the 2021 Wayfarer Midwinters (2020 U.S. Nationals)
Lake Eustis SC * February 5-7
Daily Reports by Arial Harrington

updated: 6 Feb 2021 at 2141 hrs
Friday: 3 races on the first day completed. Race Committee set up the course to be a triangle and then a sausage. The legs were so long we never completed the W3 for any of the races. RC shortened each race when we were approaching 1 hour of racing. Our start for the first race was terrible. We climbed our way up from the back of the pack to finish 4th...whew! We continued to see consistent wind from the SW over all 3 races. Even though the wind was teasing up to the teens, the waves stayed big which slowed us down. Race 2 was a close finish with Cook. We just could not sneak past him! Race 3 we tried to roll the dice to get past the 2 leaders, but they kept us at bay to have a photo finish. Today leaves us in 3rd with the 2 leaders tied for 1st.
Fun story:
Joe Schnur
’s rudder snapped in 2 🤯🤯 Not so fun while Joe was going downwind. He went to steer through a puff and then *crack* no more rudder! He was able to make it safely back to shore. Fortunately,
Marc Bennett
had hooked us up with a new rudder this morning, so we passed on our old rudder to Joe so he can keep racing!

Patty Kuntz and Dave Moring wait out the windy postponement.

Saturday on the water:
Quick update: we’re 2 races in and waiting for the RC to adjust the course. Bennett’s won both races, Cook both seconds and we took both thirds. Wind has been 3-7 and still cloudy. Hopefully the rain holds off!

Saturday post-race:

After 4 races, everyone is a little tired. After our two thirds, we finally found the next gear and took home two firsts

Sunday morning:
⛵️Last day of the 2021 Wayfarer Midwinters
2 races will be sailed starting at 10am. All the storms have passed and the breeze is filling in from the west. We may see some lumpy wave conditions. Good luck to everyone!