The 2018 North American Rally
Hermit Island, Maine * August 18-24

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Fun at the Hermit Island Rally 2008
(4 Dec 2017)  After a four-year hiatus, 2018 marks our return to the marvelous mid-coast region of Maine

The location, Hermit Island Campground at Point Small, is a large privately run campground on the very tip of 
Cape SmallHermit Island is about 25 minutes south of Bath and Bath is approximately 35 miles east of Portland. 

For anyone who has not previously sailed this rugged coast, this will be a totally new and exhilarating encounter.  We will enjoy the thrill of open sea sailing, the scenic grandeur of
Maine's bold granite coast, and the opportunity to see what it's like sailing an area with large tides and occasional strong currents.  The rally dates are Saturday, August 18th through Saturday, August 24th
For those who have not been at Hermit Island before, there are pictures and reflections from all our previous stays on Hermit Island - 2002, 2008, 2011, 2014 - at:

About the region. Hermit Island sits at the head of a 10-mile long peninsula (Cape Small) that juts far out into the cold, clear blue waters of the Gulf of Maine.  Though these waters are frigid, they abound with a multitude of sea creatures--sea birds, water fowl, seals, osprey, eagles and occasional families of dolphins or porpoises.  

 marks the eastern boundary of Casco Bay, which is beautiful, full of interesting islands, and perfect for Wayfarer cruising. Upon rounding Small Point eastward, one encounters what is referred to as the midcoast region.  This is where two of Maine's largest rivers, the Kennebec and Sheepscot, meet the ocean.  It is a prime location for lobstering and fishing.  
The rally cruising will include island visits and beach landings, as well as other sailing activities.
The Bath area is steeped in history with many interesting sites worth seeing. There is no dearth of available rainy day activities.  One notable attraction is the world renowned Maine Maritime Museum in Bath.  In the 18th and early 19th century, this was the center of a booming ship building industry. Many large wooden ships, including some of the famous clippers and Grand Banks schooners, were being built along the banks of the Kennebec.  Today the Bath Ironworks produces many of the U. S. Navy ships.
About Hermit Island Campground.  This campground is unique and especially attractive in many ways. There is no other oceanside campground in this part of Maine that is so well suited for a Wayfarer rally.  Being situated right on Small Point, the campground's many ocean overlooks offer particularly splendid vistas of Maine's magnificent bold coast. There are 275 campsites. Much of the campground is wooded, with the majority of campsites located in a wooded setting.  There are a limited number of sites situated on rocky bluffs with an ocean view and others that are close to the beaches on sandy meadows of thick, coarse high grass.  These are priced at a premium rate and are generally more exposed to the elements. 
There is an outstanding small boat harbor which includes a paved launch ramp, large dinghy float, and several moorings. Space at the float and moorings is free on a first-come basis. Near the southern harbor entrance is a marina where slips can be rented.  The dinghy float and moorings should be able to accommodate many, but possibly not all, of the Wayfarers.  The other option is to anchor out.  (The tidal range is on the order of 8 to 10 feet.) Other Hermit Island amenities include a sizable camp store, restaurant, and rainy day recreational building.  For more complete details see 
About Reservations at Hermit Island for 2018. We have submitted a group registration for all those participants that responded to email on the 2018 Hermit Island Rally over the last two months.  Those reservations were for sites on East Tack Way, Branch, and Harbor Grove.

Hermit Island will bill directly the individuals listed. They will send one bill after they complete the reservations. The bill will show a due date for the $125.00 deposit, and a due date for the remaining balance after deposit. You may send full payment at once, or send a deposit followed by the balance but they do not generally send another bill after they receive a deposit unless we are asked. So you may send full payment or break it down into two separate payments. After the site is paid in full we will send out a confirmation.

Any subsequent changes and adjustments will be handled on a direct basis (the organizers don't need to get involved in schedule changes).  Note that these winter reservations for 7 days for Prime sites are special—so changes have their own rules.  Click here for more detailed change/cancellation policy.


Photos of many of the requested campsites can be viewed here.


Late registrants should let the organizer know of their interest, but will need to make their own site reservations using the standard Hermit Island process as described on their website


The Main Campground Rules:  One car per site, no pets.  If more than one car is needed, there is off-site parking at the trailer park campground just outside the drive off the main highway leading to Hermit Island.  Cost is $5/day.  Consult the website for more information on campground policies.

Marina:  For those who requested a marina slip, that was included in the group request.  


Next steps: 

For reservations, keep your eye out for billing from Hermit Island


For rally planning there will be additional emails and updates to this page regarding:

  •  Boat and skipper requirements for the rally
  • Information on sailing in the area, charts etc.
  • Information on putting out your own mooring
  • Social Planning

link to updates will be placed here
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