the Canadian Wayfarer Association
Annual General Meeting
Sat 14 Jan 2017 * TS&CC
last updated: 20 Jan 2017

AGM and Awards Again Provide Bright Contrast to Gray Winter

The Toronto Sailing & Canoe Club has once again provided Wayfarers with a welcome break from winter in the form of the Annual General Meeting, dinner and awards held on Saturday 14 January. About two dozen of us thoroughly enjoyed the meeting and festivities, backed up by a fine dinner, drinks and Uncle Al's slides review of 2016 Wayfarer events which ran in the background all night long (below).

The official AGM Minutes are available here. Meantime I will try to recall the essentials:
1. proposal to ratify WIC Class Rules change permitting larger window area in sails was unanimously approved.
1(a)  updated version of the CWA Constitution was approved without dissension.

2. Uncle Al's suggestion to give annual Calendars to CWA members signed up for the coming year instead of for the previous year's membership. This will require our ExCom to start the membership drive at the end of October so that we will know how many to get printed at the end of November - good Christmas present? Approved.
3. AGM date change was discussed but the mid-January date continues to have a high approval rating
4. CWA ExCom has two additions: Susan Davis (W300) will be a member-at-large and Jan d'Ailly has agreed to be our liaison with Ontario Sailing and Sail Canada

Annual Awards for 2016
In the absence of Mike Codd, our traditional MC, presenting was done by none other than le grand fromage,
our Chair, Anne Pugh, capably assisted by Uncle Al filling in with the Vanna White duties.

Exceptional service to the CWA over the years: Hans Gottschling (W938)

The winner of our most prestigious trophy, the Don Davis Memorial, was Hans Gottschling, who unfortunately had to rush home before an incipient migraine could totally lay him low. "exceptional service to the CWA over the years" is what the trophy is given in recognition of, and our beloved Hans most definitely is deserving of this award which is a refresher for his 1981 win of the same trophy.

Hans on the Chesapeake Bay

Best exemplifying the Wayfarer spirit: Bob Stevenson

The Red Herring Award for 2016 went to TS&CC Commodore, Bob Stevenson (W442/10960)
who can also be seen below, sailing into Crisfield, Maryland's Somers Cove in May 2016.

Most Promising New Wayfarer of 2016: Susan Davis (W300)

Susan and her crew, Amanda, acquired W300, a lovely wooden boat during the summer, and not only sailed their first regatta at the Mississauga SC Wayfarer/CL Regatta, but Susan also sailed the boat to the regatta from TS&CC before the series, and back again afterwards. Fine Wayfarer spirit there.

Susan and Amanda (below left) on the race course and at ...

... the AGM.

Most Improved Wayfarer of 2016: Dave Hansman & Dave Richardson
2016 was an impressive year of improved performance for Dave (left) and Dave (right), highlighted by a win in the hotly contested Wayfarer Ontarios at Sail Parry Sound, and a win in the Silver Fleet of the Storer Trophy. Very well done, guys. All right, it was deliberate: Dave Richardson is the one on the left.

Most Interesting Act of Seamanship in 2016: Al Schonborn (W3854)
The 2015 winner of the Spittoon, Dave Richardson, meant to bring the trophy but forgot it at his hotel. Here he congratulates Uncle Al, who luckily has on hand a picture that answers two needs: Mike Codd whom we missed muchly at the AGM, and a photo of said Spittoon from Uncle Al's 2012 win when he let SHADES aka Glory Days slide onto a Fanshawe cement ramp during haul-out. Dave's win in 2015 was for sailing so well with a painful bad knee that has since been replaced, and ...

... Al's winning performance was a definitely worthy successor in 2016 as can be seen below.

Sailing solo in the annual Long Distance Race out of the North Bay YC,
Uncle Al managed to pop the chute on a fairly breezy close reach (above) and ...

... lived to tell the tale.

Best Log of 2016: Kit Wallace (W994)
Teaming up with former TS&CC Wayfarer and diplomat, Jonathan Dart, Kit Wallace sailed W994 Peregrine on a week-long cruise of Lake Huron's North Channel. His fine, nicely illustrated account of the adventure won Kit the 2016 Ted Davis Memorial Trophy, and is available on line.

a fine North Channel view

A fine Wayfarer berth for Kit and Peregrine

Jonathan Dart keeps a good lookout.

The Storer Trophy Winners for 2016

Silver Fleet 3rd: Mike and Marg Duncan  W10962

If you sailed fewer than three of our major championships, you got scored in the Silver Fleet. Three or more of those events attended and you moved to the Gold Fleet. Here, Mike and Marg accept their personalized 3rd-place award for 2016.

Mike and Marg in the 2016 Trout Lake Poker Race

Silver Fleet 2nd: AnnMarie Covington/Nick Seraphinoff/Susan Cole

AnnMarie and Nick in fine form at the 2016 Midwinters

Sailing with AnnMarie at the 2016 Mayor's Cup on Lake Townsend in North Carolina was Susan Cole.

Silver Fleet 1st: Dave Hansman and Dave Richardson  W10865

Silver Fleet winners: Dave and Dave

 2016 Don Rumble Memorial action on Callander Bay

Coming home quickly across Callander Bay after the North Bay YC's 2016 Canada Day Race

Gold Fleet 3rd: Sue Pilling and Steph Romaniuk  W397
W397 Chich in fine form on Tawas Bay at our 2016 North Americans

Sue and Steph's Pumpkin Regatta and Red Top Award win turned out to be not quite enough to overcome the one-point edge that Marc and Julie Bennett had established over Team Chich the weekend before by winning at Clark Lake (below). Unfortunately, the Pumpkin's three-boat W fleet left it well short of the 6-boat minimum that the 2016 Storer rules required for the regatta to count. New better rules for 2017.

Gold Fleet 2nd: Marc Bennett and Julie Seraphinoff  W1081

Fine form for Marc and Julie as they steer Jamaica Blue to their Clark Lake win in late September, which ...

... followed up their 2nd-place finish at the previous week's Mississauga SC Wayfarer/CL regatta.

Gold Fleet 1st and winners of the Storer Trophy:
David and Anne Pugh  W10963

Consistent excellence for Oakville, Ontario's David and Anne Pugh,
as they won the 2016 Storer Trophy by three points over Marc and Julie.

Tawas Bay, September 2016: David and Anne on their way to a well-sailed series 3rd at our North Americans.