Regatta 2017 Final Results

More wind sped the competitors along on day two of the Clark Lake Yacht Club’s Fall Regatta.  Two races yesterday and two, today, provided the numbers needed to determine the winners.  Or did they?  It turns out there was a three-way tie for first place for the Wayfarers and a three-way tie for second place among the Rebels.  So were the ties broken through trial by combat?  No, there are rules that address ties.  But race officials had to go down to the last level of them to solve the dilemma today. 

Scoring works somewhat similar to golf.  The lower your score, the better you place. If you come in 4th in one race, and 7th in the next, your score is 11.  Low numbers rise to the top when the heats are combined.

Here are the winners for each class, but don’t stop there.  Scroll down for more views of the gorgeous boats in this event, including video and air pics from BJ Lyons’ drone. 


1st Place
Tom Marriott, captain; Nat Hill, crew – sail 4179


2nd Place
Steve Cummings, captain; Lyndsie Cummings, crew – sail 4167


3rd Place
Tim Nickels, captain; Brad Nickels, crew – sail 4200


4th Place
Dave Nickels, captain; Peter Klein, crew – sail 4176

5th Place
Jay Topping, captain; Pat Topping and Bruce Nowak, crew – sail 3994

6th Place
Kevin Nickels, captain; Brianna Nickels, crew – sail 4140


1st Place
Al Schonborn, captain; Shannon Donkin, crew – sail 3854

2nd Place
Sue Pilling, captain; Steph Romaniuk, crew


3rd Place
Marc Bennett, captain; Julie Seraphinoff, crew – sail 10861

4th Place
Joe DeBincat, captain; Larry Lewis, crew – sail 1115

5th Place
Ian Pouliot, captain; Jake Wolny, crew – sail 3999

6th Place
David Wilpula, captain; Gabbie Smith, crew – sail 453

7th Place
Dave McCreedy, captain; Vitaly Conhar and Jorge Vivas, crew – sail 8911

8th Place
Erik Smith, captain; Ted Johnson, crew – sail 2420


1st Place
Mark Kastell – sail 7500

2nd Place
Jim Richter – sail 4058


3rd Place
Richard O’Boyle – CB-1


Geoff Moehl, captain; Gene Palmer, crew – sail 5206

Saturday Highlights

Sunday Highlights

Clark Lake is never accused of being one-dimensional.  Almost always you can find an abundance of activities.  Below is a sampling of some other activities during the Regatta.

So how do you win a sailboat race?  On Saturday, Primary Race Director Neil Robb revealed the secrets in this video.  The Yacht Club’s scorer, Hugh Harris, explained how more points mean less gain, sort of like golf.  And Neil finished it off with the story of the spinnaker.  Click to watch now.








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