Pymatuning Wayfarer Rally: June 19-20, 2004
report by Ron Baker
photos by Margie Harrington
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...  We had a great time, and were all sorry that you and Mike (Anspach) were unable to attend.  Hopefully, we can get together at the next one!
Ron Baker
P.S. Dick, I'm sending a copy along to you in case you would like to post it on the website.  Thanks again to you and Margie for making it a very special day.  We'll see you at Parry Sound!
Northern Ohio Wayfarer Rally
By Ron Baker
June seems to be the month our Wayfarers like to have cruising rallys.  This year our small group of Wayfarer sailors got together on June 19 at Pymatuning Lake.  Our plans included exploring the lake during the day, and enjoying an evening cookout.  I was preoccupied with the weather forecasts during the week just before the rally, trying to get some idea of what Saturday would bring.  Above all, I was hopeful the winds would provide good sailing.  As it turned out, we sure weren't disappointed!
Pymatuning Lake straddles the Ohio-Pennsylvania border about 20 miles south of Lake Erie.  Much of the shore is state park land and is undeveloped.  Many islands exist in the north end providing interesting places to visit with the boats.  Two areas in particular have been given special wilderness status by the state of Pennsylvania.  Clark Island consists of a mature hardwood forest and white pines, separated from the main shore by a narrow channel.  Black Jack Swamp is an important wetland area and provides habitat for a variety of plants and animals.  Bald eagles are currently nesting in both of these special places.
Our group included Dick & Margie Harrington sailing their woodie Blue Mist.  Joe & Mary Trepal joined the fun and brought along their Wayfarer Tomato Sloop.  My daughter Robin, just home from her freshman year at Ohio University, became the "hike-out" specialist of the day, sailing with her mom, Lori, and me in Pegasus.  We started the day by meeting at the Pymatuning Sailing Club located on the northwest shore of the lake.  The weather turned out to be fine.  Partly cloudy with the temperature just right.  There seemed to be plenty of breeze from the northwest.  And since the docks were in the lee of the shore, the lake looked fairly calm from there.  It didn't take long to get the boats rigged and launched.  While setting up, we were treated to the sight of a pair of eagles hunting over the water.  Their pure white heads and tails made sharp contrast with the sky.  And their board-like wings seemed locked in place while they glided along.  Then, in a flash, one dropped to the water for a fish.
We cast off about noon and headed north into the relative security of the windward end of the lake.  Shortly we turned  into the channel that separates Clark Island from shore.  Heading southeast, the wind allowed us to move carefully along on broad reaches (what fun!), and we soon came into the open lake.  The wind had increased noticeably, but we continued downwind for a while.  After spending some time in the lee of Harris Island we turned for home and began the long beat back.  Finding it difficult to stay close together, each boat found its own way back through the building waves.  The waves made this part of the trip very exciting.  Quite a bit of water came aboard over the bow.  Of course, our skipper appreciated the "hike-out" specialist blocking much of the water, and kept the boat on the appropriate tack to maximize this benefit!  Returning to the docks, we found our four friends tied up snuggly.  Later, National Weather Service observations at the Ashtabula County Airport, located about 10 miles northwest of the lake, indicated sustained winds at 15 with gusts at 21 during our outing
After a rest and a bit more sailing, we pulled the boats out and got ready for the cookout provided by the folks at the sailing club.  We were warmly received by everyone at the club, and enjoyed that special relaxation that comes after a good sail when the boats are stowed.  We all had a great time, and plans are already in the making for our next sailing outing!
Dick & Margie Harrington W887
Joe & Mary Trepal W3971
Ron, Lori & Robin Baker W7356
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Hi folks,
Here are some more photos thanks to Margie and her camera.  We wish we could have done better with on the water pictures. However, the tricky sailing conditions, combined with the three boats always too far separated, prevented that from happening.  Margie got a couple of shots of me alone under a reefed main which gives you the 'feel'.  The distant shot of me was taken just after I survived a nasty gust--you can see the roughed up water behind.  It was great fun, yes!  I disagree with the Ashtabula Airport's wind gauge.  The gusts hitting us were easily 25 knots and they were oscillating -- causing several unplanned jibes, if you know what I mean.
The Bakers did a fantastic job as our hosts and we were treated like members of the family by the Pymatuning Sailing Club.  They are a terrific group and sure know how to put on a great dinner.  The sailing club would love to see the Wayfarers return and participate in more of their invitational races. 
Thanks for the great fun---DICK & MARGIE

South of Lake Erie you will find ...

... on the Ohio-Pennsylvania state line ...

... Pymatuning State Park and Reservoir.

A lovely and popular sailing ...

... area.

Dick Harrington returns from a reconnaissance sail in winds that are already turning gusty.

A well-timed reef makes the sailing virtually ...

... easy!!

Ron Baker and daughter, Robin, get set to test the winds and waters.

Lori Baker (l) assists Joe and Mary Trepal.

The gang at dinner, left to right, are:  Ron and Robin Baker, Mary Trepal (back), Lori Baker (front),
Joe Trepal and Dick Harrington.  Sorry, but Margie is on the camera.
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