No lay-off rust on 2022 Nationals winners, Dave Hansman and Dave Richardson, at Peterborough SC

2022.08.05 a work in progress   The North Bay team of Dave Hansman and Dave Richardson (below) made themselves right at home as 14 teams came to our newest Nationals venue, the Peterborough SC on Clear Lake, July 23-24 for the Canadian Wayfarer Nationals. Even after a long time-out from sailing, Dave and Dave built up an insurmountable lead with 2-1-1-1-1 finishes in Saturday's hot, gusty winds before coasting to a convincing series victory in cooler, rainy weather and more moderate winds on the Sunday when the forecast horror show of rain and thunderstorms fortunately failed to materialize. This was Dave and Dave's second Nationals win as they had won the 2019 Canadian Nationals at Conestoga.

Dave Richardson and CWA Commodore, Dave Hansman

It was close but no cigar for two teams still looking for their first Canadian Nationals win, David Pugh and Leo Van Kampen. These teams entered the final race with 14 points apiece. Oakville's 4th-seeded David and Anne Pugh (above) of the Mississauga SC took charge early in the finale, and proceeded to sail a safe race, staying between Conestoga's Leo Van Kampen and the next mark throughout the triangle-sausage race to nail down the runner-up spot.

The Bronze finish was a silver lining for the 9th-seeded Leo with  wife, Joanne, on Saturday and Ottawa's Frank Goulay (above) - an emergency replacement on the threatening Sunday - as they beat their seed by an impressive six spots and easily took Most Improved honours.

Freshly retired and moved to Midland and the Midland Bay SC and a shiny green new mark 4, Alastair Ryder-Turner and son, Andrew (above), beat their 7th seed by a fine three places as they placed 4th overall, just two points ahead of another father-son duo also in a new mark 4, Ross and Eric Thompson (below), who make their sailing home the Mississauga SC. Their fine debut in June at the Warm Water had the Thompsons seeded 3rd but they fell just short of matching their seed this time around.

The top-seeded Wayfarer and pride of Parry Sound, Sue Pilling and Steph Romaniuk (above), could do no better than 6th overall this time around. Steph was not feeling his best on the Saturday to the extent that he had to beg off taking part in Saturday's blistering hot and humid 5th race.

The lone crew representing the once mighty Wayfarer fleet at the Toronto Sailing & Canoe Club was the veteran team of Kit Wallace and George Waller in the lovely W994 Peregrine. A sparkling 4th-place finish in race 4 highlighted a fine performance that saw the 11th-seeded Kit and George place series 7th and just miss out on Most Improved honours.

A mere two points behind Kit and George in 8th overall were
the Mississauga SC's Mike Duncan and his wife, Marg (above), sailing Gael Force. The Duncans had two high spots in their series, a 2nd in race 2 and a 5th in the finale, as they in turn edged out former clubmates, Rob Wierdsma with daughter, Samantha (below), by just a single point. Rob recently retired and moved back to Peterborough, his childhood.

The Nationals was quite a success for 15th-seeded Scott Ramsay, our hard-working CWA Secretary, and Les Sherratt (aqove) of Conestoga who sailed their new mark 4 Nehalennia [Celtic goddess of the sea?] to a fine 10th place overall.

Our main hosts at the Peterborough SC, Richard Spirk and Pam Leeuwestein (above), had a busy series apart from being our hosts. Richard had worked hard to bring up to snuff
for the Nationals