Season winding down in race for Storer Trophy
updated: 11 October 2017

Exciting Canadian Nationals action on Lake Ontario off the Mississauga SC.

(171010) Only four Wayfarers in light airs at the VISA Regatta (Virginia Inland SA) October 7-8. One change to the top ten: Phil and Cathy Leonard picked up three points for their 2nd-place finish behind AnnMarie Covington, and thus moved past the Van Kampens, Leo and Joanne, into 10th place. The four points AnnMarie scored for her win were no use to her, being no better than any of the six finishes she was already counting so she remains tied for 6th with Richard Johnson. Only two events remain on our 2017 schedule, the HOT and the Old Brown Dog regattas at the end of the month Complete standings here.

Our brand-new scoring system awards one participation point plus one point for each boat beaten in the overall results of an event, best six event scores to count.

Here are the top ten helms, corrected as of 26 Sept 2017:              

1. David Pugh                     75 6= Richard Johnson             49
2. Marc Bennett                 74 6= AnnMarie Covington      49
3. Al Schonborn                  66
8. Uwe Heine                      42
4. Sue Pilling                      58
9. Mike Duncan                   39
5. Jim Heffernan                 55 10. Phil Leonard                  34