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Sarah McCreedy reports back to her family from the sunny South
From: Dave McCreedy  W1389
Sent: Monday, March 06, 2017 11:08 AM

Hi Al, good as always to hear from you.

Sarah is and was 10.  Here is a partial transcript of her journal (with original spellings)...

We are finally hear [at LESC]. We got there at 6:19 p.m. We chit chadded with some people then we had pulled pork and me and Dad went back to the tent and watched My All Amercin and then went to bed. We were slepping and we heard a noise it sounded like it was down pooring or someone was moveing the tarp but it was the sprinklers were spraying the tent! We woke up and had breakfast I had a donut and honey nut cheroes and then we got the boat ready. It is almost race time!
We went to setup the boat the race was poesponed. Whall Dad set up the boat I played in the lake by the boat and I stepped on a bee! Ouch! The race was called off for today. We went swimming. The race is back on! They called off the race again. Why!
I am excited for tomorrow so we can sail and I am excited for Monday so I can see the ocean!
Today we went sailing/race in one of them we came in 8th place
[ed. note: it seemed like 8th] and there were 18 boats in the race. We almost tiped a few times. Me and Dad are going to have pulled pork for lunch. I might go sailing by myself on a small boat. It is colder than yesterday, but still hot. We did good in the races.
We are going to the Saraphenof’s house for a super bowl party on Sunday! I am very excited!!! Everyday I go out and sit in the same place and write in the jurnal. Everyday Uncle Ale comes and talks to me. He is going to bring me the book he wrote if he rembers tomorrow.
Me and Dad had an acorn throwing contest it was a tie. Then we went to bed.
Today there is going to be no wind so they called off the race. Dad took out the boat (frown emoji). I have injoyed this sailing trip. ? I took a lot of pitcures. We did awards and I got a award it is a cool bag!
The next day we went to the beach. Fun fun fun! We went on a jet ski, we walked the beach, we went to the pink castle and got ice cream! I had a blast!
Sarah McCreedy, age 10