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note to potential buyers:
a brief synopsis of the various Marks usually available in N.A.

The only Wayfarer versions (all quite acceptable with no serious flaws) you'll usually see in N.A. are as follows:
  • Mark I (all the wooden W's plus a lot of the early and recent glass W's): full height forward bulkhead and buoyancy compartment with hatch which makes it storage-accessible and great for extended cruising. Also sounds best going through waves, since all other versions have a storage shelf under the foredeck and have a greater or lesser degree of oil drum sound effects when the boat hits a big wave or two. Four floorboards, two per side to which there are pros and cons
  • Mark II (built in the US and Canada and the UK): aforementioned bow storage shelf - oil drum sounds but no discernible effect on performance, i.e. slight annoyance factor in waves but a fine motivator to sail waves efficiently! One long floorboard on each side.
  • Mark III (built by Abbott in Sarnia only): much like the Mk II but has permanent floor and self-bailers on the side - good for leaving on mooring as rain water will drain out through the bailers if these are left open. The permanent floor creates a buoyancy tank under the floor that has been known to make it hard to keep the boat upright when it's been re-righted after a capsize - to see my experience with this, click here
  • Mark IV (built by Hartley Boats in England, represented by Nick Seraphinoff of NP Boats) - roomier interior an d no aft buoyancy tank which enables through-transom draining after a capsize for much easier self-rescue. The "racer" comes rigged with all the belle and whistles you might want.
sellers beware!!!!!
----- Original Message -----
From: Michael Kelly
To: Al
Sent: Monday, October 26, 2009 3:21 PM
Subject: Beware of fraudulent buyers

Dear Al;
I have my Wayfarer 8478 listed for sale with you and have received many inquiries.  Unfortunately, I accepted an offer from a 'buyer' who saw the ad on your website, but it is a fraudulent scam.  Meanwhile, I lost out on a couple of serious buyers.  My boat is still for sale. 
Perhaps other sellers should be warned about this scam.  The 'buyer' has a third party send a cheque for a much larger sum of money than the boat is selling for.  It appears to be a classic example of the over-billing scam, where I'm expected to send the additional funds to the buyer, who is not really interested in buying the boat at all.  I suspected this when I received the cheque and had the bank look into it, and they confirmed that it is indeed a forgery and that they are aware of this fraud occurring, especially targeting boat sales.
Hope nobody gets victimized by this scam.
Mike Kelly.

W7975 in Parry Sound: wooden Wayfarer likely built from Cobblewood kit

From: Paul Owen []
Sent: Monday, August 23, 2021 1:33 PM
Subject: Wooden W7975 for sale


W 7975 mk1 wood for sale. Equipped with

  • several sails: Mains, Genoas, jibs  spinnakers (but not rigged for spinnaker)
  • Good condition.was sailed last summer - Stored in garage over winter
  • Tilt-bed trailer for easier launch; Newer tires and rims; New wiring and lights
  • wooden oars
  • located Parry Sound

Paul   705 746 6711



W4678, glass Mark 2 in Mississauga

From: Gilmar []
Sent: Monday, May 3, 2021 4:56 PM
Subject: Wayfarer 4678 for sale


I am selling my W4678, a Mark 2 that is very good condition. Comes with main, jib and spinnaker. Trailer.

Asking price $2,500.00.

Contact Gilmar  (647) 293-9552




Mark 4s from Marc

Boats new and used

02/25/2021  Wayfarer Sail #? Mark 4 For Sale
At the end of the Worlds in Florida, we will have TWO Mark 4 Wayfarer Racers
for sale complete with sails plus the extras listed below:

Adjustable main bridle, Dyneema & Vectran rope fit out, Upgrade epoxy centerboard and rudder, Center main sheet with ratchet, Jib ratchet blocks (pair), Inner track jib adjustable, Tapered spinnaker sheets, Spinnaker bag fitted, Double water line, Mast chocks, padded toe straps, metal bailer upgrade, tidy bag, top flat cover, under cover, rudder bag and launch trolley. 9,400.98

You get to choose colors and any extras you would like. If interested, please contact

08/20/2020 Wayfarer 10888 Built 2012 Glass  Mark 4 
For Sale $14,500

See More Information
Contact Peter Rahn in Montreal


Wayfarer Mk 2 for sale in Peterborough, ON

From: []
Sent: Wednesday, August 7, 2019 1:30 PM
Subject: Wayfarer Mark 2 for Sale


I have a Wayfarer Mk II and trailer for sale in Peterborough ON. It is a 1976 based on the HIN. The sails are by Neil Pryde and are in excellent condition. The boat has been tarped but the floorboards installed by the previous owner in the late 90s have deteriorated. We are looking for reasonable offers.

  • Fulton trailer fitted with a hand winch
  • aluminum mast and boom
  • mainsail and jib made by Neil Pryde
  • Condition of foils: very good
  • Cover: none


Greg Pulham

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