the 2018 CWA Annual General Meeting
Sat 6 Jan * Toronto Sailing & Canoe Club
report by Uncle Al
CWA Business: New Chair, Vice-Chair, Trophy Secretary for 2018

Two main action items highlighted this year's AGM which was disappointingly sparse in attendance:
1. Voting on two proposed Rule changes, and
2. Voting in of new members of our Executive.

Scott has covered the Rules and CWA ExCom voting in his Minutes. So I will just introduce the additions to our 2018 CWA Executive Committee, not forgetting to thank our 2017 EXCom for all the good work we did on behalf of Wayfarers in Canada and around the world.

New Faces in Old Places

New C.W.A. Chair for 2018.
Very big shoes to fill for MSC's Rob Wierdsma who bowed to popular demand by agreeing to take over from Anne Pugh.
Jan d'Ailly voted in as Vice-Chair. For the first time in decades, we have a solid succession plan in place, as Jan is willing to be our Chair with a bit more experience.
Marg Duncan: Trophy Secretary Marg will be responsible for keeping track of our many trophies, and for ensuring that they plus relevant info are present when needed.

Annual Awards
Our out-going Chair, Anne Pugh, was (supposed to be) recognized for her fine work by being presented
with the Don Davis Memorial Trophy in 2018. Alas - a collective senior moment was had.

This year's Red Herring Award for best exemplifying the Wayfarer spirit
went to the Conestoga team of Scott Ramsay (above) and Les Sherratt

TSCC Commodore, Bob Stevenson (l), accepted the Lansdown-O'Brien Spittoon for the year's most notable act of seamanship on behalf of the under-the-weather Tom Wharton and his team of volunteers who put on an excellent Wayfarer North Americans despite severe flood condition at TSCC. See next photo as well.

By mid-July, the waters of Lake Ontario had gone down a fair bit. Our awe and admiration go to Tom Wharton and his Icebreaker and North Americans Regatta Teams who coped with water levels even higher than the above.

Our Most Improved Sailor in 2017 was Rob Wierdsma
with noble assistance from son, Daniel, and daughter, Samantha.

Unfortunately not present were Dave and Gillian Haight who won this year's Beaver Bowl as our Most Promising New Sailors.

the Storer Trophy

A bottle of fine wine and "Bronze" in this year's exciting Storer Trophy competition went to Al Schonborn who got fine assistance from no fewer than nine different crews over the course of the year! Heartfelt thanks to Ava Moring, Tony Krauss, Keith Gunder, David Schonborn, Frank Goulay, Dave McCreedy, Shannon Donkin, Jeannie Allamby and John Waller (The Pirate).

Storer 2017 Silver went to Marc Bennett and his wife, Julie Seraphinoff, of East Lansing, MI.

Winners of the 2017 Storer Trophy: David Pugh and wife, Anne.