the Canadian Wayfarer Association AGM
Sat 14 Jan 2017 * TS&CC
Honorary Commodores' Report
last updated: 24 Jan 2017

2016 was, for us, proof once again that time in your boat improves your ability as a sailor.  In reality, this is was the first year since we bought  the boat in 2011 that I (Dave H) have been able to really focus on the racing and spend the time needed to get better, go faster.  Quite frankly, this is the also the first time that I could truly say I began to “feel” the boat, being able to figure out what we were sensing as “not right” and somewhat automatically doing the right thing to correct the situation.  Everyone knows that I have to give a lot of credit to my shipmate Dave Richardson who worked hard to get his new hip into competitive shape for the season.  While our non-roll tacks still need work, as least we didn’t need to resort to the “shuffle” tack we relied on in 2015!


Once again, our volunteers made a huge difference to the season.  Where would we be without them?  No matter whether it is a racing event at Conestoga, Mississauga, Parry Sound, Toronto, North Bay or any of the other numerous locations across Ontario, Michigan and other parts of the USA, or cruising events big or small, it is the volunteers that make it happen.  Thanks to everyone for the fine work and good times. 


The Wayfarer international competition, the “Worlds”, took place in the Netherlands this past July.  The reports, stories and results all pointed to a very interesting, somewhat challenging week of sailing in variable winds on a relatively small body of water using an unusual gold and silver fleet arrangement.  Canada was represented by three teams, all of whom seem to have really enjoyed the overall experience and the hospitality of the hosts in Heeg, Frieslan.  Congratulations to Sue and Steph, Leo and Joanne, Rob and Daniel for sailing well and making sure that Canadians were a factor in the events.


The executive was busy again this year.  Not everyone may recognize the amount of work that goes on in the background, but the regular executive meetings hosted by people such as Alastair and joined via Skype by those of us far away, have been worthwhile, productive and sometimes very entertaining.  Thanks to Anne and Scott for keeping us on track and the business moving ahead, Kit for keeping the membership  duties rolling and to Steph Romaniuk for working hard on the advertising sponsors!  It is also appropriate to also thank Al Schonborn for continuing the excellent work with the Whiffle Web, keeping us informed, educated and allowing us a direct conduit to communicate with the rest of the Wayfarer world. 


And finally, since there seems to be a huge amount of grey hair (if we have hair at all!) amongst the Wayfarer fleet, we would like to acknowledge and thank Marc Bennett and Julie Seraphinoff for all the work they are doing in the USA side of things to try and get more young people interested in and involved in Wayfarer sailing; we all need to be doing the same.  We must make a point of getting out sailing with someone 20 years old or younger on a regular basis whether that be for racing, cruising or just out for a couple hours on an evening sail.


Our very best regards to all.  We look forward to seeing you in 2017.  That includes our good friend Nick Seraphinoff who finds the bunkers on the golf course just as well as he finds the “holes” on a Wayfarer race course.


Dave and Carol Hansman