National Long Distance Race
North Bay YC, Callander Bay
Monday 2 July 2018
Carol Hansman photos
last updated: 9 July 2018 at 1759 hrs

Double Daves Capture 2018 Distance Race in Perfect Weather

From: Richardson, David 
Sent: Tuesday, July 3, 2018 2:56 PM
Subject: Long Distance Race


Hi Al


Missed you on the weekend. I hope David is feeling better. You would have enjoyed the long distance race. Perfect 10- to 15-knot breezes with occasional gusts to 20.


We will see you at the W/CL regatta at MSC or at the Canadians in Parry Sound.



From: Hansman, Dave 
Sent: Monday, July 2, 2018 7:52 PM
Subject: LDR results


Hi Al:


Wish you had been here.  What a fantastic day of sailing for the LDR.  We could not have asked for more.  Want to plane under spinnaker?  We had that.  Want to plane on a reach?  We had that.  Totally delightful but never overpowering.



Ross and Lori Jamieson were the RC, using their power boat to accompany us. 

We decided on an LDR that was totally within the Bay, doing a double circuit of the marks in the bay rather than go to J5 in the main lake.  We started at the club as usual , going to 6 and then around the islands, but instead of heading out the channel, we took a run down wind to 2, over to 1 and back to 3 – just like our finishes in the past.  However, this time, when rounding 3 we went back to 6 and repeated the circuit, heading back to the club after 3 on the second time around (see map attached).  The winds built as the day went on.  A great ride and a lot of work!


Starting time 11:10:00


Finishing position and times as follows:


1.       Dave/Dave         13:17:55

2.       Sue/Steph          13:22:38

3.       Scott/Les            13:29:04


Most improved – Dave/Dave who had been seeded 2nd behind Sue/Steph.


Our wish?  That a few more boats had been able to enjoy what we did today.


Best regards,



Sue and Steph get set to depart as Dave Richardson checks the wind conditions.

our beloved Sue Pilling

the participants: (l to r) Scott Ramsay, Dave Hansman, Les Sherratt, Dave Richardson, Steph Romaniuk, Sue Pilling

the 2018 winners of ...

... the Croce & Lofthouse Cruise Race Trophy