPY got a female crew.
Though to sailing she was new, with Lynnie SNOOPY fairly flew.
On our transom now arose, a bright and different SNOOPY pose -
in affection now the name, shortened down to SNOOP' became. -
Off we went to Bronte Harbour -
to the land of Darrell Hicks, way out there among the sticks -
far from Bassin, Blanchard, Chovil, Michael and all other evil -
Pollock and McKitterick, Stanley Yeo and Peter Hanson, these admire now our transom
- we hope...
Chicago hospitality, from Krieberg, Spitz and Hoveke
and Ann Arbour's Pretzel Bell, make a journey long as hell, worth the effort very well.
Kitchener, L.S.S.A., SNOOPY gave his best always.
These Canadians farewell, and our SNOOPY went like hell.
And when all was said and done, here at home he almost won...
Now it's time to say good-bye, to our SNOOP' - a real good guy.
Since for Europe I have opted, SNOOPY now must be adopted.
We will send him hopefully, to a racing family
where we hope he will go on, to win what he has not yet won.
Almost all has now been said, except he must be bottle-fed
on beer!!!
(ed. note: Lately there has been a strike, but we know what SNOOPY likes.
So we told him: "Never fear, you will have imported beer!"
He likes Heineken quite well...)
Good-bye,  SNOOP'!!!
Cheers to W one sixteen,
My favourite yacht I've ever seen!!


from Al, your faithful provider of booze.
This scheduled five-race event was butchered by the weather and the race committee.  The first race was run lengthily in light winds over a distance of nine miles and went to SNOOPY who won going away. He was repeating his performance when the wind died in the second race but he managed to escape with the lead onto the final leg when a mild thundersquall broke.  With most of the boats well on their way towards being finished after two hours of racing, the race committee cancelled.

A double first would have been sufficient excuse to cancel a previous engagement for Sunday but as it was, we on SNOOPY felt obliged to show up at the cottage.  Reliable reports say that Sunday's event was mangled even worse by the gods of the M.Y.R.C.  The results of the drifter which finally developed left Darrell Hicks (W-46) in REDWING II on top with 5 3/4 points off a fifth and a first.

The race comittee did however, save their best shot for Monday where they started the final race after several postponements due to high winds, when the wind continued to get stronger.  Apparently the huge number of dumping boats did not bother the race committee as they had already seen two or three boats dump on Saturday afternoon.  In any case, the majority of the skippers felt that logic demanded that this race would surely be cancelled and only a handful had the fortitude to remain out there.  One of these was George Blanchard who sailed alone around the course and gained 8-3/4 points on every other skipper to turn a seventh place placing into the win. Nine boats were entered in the Wayfarer division.
The new Editor will be Darrell Hicks (W46), admirer of Gordie Howe, sailor(?), skipper(?) and owner of REDWING II.

Thanks for your past attention - yours truly
Editor - Al Schoenborn

... and here Darrell Hicks takes over as News Editor

Thank you Al, for the privilege of trying my hand at the News Letter I shall try to uphold the great caliber of wit which you so ably used the past 4 years and may I also on behalf of the Association as a whole, thank you for same.
First of all let's not forget the most important event of the year, the reason for tuning up and starting at all the past summer's races is for me - as I hope £or all owners - "The North Americans". Whether you finish 1st or last or somewhere in between, it is a must to trail to South Port Sailing Club on Lake St. Claire near Windsor to greet our American friends.  I'll be there with my tent pitched beside Ron Gillespie #854 down by the water, be sure to join us, Sat Aug 31st and Sun Sept 1st - $18.00 per boat.

Boulevard Regatta
B.H.Y.C. Regatta
I.Y.C. Regatta
1st  P. Bassin 1st Joy Blanchard 1st D. Hicks
2nd D. Hicks 2nd G.  Blanchard 2nd M. Schoenborn
3rd G. Blanchard 3rd Dr. A. Chovil 3rd Dr. A. Chovil

Wed - July 10th is an historic occasion for Snoop (re: follow up on Al's poem) for during our Club Race at Bronte, Redwing II finally showed her transom to the proud yellow boat, somehow Snoop must have sensed that the Redwing II was going to give him more trouble than did the Red Baron (Pippa) out of Conestoga last year.  When July 19th dawned, Snoop gave a little yelp, shook her Wiscot carriage and roared off northward, perhaps looking for other companionship.  However on the way, I belieye the North Bay Humane Society found him and turned him over to a Dr. Asselstine to care for.  We wish all the best to Dr. Asselstine as the new owner of Snoop who I am sure will join the Trout Lake Wayfarer  addicts.

North Bay highlites as I recall - First Race - 20 odd miles consisting of a start with wind (as Dr. Paine promised that morning), followed by a good weather leg up to Crawford's Marina, Blanchard complained of a lousy start, Wally Cavill ex-Wayfarer owner and 1962  Canadian champ using Don Rumble's boat was up front at first mark, also Dr. Paine.  Reached back down to One Mile Bay.  I remember Ken Holloway and Peter Bassin putting up spinnakers to catch the leading boats; Ken did plane with his, (1st time I had seen this) making his way right up by the time we hit second mark.  We rounded it and headed down to Louisville Island and I remember Bassin's boat planing past us to leeward then almost going on the island as he rounded very close.  Then came a straight run down to Milne's Bay mark - some boats jibing and some sailing by the lee.  As we rounded it and headed up to Rolph Island on close reach, wind began to freshen up rapidly and having it die momentarily in the lee of the Island was quite an experience.
On coming out of the soft spot behind Rolph Island we really had our work cut out for us as we began the long dead-on buck back to Doran's Pt. Bassin took the lead and I could see Maggie stretched right out flat to windward trying to hold the Pippa flat and Peter feathering up and up getting everything out of his boat.  He was really moving out.  Next was Ken Holloway, then I believe (correct me if I am wrong - things were hectic with the wind now right up and blasting away at trying to bury us all) Wally Cavill in Commodore Rumble's 634 was next with McNutt's 855 - I remember his with the blue sails leeward. The Redwing was just getting her feathers loosened up and beginning to relish the brisk breeze that was building up. She started to overtake Cavill then once ahead looked to the Blue sails of the McNutt boat and with my bearded crew screaming to fly for the green boat which rounded the Doran Pt. mark 2nd after Pippa and headed close to Hemlock Island while Pippa went on a tack out further. We not knowing that Ken had developed troubles aboard decided to play it safe and tack to follow Bassin - went too far, missed Ken and finish was Bassin, Holloway and Hicks.
Congratulations are in order to Commodore Rumble, Dr. Paine and his committee for providing facilities without which the race would definitely not have been the thrill that it was.

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