the 2018 Midwinters/US Nationals
Lake Eustis SC * February 2-4
Sunday's Windy Final Two Races

(180309)   Despite our many misadventures, we had SHADES/Glory Days well placed for a run at the "podium". Sunday was our breeziest day yet and we were a mere three points in back of 3rd-place Marc and Julie. Our race plan was simple: Beat Marc and Julie or "go home".

the race 8 start

8th race notes from W3854:
I seem to recall that we went for the favoured pin end start
but again could not outdo Doug and Andrew who were once more run-away winners to clinch the titles. As mentioned earlier, I messed up a finish-line tack, and ended up a very close 3rd to Marc's 2nd.

the first run: Doug (extreme right), Al (far left, not a good position
from which to get mark room), Marc near middle
   larger image here

The leaders approach the first leeward mark.

Marc and Julie round a clear 2nd to Doug and Andrew (gone already) while the chickens have come home to roost for Al who is stuck on the outside and will lose both David (11222) and Dave (10864).

Dave tacks to starboard while he still can, just before Sue rounds.
Ian and Jake lurk in The Gilded Lady (3999)

Dave McCreedy with Dave Wilpula reach the second windward mark
just before Andy Forman and Karlheinz Krueger.

Mr. Solo has lined up Annette Grefe (W276) as his crew for the day.

9th race notes:
As mentioned, Uncle Al pleaded old age (76) to super-crew, Frank, and we sat out the finale. Free beer and a relaxed haul-out did have its appeal, and by the time we reached Frank's rental near Orlando we were rested and all set for dinner out with the ladies: Kim, her daughter, Gabby, and Gabby's equally enjoyable friend, Marlene. What could be better than dinner with Wayfarer Man and three lovely babes - all while having the greatest Super Bowl game ever on TV. Did I mention the wine and beer?

the start of race 9: Only a select group of sailors remains out there.

Doug and Andrew risk the chute. Was this the beginning of their 7th-place finish?

Word is that this race was all David and Dodge.

(l to r) Marc and Julie, David and Dodge, Sue and Steph, Dave and Arial

a 4th for Sue and Steph as the Pirate looks on

AnnMarie and Bob took 9th ahead of ...

... Patty and John.