North American Rally #20
& Wayfarer Distance Race
Killbear Park, Parry Sound, ON *
Sat 10 Aug - Sat 17 Aug 2019
for more information, contact:  Alan Asselstine  or  Kit Wallace

Distance Race details

updated: 4 August 2019

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2019 North American Wayfarer Rally - Killbear

Hi, Killbear 2019 Rally goers:
Killbear - Activities



The rally is primarily about sailing, hopefully every day, and I am sure very enjoyable. Weather permitting, we plan to be on the water Saturday August 10. This is a day to individually shake down your boat and crew. This year, we are adding a new event to the rally, a Long Distance Race on Sunday August 11. Details of the race are below. It will be a fun event and we hope that most will participate. Starting on Monday August 12, we will have our regular day cruises. At the rally, when sailing and meeting with other Wayfarers, you can improve your sailing skills and the set-up of your boat.

Relevant Canadian charts:

Shore line/small boat chart including Perry Sound [the body of water not the town]. These charts have more detail and better show the marked channels than 2242, the general chart that covers the entire cruising area and more, and that replaced 2284.
2203 (North from Parry Sound)
2202 (South from Parry Sound)

Long distance race. Sunday August 11.

On Parry Sound, the body of water, on chart 2202 Sheet 4 of 5. The Captains' meeting will be at 10:00 AM at the west end of Lighthouse Beach, to allow for non-rally LDR participants time to get to Killbear. Race start time 11:30 off Killbear Point (Lighthouse Beach).  Wind direction and speed will determine the race start line, the route, the distance and the finish line. This will be announced prior to the race. It will be a Jackrabbit start with the rabbit on port tack and the other racers must go astern of the rabbit on a starboard tack.

There will be a motorized follow boat and at least one Wayfarer in the fleet equipped with a motor.  However, given the distances involved, each boat must be equipped to respond to any situation it may face as per regulations as found in the Canadian Safe Boating Guide  Each captain is responsible for the seaworthiness and safety of her/his boat and crew.

Entry Fee: We will be passing the hat to cover the cost of this event.

Day Cruises - Monday August 12 to Friday August 16

Each day, there will be a Captains’ meeting to consider the options for that day’s sail. The meetings will be at 9:00 AM at the west end of Lighthouse Beach. All participants are encouraged to attend these meetings. A sailing destination or destinations will be determined jointly, along with a departure time(s). Various fleets will be formed to head to different destinations, possibly at different departure times. It is imperative that you share your intended choice of fleet and that you know who else is sailing with that fleet. With a possible 28 boats on the water, it is important to communicate. The Captains' meeting is also a good time to ensure all boats have crew or, where possible, the crews could swap boats and so get to know others.

Possible Day Cruises:

1.      Sail through Hole in the Wall (between Huckleberry and Wall Is)- and return by north-side of Huckleberry and Mowat Islands (In the Sound ) – (round trip - 20 km or 12.5 miles)

2.      Parry Sound town & return (In the Sound) Docking can be a problem and some sail with the fleet but do not stop in the town. - ( round trip 22 km or 13.8 miles)

3.      The Pancakes & return. (In the bay) - (20 km or 12.5 miles)

4.      Regatta Bay & return.(In the bay) – 25 km or 15.5 miles.

5.      Snug Harbour & return (In the bay) - 25 km or 15.5 miles.

6.      East side of Mowat, Home Island and Grave Island to one of the marinas in Carling Bay. Return west side of Goat Island & Wigwam Island. (In the Sound) - 10-12 miles.

7.      To Sandy Island & return. Rose Island Channel taken either going out or coming home. A place to land? (In the bay) - ( round trip 22 km or 13.8 miles)

8.      Collins Bay to Deep Bay - explore & return. (In the bay) - (20 km or 12.5 miles)


The rally is primarily about sailing but not only about sailing. It is a great chance to meet other sailors. The daily Captains’ meetings are a great place to meet and greet your fellow sailors.

On the Sunday evening, August 11 at 7:00PM, we will have a Mixer/ Ice Breaker at campsites 1190/92/93. This will be a dessert, cheese and crackers pot luck event. Bring some food to share plus your chairs, glasses, plates and drinks. Also bring some stories, songs, etc. Skits, guitars etc. are also welcome. For the sing-along you should print off the sailing songs as per the attached.

On Monday, August 12 there will be informal gatherings after dinner at various campsites. This will be a good time for some of the rally Old Timers to take the lead in introducing newcomers to the joys of Wayfarer rallies.

On Tuesday, August 13 at 5:30 we will have the rally banquet at Gilly's Snug Harbour Restaurant & Marina, 138 Snug Harbour Road, There will be set menus and you will be asked to make your selection. Here is the link for the menu options. Fill in the survey for each member of your group. The dessert is fresh baked cookies and squares and the set price is $39. per person plus taxes and gratuity. You will pay Gilly's directly at the restaurant.

On Wednesday August 14 there will be a corn roast/ pot luck at campsites 1190/92/93. This will be a dress-up night with the theme of Greek Mythology. Your chance to be a Goddess or a God. Get your toga out. We will be passing the hat to cover the cost of this event.

On Thursday August 15 there will be informal gatherings after dinner at various campsites.

Friday August 16 is a time when everybody brings their left over food to campsites 1190/92/93 to end the rally.


You can help to make Killbear 2019 an even more enjoyable event. Possible ways to help:
1) Check the weather forecast each morning and share/ interpret this forecast to all at the Captain’s meeting.
2) Contribute to the various social activities.
3) Help other sailors as need be.
4) If you are not participating in the LDR, we can use some help. Even anchoring your boat near the race start and end.

Alan Asselstine W7346