August, 1968


National Committee
Commodore: Bill Worrall Treasurer: Henry Bachofer
Vice-Commodore: Phil Fauntleroy Racing Captain: Dave Waring
Secretary: Marianne Ayres Measurer: Bob Spaulding

Notes From The National Committee

As expected, we are extremely busy at this time finalizing all aspects of the Wayfarer National Championships.   We are hoping for a record turnout this year in excess of the twenty-eight Wayfarers competing in 1967.  Since time sort of got away from us, we have included the flyer with details of the championships with this issue of the Skimmer.   Please read it thoroughly so there will be no misunderstandings regarding measurement, crews, or other details.  Race instructions will be passed out at the regatta as usual.

The National Committee thought the following letter taken from the Canadian Owners' Association publication would be of interest to the United States owners: (see June 1968 CWA news for this letter from Ian Proctor)


Fleet 1, Chicago: No news.

Fleet 2, Detroit: No news.

Fleet 4, Cleveland:
After two races, Nelson Richards is leading in a five-race series which is stretched out over the season.

The Cleveland fleet would like to see some Wayfarers from Detroit at the Put-in-Bay Regatta (August 5, 6, and 7).   They have had a good time there for several years now and would like to share this regatta with other Wayfarers.


Lake Erie becomes very treacherous in a high wind because it is a large and shallow body of water.

Wednesday, June 19, is a good example.  It was sunny and warm here in Cleveland.  About 7:00 p.m. a line of very high clouds moved in like gangbusters. This should have been enough warning that something was in the offing besides the the race.  The wind before the race was not high and Phil Fay (W-801) went out alone.  Many other people also went out who would only go in such seemingly fair weather.

The squall hit after the race was underway. The contestants were unaware of its severity and speed. It tore through at 65 knots, which was strong enough to pick up water from lake Erie and form it into a dense black wall twenty feet high!

Nearly the whole fleet capsized.  Even a Highlander went over in the parking lot on its trailer.

Unfortunately Bob Huston's boat (W-713) was thrown into a stone breakwall and severely damaged.  Fortunately, Bob and May managed to get in all right.  Phil Fay went over the high side after capsizing and stood on the centerboard.  He stayed fairly dry until the waves knocked him off.  Our Fleet Captain, Jack Reulbach and his wife, Bev, went over, got old W-603 up again and rode the storm out.

Although numerous boats were damaged, I am pleased to say that no one was seriously injured.

Bill Quayle Secretary, Fleet 4.
Fleet 6, Lake Orion, Michigan:
A one-day Invitational on Sunday, September 15, is scheduled on Lake Orion for those who wish to have some practice for the Regatta which is scheduled for the following weekend.  Personal invitations to both events will be mailed late in August.

A record of the standings in the Sunday morning races is being kept, resulting in a "champ of the month."  So far the winners are Don Roe for May and Bob Spaulding for June.

Fleet 6 Moonlight Sail
We were happy to have so many of Fleet 2 join us for our Moonlight Sail on July 13.  The first race started off in a brisk wind which diminished to a dead calm by the time we reached the channel connecting the two parts of Lake Orion.  Bob Spaulding, who was leading the pack at the time, appeared to anchor and wait for the rest of the boats to drift in.  For the next thirty minutes we visited and complained of hunger pangs.  It is rumored that Bob is boarding up the windows on his cottage because it faces the channel.  Seems he can't stand the sight of that stretch of water!

After a picnic supper, we had a pleasant sail in the dark.  The twinkling lights from the flashlights made such a pretty sight on the lake that we decided to have some informal sailing parties on future Saturday nights.

Winners of the evening were: 

First, Bill Worrall 
Second, Fred Lewis
Third, A tie between Dick Breidenich and Bob Spaulding.

Fleet 7, Longview, Washington: No news. 

Fleet 8, Portland, Oregon:  No news.


Time to be giving some thought to attendance at the North American Championship Races to be held over the Labor Day Weekend at the South Port Sailing Club in Windsor.

Since the Canadians are temporarily in charge of the trophy, they will be hosting the event this year and will be issuing personal invitations with details of events and accommodations.


W-971  Wood boat, factory built in England.  Complete with trailer.
Contact: Paul Ayres, 755 Parkdale, Rochester, Michigan 48063  Telephone: 651-0941 (Area Code 313)

W-1386 Fiberglas boat built by Irish.  One year old.  Red hull and white deck, aluminum mast and boom, Boston sails, Elvstrom bailers, tent cover, paddle, anchor and line, bag with extra parts, wind pennant, Pamco 900 lb. trailer and spare tire.  Complete package for $1800. Can be seen at Tri-City Sailboats in Saginaw or contact Don Frank, 551 Northwood Drive, Alpena, Michigan.


Be sure to send in all of your season race results at that time:

Betty Peacock, 2799 W. Avon Road, Rochester, Michigan