David and Anne Pugh victorious in 2017 Storer Trophy series
updated: 30 December 2017

 Our Storer Trophy scoring system awards one participation point plus one point for each boat beaten
in the overall results of any event, best six event scores to count.

Wayfarers closed out their 2017 season in early November at the Old Brown Dog Regatta.

(171210) Two lovely events in North Carolina completed a successful, enjoyable 2017 season for Wayfarers. The Pughs - David and Anne out of Oakville, ON - held on to their first place by a point (75-74) over the Bennetts - Marc and wife, Julie from East Lansing, MI.  Third place went to Al Schonborn, the Pughs' Oakville neighbour, who ran up 66 points while trying the patience of ten or so different crews.

After that, it was North Carolina's turn as a pair of Lake Townsend husband-wife teams completed the top five: Jim and Linda Heffernan at 62 points and Uwe Heine with Nancy Collins at 60. One point further back were Richard Johnson and his wife, Michele, who now sail out of Oriental's Blackbeard SC.

Sue Pilling and Steph Romaniuk, our lone Parry Sound, ON team, fell from 4th to 7th during the final (North Carolina) week of competition. 8th and 10th also went to Lake Townsend YC teams, giving them four of the top ten spots: AnnMarie Covington and various crews scored 55 points for series 8th while Phil Leonard and wife, Cathy, ended 10th with 37 points.

Placing a note-worthy 9th were Ancaster, ON's Mike and Margaret Duncan of the Mississauga SC who picked up 39 points despite sailing only five events.

Congratulations to all of us - 66 helms and their crews -  who got up and came out to make our raccing possible. Leading the way in participation was Uncle Al who took part in twelve 2017 events, two more than anyone else. Next in class support kudos were the Pughs and the Heffernans who each sailed 10 events, while the Bennetts and AnnMarie each participated in nine competitions. A number of boats entered eight events: Ken Butler, Sue/Steph and Richard and Michele.

Complete standings here.

Here are the top ten helms, corrected as of 30 Dec 2017:
1. David Pugh 75

6. Richard Johnson 59
2. Marc Bennett 74
7. Sue Pilling 58
3. Al Schonborn 66
8. AnnMarie Covington 55
4. Jim Heffernan 62

9. Mike Duncan 39
5. Uwe Heine 60

10. Phil Leonard 37