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Sent: Tuesday, September 3, 2019 7:54 PM
To: John O'Dwyer (; Al Schonborn W3854; Alastair Ryder-T W10137; Andy Forman; Anne Pugh W11222; Bob Stevenson W440/W10960; Dave McCreedy W10861; Dave Meijer; Dave Wilpula W453;; Hans Gottschling W938; Jan d'Ailly W10964; Jim & Linda Heffernan W1066; Joanne Van Kampen W10944 (; John Cawthorne W10863; Julie Seraphinoff W11221; Kirk Iredale; Kit Wallace W994; Laurel (Parker) Green (; Leo Van Kampen W10944 ; Linda Heffernan W1066; Marc Bennnett W11221; Peggy Menzies W11158; Steph Romaniuk W397; susan pilling W397; Tom Wharton W600
Subject: two major items missing after the North Americans - help!!!


Hi, gang:


After several thorough searches at TSCC, the following items remain missing:


Jim Heffernan: Hello All,  I am missing a Doyle mainsail from TSCC.  Linda and I put it in the bag, an olive colored bag with the Doyle Sails insignia on it, set it on the ground and now it is missing   Any clues, please let me know.  Has W106main written on sail bag.  Best to all, Jim Heffernan


From: Dave McCreedy []
Sent: Sunday, September 1, 2019 9:21 PM
To: James Heffernan
Cc: Uncle Al; David Wilpula; Marc Bennett; Kit Wallace W994
Subject: Re: Missing sail at TSCC


Just to piggyback: 


I got home and found I did not have my Hans G cover, color grey. Would love to get it back. 




If anyone has these please contact Jim and/or Dave plus the delivery boy who will be me:




Uncle Al  W3854